When a game malfunctions – Burning Man

When a game malfunctions – Burning Man

Adventurer I need your aid My wife and child died recently in a fire and I need help getting to their graves Are you okay… *pathetic cry* You’re aware that you’re on fire right? Adventurer I need your aid My wife and child died recently in a fire and I’m trying to get to their graves Are you sure you weren’t in the fire? *Pathetic cry* Just okay just for the record like I’m totally happy to help but I just wanna make sure that you’re okay *pathetic cry* I mean okay as long as you’re happy then Accept Quest Thank you adventurer the grave yard’s this way! *pathetic cry* *pathetic cry* *pathetic cry*

100 thoughts on “When a game malfunctions – Burning Man

  1. I'm so used to watching these videos that are a year or more old so seeing comments that are not even a day old yet caught me off guard.

  2. I happened to come across this video and noticed that there where two guys and a sword that looked awfully familiar. lol

  3. So what's the reason for him crying pathetically is it because he miss his family or is the fire getting too hot for him to handle???🤣🤣

  4. I expected the NPC to die as soon as the quest was accepted. Causing the quest to fail with a penalty for the player.

  5. feels like this one was the first shitty you ever done and also the first that you put too much effort into CGI effects. Good luck in the future tho!

  6. Was expecting him to die immediately after Rowan accepted the quest, and then some kind of bounty or negative thing to happen to Rowan.

  7. And while he was taking that man to the graveyard, enemies from another village tried to kill him and the adventurer had to rescue him. Then the men revealed himself as someone very important and a whole new epic quest line was started.

  8. Bring back the old aspect ratio, it looks cinematic and all but it doesn't fit well with your videos, I like the standard one better.

  9. I'd love to support you, but steel series was behind that whole bully hunters hoax, and i'll contribute nothing to them.

  10. Soooooo…. deadpools new movie being made now, i mean, Ryan Reynolds… is based on an npc man that becomes self aware… sounds familiar. October 11, 2019.

  11. How come I missed your videos these many days.. you are the best…..Adam..Alan…Rowan..you guys are awesome….and Rowan are you really evil minded😅

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