[Working] Robot Rage Gold Hack

[Working] Robot Rage Gold Hack

This video explains how to make free gold
on robot rage. Set up cheat engine. We need to scan a value at first. Once the value is
found, we will select it and copy its address. After that, we make new scan. In memory scan
options, we put the copied address for START, and scan a value between 1 and 12. We search
in the first 100 result addresses for addresses which are in the following order, five with
value of one and finish with three with value of 12. Its important to select them and insert
them, because we need to modify them. We select them again and change to the value of desired
gold for levelling up. I have already levelled my account to a point where I need only one
defeat to gain level. As we can see, all of the gold is legit and works for all upgrades.
In addition to this video, I made hack for levels too which helps to get all upgrades

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