WWE 2K20 LEAKED Footage Looks AWFUL

WWE 2K20 LEAKED Footage Looks AWFUL

Well, uhm, I can’t stop laughing, this is
super bad. I don’t even know how I can make this video
without bursting out of laughter, really guys, when you think you saw it all, when you know
there are bad games out there, with graphical glitches and what not, or just plainly done
bad, than you haven’t seen this MONSTER yet.. But I guess it comes right in time just before
Halloween! After 2K tested the alpha version of the game,
they were like, “yo, never mind, no need to put any effort into this, it’s cool, people
will love this.” NOPE! I uhh, do not know in what kind of era 2K
thinks we’re living, but we’re not back to the 2000’s were we had game characters looking
like plastic, with no mouth movements and such. I want 2K to grab a DeLorean, and I want them
to travel ‘Back to the Future’ .. Anyway the best part of all this is, are the reactions
online from social media users, especially on Twitter. I really couldnt hold in my laughter when
I saw what people tweeted out, especially the people who tweeted out portions of videos
they recorded.. It’s baffling how bad it looks.. It’s literally a laughing stock, and anyone
who needs some happiness in their lives, please, be hold, the following footages. any footage I use, I’ll leave them in a pinned
comment down below. I uhh, yeah, brought to you by the power of
the Playstation 2! The mouth movement and the voice actors don’t
even sync in at all.. They rushed this game faster than me running
to the toilet after some hot chili. I do not know what else to say other than
this, it’s absolutely crazy how this is going to be released next week on the 22nd of october.. I really don’t know hat else to say, but I
think I’ve found my favorite new horror game though! Oh and just for the record, this is LEAKED
footage.. Can you just imagine that?! Neither can I, but it IS the truth! Guys i’m out of here, I do not wanna waste
any more of your time, I just wanted to make a quick vid on this monstrocity. called WWE 2K20 Thank you for your continous support and please
don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE THIS VIDEO AROUND! And then I’ll see you very soon in another
video! To-da-loo!

10 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 LEAKED Footage Looks AWFUL

  1. What're your thoughts on WWE 2K20 game? Let me know!
    As promised, here are the links to the tweet vids I used in this video :




  2. stoped playing WWE Since 2k17. only one i bought and i regret to this day buying it, because the best part of the game (customization) is dead now

  3. I wish 2K would put some effort… They should not release this, it's a slap in the face for all WWE fans

  4. You don't even have to say anything the clips speak for themselves. That game is an abomination. Holy it's not only graphically ugly, but it's all ugly! Wow. RIP the WWE game franchise. lmao

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