pulling up my daughter welcome to the
coolest box for it hey yo what’s going on guys fob JQ from
tyranny and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing
something extra special something that you guys made happen that’s right you
the viewers made this happen we are doing the world’s smallest billionaires
box for now I say you guys made it happen because you guys have been liking
commenting sharing every single one of our videos and our last world smallest
box for got over 50,000 likes that’s a lot of likes like it like those likes
were marshmallows I would have a bag of marshmallows like this this tall maybe I
don’t know I can’t do the quick matte but regardless guys we got a lot of
likes which is why we are doing the world’s smallest billionaires box for it
and we are gonna make the coolest the most luxurious billionaires box for and
I know what you think it billionaires box what’s are supposed to be big it’s
supposed to be huge but we’re gonna try something really cool with this one
we’re gonna make it super luxurious and use all the space to its fullest extent
this is gonna have everything that you would need in a billionaires box court
all fit into the smallest space possible to show you guys that you don’t need
these huge box force to have a billionaires box board you could just
have a small one but speaking of that I do know a lot of you have been asking
for a new billionaires which is why if you guys want us to do a new
billionaires box before we want to try and crush another 50,000 likes on this
video if you guys can do that we will follow up with another billionaire box
for it all so guys before I jump into it I did want to remind you if you happen
to be brand-new to the channel don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and
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you don’t want to miss an awesome Pappa Jake video funnest videos on YouTube so
wait a second something’s not right here something’s not normal no one’s playing
basketball no one’s riding around on the hover scooter okay where’s Logan I have
no idea where he went but we’re gonna be him to build this billionaires box for
it maybe he’s in the movie theater room movie room but he moved our toys but
Logan must have put these here which means he’s close he’s playing with the
toys Logan are you are you been in here I’ve been looking for you in fact I
haven’t see you since breakfast what’d you bring in here all day plate
for tonight haven’t you no all right guys this is this is not good this is
not good so we made such an amazing box fort that even Logan can’t get out of it
he’s been hiding in there you gotta come out of the for night box for it we’re
building the billionaires world smallest box for it while we’re waiting for Logan
start I guess we can start figuring out exactly where we’re gonna build this
thing so I’m thinking we build it in here which if you guys don’t remember
this is the place that we used to build the arcade but it’s a perfect place to
build the world’s smallest box fort in fact the cool thing about the world’s
smallest box for it is I mean you could literally go any room in this house we
could build in the bathroom we could build it we could build it in the
kitchen we could build it in the garage it does not matter cuz it’s so small
it’s a billionaires box port wherever you want it so I think to get started
what we need is we need our tape we need our boxes and we need all of our
supplies I’m not going to tell you guys to everything we’re putting in this
thing so I want to keep some of it and surprise it’s gonna be one of the most
luxurious box sports we have ever built and one that you guys are definitely
gonna wish you have in your own basement Logan has not left the gaming room to
stop playing fortnight which means we need to enact operation get Logan to
stop playing for paint I have an idea I came to the prop room because I think I
have an idea as to how we can get him out of there what’s the one thing
Logan’s most afraid of zombies so I’m gonna grab this
put it on and scare him and hopefully he’ll run out of there and we’ll get him
to stop playing for at night because all he’s doing all day is playing fortnight
that’s too much for tonight he’s gonna for not even distracting with scary
zombies didn’t get him out of there there’s one last thing we can do that’s
good I’m just good that that would be like the worst thing you could ever do
in the history of anything if you ever do that as extremely bad that you should
never do that as much as I want Logan to come and join us I cannot bring myself
to ruin his fort night game in that much so what I haven’t got all the resources
okay guys I am ready I’m done playing fort night okay ready
to build the world’s smallest billionaires box fort awesome where’d
you once you go that’s just my fort night onesie oh okay well Logan this is
what we’re doing all right we are building the coolest the most amazing
the world’s greatest world’s smallest billionaires box for it because we are
only gonna be having it the size of this now I know you’re thinking Logan that’s
really small that’s smaller it’s even smaller Logan but it’s gonna be even
more luxurious we’re gonna fit everything into this think about first
class on an airplane guys it’s small they don’t have a lot of room but they
still have every amenity that you could possibly want and that’s what we’re
doing with this so we’re gonna start off with the bear design here and then we’re
gonna start adding in all the luxury that makes it a billionaires box for
again like you said guys I don’t want to give away everything but I think we need
to start building this thing so we can get to the fun part which is actually
surviving the 24 hour challenge it is super luxurious of billionaires box for I answer checking out we’ve been working
on the box for now for quite some time I don’t haven’t done an update in a little
while because I wanted it to be perfect before he showed it to you guys we
wanted them everything in their will almost everything okay it’s not
completed yet but as you guys can see from the other side look you did a lot
of design work I don’t really know what happened but it kind of looks like a
transformer it’s really cool yeah the outside looks great but the inside looks
even cooler guys and keep in mind this is the world’s smallest boxwood
so we kept true to that we are only using one square piece of cardboard for
the bottom and for the height this here is an extension only for holding the TV
as well as our legs because our legs wouldn’t extend it we’re trying to do a
24 hour challenge and there’s no way we’re gonna sleep curled up like like
like this like I can’t even do it so we’re not gonna be doing that but it is
a little bit better than the sleeping pods that we had and B last world
smallest box board cuz keep in mind guys we are going for the billionaires
approach so everything we put in this has to be luxurious we have a little bit
more to do inside and then we’ll be showing you guys the box for it now it’s
time to show off the world’s greatest the world’s smallest billionaires box
form we put all of our box for building skills into this to make the best box
for we possibly could with the least amount of materials
and the cool part is we wanted to make this design super simple to follow so if
you guys want to make something like this for yourself it’s super easy you
can set up your own like awesome gaming pod it’s really cool but without further
ado let’s check out the world’s smallest box board in fact this might be one of
my favorite box boards ever we took a bunch of inspiration from like
first-class flights on airplanes to make it really cool and also really luxurious
oh gee you’re missing one of the best parts oh yeah dude completely free you
guys so obviously on the outside we got some wires and stuff ignore all of that
but one of the cool parts about this is the ventilation system we have a fan
ventilating air into the box for to keep us not only cool and keep fresh air in
but it’s also positioned at the bottom of the box for so all the air gets
and separated throughout both chambers and you probably think of Jacob what do
you mean both chambers come check this out
so it all starts here you of course open up your door now we wanted to make it
super simple to get in and out our last Fox 4 was really difficult with both me
and Logan in it was really hard to get in and out only 1/2 hour exactly but
with this we have two doors on both sides and they open up just like in a
Lamborghini or the pop Jake mobile and then you have the world’s smallest
billionaires box for check this out guys pulling up my door welcome to the
coolest box for it so of course you enter in and you’ve noticed right off
the bat it’s really small of course because it’s the world’s smallest box
floor but it has everything a billionaires box for it needs to have
shut the doors here you can just feel cold air coming up and then of course
the really cool feature is that this is separated into two different sections so
Logan section is over here of course using this divider my section is on this
side and we each can control our lights separately so for example on my side if
I perverse some red lighting while I’m chilling I can make my lights red or I
could turn them off and go to sleep while Logan stays up and plays games
with Jake how are you gonna get to sleep if I’m playing games that’s a good
question so this billionaires box sport is all about luxury and with luxury
comes privacy which this box board has you’re normally world small Fox Sport
you’re squished in there like sardines well this has its own privacy screen
check this out guys with a simple pull like this you pulled down the privacy
screen and there you go you can’t see me I’m completely enclosed in my own little
pot I could read here I could relax you know sit back watch some stuff on the
phone and Logan will be over there doing his own thing but of course if we’re
just chilling during the day you know not sleeping you pull it up like that
and then there you go so obviously with the privacy screen down it kind of
restricts the space in here but if it’s up like this it feels very open and like
there’s a lot of room on top of that guys we have built-in charging stations
for your mobile electronics so for example you can plug in your iPhone here
just like that it’s got the phone charging up here which is great on top
of that guys the luxury does not end there you might have noticed these
little cabinets on the side here well these open up to reveal a little bit of
extra space we wanted to include all the stuff that we’d have in a normal box
four which is like a kitchen for snacks and water all that’s in here so if I
open this up here you’re greeted with a little welcome package you got a nice
sleep mask in case you know you want to go to sleep hydrate the skin you’ve got
some nice wipes here some hydrating moisturizing wipes a Clif Bar for snacks
some gum alka-seltzer tablets in case your
stomach starts to hurt and if you open up this compartment here which is you
guys to see it kind of opens up when you open this but if you open this up here
you have tons of drink options so you got water you’ve got nice teeth there’s
even there’s even sparkling water in here which is really sweet and Logan has
one on his side as well and then finally guys we have the entertainment systems
of course the billionaires box board is not complete without an entertainment
system which is why we have an Xbox click the button right here and there
you go the Xbox turns on we have a full TV screen here perfectly positioned for
your viewing experience check that out and then we’ve got our
Xbox controller here so we can go ahead and play games like fortnight watch TV
luckily unlike the last world smallest box for it this is all luxury I don’t
even mind I’m I’m like ready to just chill back play some for a night and
relax oh and Jake you forgot about the sound system oh dude check that oh we
got the sound system in here playing some box for baby
oh that is good this is a billionaires box for guys the world’s smallest
billionaires box for it we can float in a lake or we can build them space I also want to let you guys know okay I
was I was gonna spoil this so early on but because you’re watching because you
made it this far you guys an almost secret all right there’s only secret for
you guys staying and chillin with us in the billionaires box for we’re dropping
a new song very soon in the next month or two it sounds amazing it’s gonna come
out closer to summer but guys trust me if you guys are I put a hashtag song
down below cuz it’s uh it’s coming Oh guys check this out I just got this skin
there we go look at that look at this beasties oh yeah I got my guy all decked
out so let’s jump in and play a little bit of for tonight and then we’ll have
dinner we’re dropping in well I’m gonna drink what should have you know I’m
gonna start with the water alright I’m gonna need this gonna need this water to
get on my eighth game all right I’m ready to go let’s do this first win in a
box for it coming right now can’t say that you give me bad boo dude I got this
dude just go beat your Clif Bar alright guys well we made it to ninth
place that was all right for our first game but before we play anymore
fortnight I thought it’d be fun to order ourselves dinner now in the billionaires
box for dinner gets delivered to us if you guys watched our last smallest box
for you know we had some noodles and noodles are great but it’s not
billionaires food which is why we’ve got the Brutes in here I’ve got my phone all
charged up so I think we’re gonna order some Aubry eats enjoy some nice dinner
maybe watch a movie why would do that alright guys so update for you we are
chilling in the box for tonight and we’re just waiting for the food to come
it’ll be here pretty soon so so I think we’ll update you guys once the food gets
here we’ll have some food and then maybe chill out watch a movie maybe play some
beyblades have a little bit of battle and then I think it’s almost bedtime
also check this out guys I found this really cool thing inside in a little
cubby hole here so I got these face wipes and and they are really awesome
just to kind of like make sure to moisturize your skin while you chill in
the box for it you can get dry when you’re chilling in a box for because the
cardboard kind of dries out the air so this is really nice it really makes it
feel like a luxurious place to chill here try one out dude oh wait you guys
can have some too alright guys so the food just arrived we got our
billionaires box for dinner it’s McDonald’s and I’ll be thinking why
are we getting McDonald’s well well we are of course sleeping in here and it is
dinnertime but between all the building process and pointee for night it got
pretty late and pretty much every else was closed so we’re having new talents
but that’s ok it’s so good and I mean it kind of beats noodles so it is still
somewhat of a great meal for this we don’t really have like an eating area I
guess we’ll just kind of have to eat in our laps and yeah we’ll enjoy some some
dinner and ours world smallest ball sport we just finished up dinner we played
some for tonight we built this awesome billionaires world smallest box for it I
think now it’s time to hit the hay we’re gonna get to sleep but don’t worry guys
we’ll still play beyblades that’ll be tomorrow morning when we enjoy our
breakfast here but I think it’s time to get too bad we’re both exhausted so
privacy screen down Logan June off the Xbox Xbox privacy screen down and I’m
gonna turn off my lights you can turn them off on your side and see you guys
in the morning hi guys
my suggestion uh that wasn’t bad at all honestly this even though it was the
world’s smallest box fort was nowhere compared to the last one all of the
stuff that we put in it to make it the billionaires box fort made it even
better and even easier to sleep in I slept like a baby I be a nice blanket at
a pillow I had a nice comfy cushion underneath me probably one of my
favorite features though is the privacy screen and then you have complete
privacy over here sleeping it’s kind of nice and so and it just folds up so well
I know it’s like really awesome but guys it is warning and it is morning time in
billionaires box but which means it’s time for breakfast so we are gonna go
ahead and grab ourselves some uber eats I think we’ll order maybe like some
bagels for a nice nice breakfast restaurant to have a nice sub
billionaires breakfast and then after breakfast I think we’re gonna have that
beyblade battle we promised last night so let’s uh let’s order some food and
we’ll update you guys when it comes so food has arrived I’m all nice and cozy
DUP in my blanket chilling out here we got Greg we got breakfast bagels dude
alright guys we’re gonna have our breakfast bagels and then it’s time for
a beyblade battle I am parched grab a nice refreshing
beverage Jakes having gum all right now at this time for a beyblade battle we
did one in our last box where we used beyblade micros in the world smallest
box floor but because this is the billionaires we thought we’d use the
real deal so we’ve got a couple beyblade burst here and we have these things
which I actually keep it a mystery box so it’s pretty cool so we’re gonna use
these and have a little battle we got ourselves a beyblade stadium and let’s
see who the winner will be I got the green guy Logan who do you orange guy alright looks like it’s time 1-1 but
wait he’s coming back for one more rip I don’t think this is part of the rules
gee I don’t think so BAM I mean technically you did win that so alright
guys Logan won that anything we should do some more beyblade videos let’s know
down below put a hashtag beyblade down there because I think this is where
we’re gonna end off the video for today I want to thank every single last one of
you guys for checking out this video I hope you guys did enjoy if you did make
sure to hit the like buttom a striated the subscribe button and do not forget
to hit that Bell button so you never miss a brand new Papa Jake video but
we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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  2. I slept in something smaller for 2 nights

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