Wrestling Games – Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 149)

100 thoughts on “Wrestling Games – Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 149)

  1. You should do a video where you let a real animal shit on your head. I know you probably can't find a buffalo but maybe a dog perhaps

  2. I had the Wrestlemania Arcade game for the Genesis. Fuck it was hard. I could never get further than three or four matches.


  4. I like these kinds of episodes because it focuses on multiple games, so it’s never exasperating on how bad the game is.

  5. Royal Rumble is a fucking master piece, each character has his own special move done in an unique way and Royal Rumble mode is amazing! Don't review a game you have not played, you lose credibility!

  6. Button mashing with no results is exactly why I could never get into these games. My buddies loves n64 wrestling games and I didn’t understand the appeal at all.

  7. Great review! But Raw on Snes was actually decent. Is my top wrestling games would pro wrestling on nes, raw and wrestle mania on snes and wcw revenge on n64

  8. I had all the Smackdown vs. Raw games for PS2, I wish THQ didn't go bankrupt so there were new ones instead of the shitty 2k ones.

  9. 0:27 Stone Cold Steve Austin celebrates his WWF Championship victory in the main event of Wrestlemania 14 over Shawn Michaels (1998, colorized)

  10. I used to love the Super Nintendo algae in Royal Rumble that was like one of my favorite games and if I remember right the Midway WWF I used to pick Yokozuna. Also I noticed you mentioned NBA Jam that game was the shit! That game and NFL Blitz were my favorite to sports games ever. Of course Madden is a shit as well

  11. Wrestlemania the Arcade game is the best wrestling game ever made. SD! 2 Know Your Role is second. And HCTP is third. IMHO

  12. The nerd went up against Strong Bad’s ancestors

    Sad part is FCI are the people involved with the video game adaptations of Game Center CX/Retro Game Master

  13. Dude….he has boxed Mattel Aquarius games?!?!? How freakin rare are those?!?!! You can't even find an open box Aquarius computer, let alone the games in box.

  14. Its Saturday morning and you know what that means it's time for some avgn and cereal or avgn and beer or avgn and Vicodin either way if i don't get my AVGN fix i'll lose it man!

  15. Love how he has the box for the Genesis port of An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack in the beginning. Can you imagine if he had an AVGN episode where he plays through the whole game?

  16. I dunno bro, I loved the royal rumble and RAW game for the snes as a kid. It’s still fun to play with a friend for laughs.

  17. 8:53 What. The. Ass. Johnny B. Badd is doing that stupid Shitnite dance, in 1994! Is that where Epic Games got the idea from? What were they thinking?

  18. It'd be nice to have a part 2 could do n64 games some of the ps1 some of the early exclusive game's some shitty ps2 one's like Simpson's and backyard wrestling. Up to sdvsraw.

  19. I actually like LJN’s WWF figures. Even if they had no real articulation, the best paint or even had movable joints, there was still a simplistic charm to the figures.

  20. the reason that Hogan's powerup was a cross is because Andre the Giant ripped the cross off of Hogan in Pipers Pit (2-14-87).

  21. I remember playing most of those games. But the best one was on NES with Doink and Undertaker, but Shawn Michaels was my fave. Sweet chin music was a flying

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