100 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! The $40 GameStop Challenge!

  1. I really hope all of you enjoyed the new segment!! We put in a lot of time putting it together for all of you but, where do you think we should go next and what packs should we look for?

  2. I've had super bad luck with blisters at Target. When Dark Saviors first came out, I went to a Gamestop in Brooklyn and pulled all major Sky Striker secret rare cards in 13 packs.

  3. on god i been telling my local gamestop for over a year about doing videos like this cuz i always open packs there with them. AND i pulled a bane from gamestop too, literally the first pack i bought of the set on release day

  4. Wow great format! Larry is so chilled and I like that. The background music fits great. More of that, please!

  5. My copy of Crystal Wing I got when it was crazy high long ago came from a GameStop. 1st Edition and everything I was so hyped.

  6. i think id rather see the openings in a location that isnt where you bought them (mostly to avoid the question you guys got in this one)

  7. Thats everything our sick society wants to do. Profit. We only consume and comsume and consume. We dont care about anything else as a customer we want the best deal the cheapest prices we want to make our money back or even profit, its not about the fun anymore and being ready to spend the money for something that makes us happy, it has to be financially worth it. The way they check the best prices on their phone for the cards they could possibly pull makes me sick. Next second they talk about discounds. "See if wee can plus".No care about employees of the production or the retailers, not our business. Its about OUR money. The better deal we make the less money they get for their work, but it doesnt matter. Because I want to PROFIT. I want the best BANG FOR THE BUCK.

  8. Im happy for you dude! Dunno what all the envy ("im done with yugi….") shall mean?!?
    Pull your own stuff guys and stop buying 1.000.000 cards (3 boxes ect…) to get one!! Thats never worth!!!
    Just think for all the trees that have to fall just to give ppl with much money SOOO many cards they just dont use to get one 70$ card… 🙁

  9. This is so true, back when ash was at 60$ on the second market the Kaiba Collection came out I picked up 3 boxes of it from gamestop and I pulled two ash blossoms from them. Gamestop products are kinda clutch

  10. Hey guys, i have probably over 300 cards from 96, 100 first edition cards, and about 5 limited edition cards. Where can i sell them??

  11. Dang it, Larry! You're not supposed to give away the secret on lucky pulls. Now everyone knows!

    But seriously, I use the same method and pulled a Bane in my third pack of LED5.

  12. Love the new segment fellas! I also just like Larry though.. seems like a good dude! Looking forward to the next episode!

  13. You guys should do another themed duel sometime soon similar to Heroes V Stardust! I found it very entertaining and think it’s super cool!

  14. I like all of you guys' new segments and I do not have the luck of Larry best pull I ever had was about 45 dollars in seaked product oulled a Danger Snake Secret when it was in the 70 dollar range but haven't pulled like that since

  15. Congrats guys! Your vids are getting better and better. The camera work, relaxing music in the background, more personality from each team member (my favourite thing!)… Keep it up!

  16. This is awesome! I figured you opened the cards in store so no one thought you weighed them or swapped them out for weighed ones but I think it would be cooler to open them at a table in your place and really go thru them all!

  17. Sadly, Single Cards are overprized and even so on top of that hard to buy, even if you want to pay the Prize. It's a shame.

  18. Anyone has any idea what some good yugioh online games are? Really wanna get into yugioh but dont have any rl people to do so

  19. When he pulled The bane I said “it would funny if he pulled bane first pack” so I yelled “CALLED IT I freakin called”

  20. Great segment! My jaw dropped when I saw malicious bane lol that's like $85 canadian so pricey. Btw I was confused at first when you guys did an RIP to Toys R Us and I forgot that US toys r us are gone lol. If you ever have a chance to visit Canada during a YCS event, we still got Toys r Us xD

  21. Cool video, subscribed so I can see more like it! There's definitely a ritual to opening boosters lol. I'm more of a MTG player now but I remember pulling my first mirror force… those were fun times!

  22. Cubics are what I find the quintessential epitome of the yu gi oh meta. Only a true intellectual can even think of dabbling into the proficuous world of cubics. Man had once said, what doth cubics? Even if no fraught to say? Well I say with dreary eyes that it is indeed circumstantial to the player. Cubic revolution will began, only if the hearts unite with the minds.

  23. My god I wish I had your luck Larry, love the new segment and I hope Alec will upload the next episode of his world legacy story, pass turn

  24. Hey guys! I really need 2 red eyes fang with chain and a red eyes slash dragon, anybody have those and would like to trade for a mint pot of Extravagance?

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