Why Did Jagex Remove These? 5 Features Removed From RuneScape

Why Did Jagex Remove These? 5 Features Removed From RuneScape

Hello everyone! And welcome back to another Runescape video. As you can guess by the title, I will be discussing 5 features that Jagex has removed from Runescape. This list is a combination of old school Runescape and RS3 (Runescape 3). This means if it still exists in Old School Runescape, it won’t be featured here, so don’t expect to see anything like random events or Tutorial Island. Anyway, let’s get on with the video. Number 5: “Last Logged In” This one does have a pretty solid reason as to why it was removed, but I do occasionally miss this feature. Previously, when logging into Runescape you would be able to see what time and what IP address was used to log in to your character last time. This was a nice feature as for determining if your account was hacked and sometimes who did it. To be honest though, it wasn’t too helpful. Most of the time we would just rush past this page without even looking at it. Not to mention if you got hacked, you should be able to find out fairly quickly when half of your bank is missing… Anyway, as to why this feature was removed, Jagex decided to remove this feature due to the fact that Runescape livestreamers would oftentimes accidentally leak their IP while streaming. This caused a whole mess of issues with streamers getting DDOS’d and booted offline, and in the middle of their streams. Most of the time it wasn’t even the streamer’s fault as well, sometimes they would lose connection to the game servers and would be booted back to the lobby while trying to reconnect. It’s probably for the best that this feature was removed. Number 4: “Beastiary” The Beastiary was one of my favourite parts of the Runescape website until it was removed in November of 2015. The Beastiary was a part of the website written in HTML that allowed you to view many of Runescape’s monsters and characters. You could see these 3D models in multiple different poses such as walking, attacking, and others. Although it didn’t serve too much of a purpose, it was cool to look at. When the Beastiary was first released, a few unreleased monsters were available to view. Some examples of these are the Holy Defender, and a level 0 warrior. It also leaked a monster that was later added into the game. This monster is known as the Stone Clone and is one of Vorago’s minions. Anyway, the Beastiary was eventually removed along with the HTML5 client. I think it was more sad to see the HTML5 client go as I filmed many of my early intros using it. The client itself was almost impossible to actually play with but it was great for still pictures and videos. Number 3: “RuneLabs” Although I never personally used this feature, it was still really cool and nice to have back when it was around. For those of you who don’t know what RuneLabs is, it was a section on the Runescape website where players could suggest ideas as well as vote on others’ ideas. Every month, Jagex would switch what they wanted players to suggest. RuneLabs first released way back in early 2015, and existed until May of 2016. Quite a few updates actually came to the game as a result of this program. A few notable ones are the adamant and rune dragons, waterfall fishing and even The Arc. Things were going well, it seemed but each month less and less players participated. As a result, Jagex decided to close RuneLabs but has decided they may reopen it for certain occasions. It’s a real shame that this one had to be removed as the concept is really cool. So many people have come out with great ideas that would fit really well into Runescape so its sad we’ll never see most of them come to life. Number 2: “Instant Demo” Most of you probably don’t remember this ever existed, but it’s a really interesting part of Runescape’s history. Back in March of 2010, Jagex decided to introduce the Instant Demo game mode. Basically what it allowed you to do, was get a taste of Runescape without having to sign up for an actual account. Players had access to 10 quests, a limited chunk of the Free-to-Play world and roughly 10 hours of content. Players with Demo accounts were unable to chat and played on World 901. What I find really interesting is, according to the Wiki, your player’s progress was saved to your computer. This means that instead of your account being saved on Jagex’s servers, it was saved locally on your computer. Anyway, a few other restrictions were that players couldn’t take part in holiday events, the Grand Exchange was disabled, there was a wealth cap of 200,000, and they only had 34 bank slots available. Luckily, players were able to upgrade to a Free-to-Play account at any time. I can understand why Jagex removed this feature, but it also sounds pretty cool. It sounds nice to not have to fully commit to a game and just have a fun little demo before actually trying the whole thing. I could imagine demo mode was very useful back in the day when Miniclip was popular. Runescape was featured there and it was how many players discovered the game. Number 1: “Gnomecopter Tours” These are one of my favourite features that Jagex has removed from Runescape. Gnomecopter tours released in March of 2008 and were used to show off many member’s only areas of the world to Free-to-Play users. You could see areas such as Castle Wars, Pest Control, the Burthorpe Games room and a few other places. When you toured these areas you were not actually in a member’s world, nor were there actual places, they were just simulations. Inside the simulations, Jagex also programmed dozens of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to look just like players. They could do things such as run, fight and even say things in chat. Anyway, while you were in the air, most menus and interfaces were disabled. Although, you did have the option to talk to other players nearby as well as speed up your Gnomecopter by using the run button. Very quickly after the release of these tours, players found quite a few bugs to exploit. One of the major ones was while in PVP worlds, you could fight other players in Gnomecopters. Another one was that you could get the Saradomin and Zamorak cloaks from Castle Wars as well as bandages and using the Free-to-Play worlds. A side effect of this glitch also allowed players to fly without using a Gnomecopter. Anyway, a combination of all these glitches as well as quite a few others eventually caused Jagex to just close the tours altogether.

40 thoughts on “Why Did Jagex Remove These? 5 Features Removed From RuneScape

  1. +Colonello I know it doesn't show the ip address anymore, but I'm pretty sure the game does still tell you how long it's been since you last logged in. I remember a couple of months ago logging in and being surprised to see that it'd been a whole week since I had last played.

  2. The Ip may have been removed but it still shows when you last logged in, it never stopped on osrs because prior to 2007 it didn't show IP address, and has since been implemented to RS3 without the ip. Even showed me different dates between rs3 and osrs. showed last logged in 54 days on os and 36 days on rs3. Which for that account was very accurate. Of course it made me log out of OsRs before signing into RS3 which is why i was surprised to see a different number.

  3. I remember them making a forum version of the bestiary ( dunno if it's still around), and my post got removed for asking what happened to the old one lol.

  4. Given that demo progress was saved clientside rather than server side, couldn't players hack into the save file and inflate their progress artificially before upgrading?

  5. the gnomecopter tours were amazing! i loved going to castle wars and seeing some guy in mithril armor go charging in

  6. I would love to see gnomecopters return, and let people just pk with them xD magic and range fights in them would be hilarious

  7. I remember when i use to kill cows at the place where they had the gnomecopter it was so fun the old days of runescape

  8. I miss the gnomecopters, good place to do nothing, talk with friends, meet new friends, it just gave hella good vibes – oh the nostalgia 😉

  9. Almost all of these really just sound like lack of problem solving from Jagex. Instead of tackling the problems, they just remove the feature entirely.

  10. I remember discovering runescape on miniclip back in the late 07's. It was the only multiplayer game at the time that didn't require an email address.

  11. They removed Wilderniss simply because of pussies. End of the story. Wilderniss was actually more profiteable for Jagex than REMOVING IT.
    If OG Wilderniss made you quit, then that solely because of the player being young, dumb, or uncertain of their awareness. Wilderniss was the best part of the game imo, and made more players enjoy it rather than quit. But after the update, it did WAAAAY more harm than GOOD. Like WAAY more. Jagex didn't have a sense of thinking during these days. You can have 100 people stop because they were trash at it, or have thousands of people never coming back to the game simply because you remove it. PKing was a everyday enjoyment and incoming for ALOT of players. This is the reason why you should never immediately remove this feature in a MMO EVER without consulting your community first. EVER.

  12. I think last log in is back because I went on RS3 the other day and it said I last logged in 895 days ago lol

  13. Out of all of these, Bestiary was my favorite. I used to use it to find certain forms of data for RuneScape private servers, like animation ids, examine details, and some other pieces I can't remember from the top of my head. As of today, I have an odd feeling that if OSRS was ported to HTML5, it'd be much more playable than the RS3 HTML5 beta.

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