Hey, sir, I’m a brot, and it’s a return, a great return to kogama. We’re flying the parkour perch. Write a comment, how long have you been waiting for kogama because it was a long time ago Listen, you waited very very very well. Remember, leave your paw up, show how much you like kogama, and beat up to 500 paws up, can you handle? You can do it for sure! Also leave your thumb up now and write as long as you wait for the kogama. Okay, we’re flying and we’re hopping. Look how I go, I’m a parkour master There was a long time ago in kogama and I am very curious how I will go, because I did not play long time. We are not sleeping, see how I fly, gazelle, like a snail and how I do not know what else. How can i fly How ostrich? No ostriches do not fly. But this ostrich rush ran very fast and could fly well. Listen forgive me that we kogamy so long was not but it is my fault my fault my great great wine what is that which we choose? Someone fell down there. Okay good, I’m going to this site. No, it hurts, look how I jump. Brot, yes, yes, well, I did it! I jumps like a jupiter, look at how I’m going out. It is good that you can stay here on these crutches. The ball gives a full house. Another star, we collect stars. And it is good, I hope that now you thumb this up or down as you want it, I’m indifferent to it. Okay, look, look how well I’m doing. It’s in the blood. How much play in this parkoura it does not forget. Why did you make me gro? Why? How is it possible? How? Okay, so it was not that hard to jump yet … What is it supposed to be? I do not enjoy myself. Okay, I do not want to look at it. Someone is in the desert and has such a fateful illusion. But we do not have and which level? Do not say that I’m here 64 stars I have to get. No jokes. In general, have you noticed that I often give hearts in comments? As you write a comment it always gives your heart. Please write me if you’ve been waiting for me because I’m curious. And hop siup, no, no no. Uhuhu. Okay, good, it’s perfect, I’m not saying it’s not bad, but it’s good. What am I talking about? I’m talking like hated, but I’m so excited because I love playing kogama and free online games. Free online games are very cool. Too much I say “listen”. Listen … it will be cut off. There are two words that I should not use or use often and often. Of course, “of course” and “listen.” I have to get rid of it. And I think we will do such a challenge that every time I say “listen” or “of course” you will come up with a punishment for me. Just write me what it’s supposed to be punishment. So, I’m going to have to say every now and then these words. Because you can sometimes use those words. But not often. Because they catch me, so can not! Good to three times the art. One, two and no no. Okay, that was brilliant. Well no and I fell into acid. I do not enjoy myself. Such a joke, knock knock, who’s there? Brota’s skills. Haha, it’s definitely not Brota’s skill, because Brot has no skill. Such a biscuit. I said again listen, I can not say that! Some punishment for me to think of I know! I could eat a vegetable I do not like. Vegetables are healthy. I do not like vegetables and vegetables are healthy. It will be punishment, and by the way, I will be well fed. This is such a lifehack. And I know you can jump here and then your feet stink … In general what is it? Looks like me, look. Probably like me, right? But weird laughter, right? There are minions there, I want to go there to these mininals. As a man wants something, then it is not, so I will try not want it now. Now I’m going to casually. We have little time? Almost 10 minutes is what little time? Why is there a chimney here? I can go in there. What is it? How do I get out of here? No, someone trolls. Wait, wait, wait, Show how you play. I could do such a modification. Show what are you playing? Almost we are angry the escort leave the lava but we have the rope, go for it. What line is this bridge? I can not go after it because it’s a hole. This strange parkour, how did I fall? Well, I’m farewell to you. Leave that paw, let’s do 500! And leave a comment, and in the meantime remember about my other kogama movies, you will see such pictures on the screen, click on them. SEE YOU LATER


  1. Brot ty jesteś mistrzem parkoura ja cię Uwielbiam sport kura niech Wielkiego w 1 horror Piła bo on jest taki straszny żal dupę urwie

  2. Ja kocham kogame i mam prawie 32 lvl mój nick to Capitan-Xanarchy możesz nagrać moją mape king of fire parkour bardzo polecam ma około 200 lvl pozdrawiam

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