Why I Wrote “The Infinite Game”

Why I Wrote “The Infinite Game”

this new book, The Infinite Game is exactly
the same. It’s me on my journey which is the same journey that we’re all on. Which is I’m living in the world I’m functioning in the world I’m an idealist
I talk about the world I want to live in and quite frankly I got tired of people
in power, people who run companies, people who work on Wall Street telling me then
I’m naive I’m stupid and I don’t understand how business works and when I
discovered this little book called Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse that was written in 1986, it gave me a whole new perspective on how the world
actually works that we are at all moments of all days players in games
that have no finish lines. There’s no such thing as winning friendship. There’s
no such thing as winning in marriage if you think you’re going to be number one
in your marriage it’s not gonna go well and there’s definitely no such thing as
winning business and yet you listen to so many leaders and they talk about
being number one, being the best, beating their competition. They have no idea how the world is actually working they’re playing with the wrong mindset
for the game that they’re actually playing and when you play with a finite
mindset in an infinite game you damage trust, you damage cooperation, and you
hurt innovation and eventually the organization struggles and goes into
decline. For me this little idea the reason I wanted to write about it is
this is a world as flat moment all that discomfort that so many of us have at
work and we’re told by out by the powers that be and those that work in
finance that we’re the naive ones yet we’re still uncomfortable with the way
these things are going. This is the world is flat moment as I said. It turns out
that they don’t understand how business works and we’re on to something and I
wrote this book for two reasons it wasn’t to convince or convert anybody it
was a rallying cry to anyone who thinks that the way that we’re conducting
business these days the kind of form of capitalism that we’ve built that there’s
something wrong with it I can’t quite put my
finger on it but it feels uncomfortable and it was also to show us what
finite mindedness looks like so we can recognize finite minded companies
and finite minded leaders so we can avoid working for them. This is like a little manifesto of the world that could be and I hope
it’s one more step to advancing to this world in which we can wake up inspired
feel safe and return home fulfilled. I’m so grateful to all of you
who are in this business. We are compatriots in this movement and thank
you so so much for helping me spread these ideas because together we’re
making a difference we really are making a difference. Thank you very much

31 thoughts on “Why I Wrote “The Infinite Game”

  1. pre-ordered. Also bought the referenced book. Start With Why is the only book I've ever owned that I've re-read more than once. I'm sure this one will be great too!

  2. I'm reading your book, LEADER EAT LAST. It's wonderful. After I finish this book, I might go with your another book, START WITH WHY.

  3. Dear Simon Sinek, I am already convinced by the world you are fantasized about. When people associate the title of leadership towards all the authorities that literally make me realize that who this word has been misunderstood.

  4. I can't wait to read this book! I've already featured Start with Why on my channel, Leaders Eat Last is in the works, and Infinite game will be following shortly as well. 👍

  5. Keep banging that drum. I and the rest of your early adopters are out in the world showing the world how to dance an infinite dance 🙂

  6. Finite game: has fixed rules (Ex: football) you should set goal.
    Infinite game: hasn't fixed rules (Ex: business) you should set vision.

  7. “Start with why” was a great starter and a mind-opening book. The difficult part is giving the book to someone else because I’m all surrounded by people who want to be Bossy more than actual Leaders.

  8. Thank you Simon for your Why
    I just pre-ordered the audio book, I'm sure it will be good as your track record shows, but really I mostly bought it to show my support and be a part of your mission. Thank you for inspiring me 🙏 Your work is important

  9. Good work sir. I have seen your past books on the US Navy’s reading list and discovered you when you discussed millennials in the workforce in an interview that was posted to YouTube.
    You’re ahead of your time, it will take wholesale cultural change to get to what you are speaking about. Even “do-gooders” are playing the finite game, trying to oppose other finite game players. Fighting an uphill battle but happy to see you and others pushing forward with great vision.

  10. As a founder and CEO of Raw Nature Inc, i can honestly say that this man isnt just changing my view on business and leadership, he is also changing the lives of my 1,412 team brilliant team members. Thank you Simon!

  11. Life is the greatest game you will ever play, you will have success and you will have failures. But we don't let that stop us, we keep on playing, keep on growing, keep on challenging who we are. In the end, we will die knowing that we lived the life we wanted or regretting the chances we never took.

  12. Simon is one of great speaker in the world.
    I Love his ideas about 'WHY'. After i found my WHY, my life is absolutely changed. And I life every day with passion.
    Thanks, love from Indonesia.

  13. Yes, you are on to something. Our economy must be rooted in nature. I am grateful for the message of this video. Thank you for sharing.

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