What’s on My Android – Late 2017!

What’s on My Android – Late 2017!

What’s up guys Kevin here, I’ve been using
the LG V30 for a little bit over a week now and I’ve got to say I’m actually really
impressed with this device. Now this isn’t the retail unit, it’s actually
the demo unit that LG sent out to me, but regardless I thought I would show you guys
what’s on my phone like the wallpaper, some of the apps I use on a daily basis and all
that type of stuff, so without any further adieu welcome to what’s on my Android Phone
2017. So first up, First up we’re taking a look
at my home page and yeah I am running Nova Launcher Prime which is my launcher of choice
just because of how easy it is to configure and tweak the settings. On the top of my home screen I have the Vizorg
Widget or however it’s pronounced but, essentially this is themed around the original Google
Pixel search bar. All of my home screen apps are pretty much
only the essentials like YouTube, Gmail, calendar, and also Google keep to write down any of
the longer notes that don’t fit into my task list. We also do of course have Twitter and Instagram,
and I’ve been a lot more active on Instagram lately so if you’re not already following
me, make sure to check out my page, I’ll leave that linked below alongside pretty much
every single app that I talk about. But moving on to my second page, this is where
you see a few folders and a widget for my favorite tasking app which is Wunderlist. The reason why I prefer taking tasks in Wunderlist
as opposed to Google keep is because it’s a little bit more organized and it also syncs
across every single device that I have. Starting off with the folders, we have the
main apps that I use for school and definitely the most notable one is Photomath. It’s an advanced calculator that uses the
smartphone’s built in camera to scan math equations which in turn can actually save
you a ton of time. Now, It’s probably not the most convenient
thing to use in class but the real reason why I use this it is because it kinda feels
futuristic. Next, I have the travel folder with Uber,
lyft, airbnb, and all the main airlines that I travel with. Now I’m not a huge smartphone gaming enthusiast,
but I’ve gotta say if you’re into CSGO or any other desktop first person shooter
you have got to check out Bullet Force. The weapons and maps are a bit more enjoyable
and balanced than other mobile titles like Modern combat. I also have Plague, Polyforge, and my favorite
two platform games on Android are Fun Run 3 and Mario Run. The next folder is all of my smart home control
apps. This is the eufy app that controls my Eufy
Genie and the Robot Vacuum. LIFX app controls the color and brightness
of the bulbs that I use in my office and finally Nest is for the smart thermostat in my house. Now, the last folder is just my banking apps,
and while I don’t want to bore you guys with that one but above that we have Android
Pay which has been a lifesaver on so many occasions when I forget my debit card at home. The bottom row of apps is my by far my most
used apps, I’m actually constantly checking twitter and Spotify is my preferred music
streaming service. I am also currently using AZ Screen recorder
to capture my screen on the V30 and this has got to be the easiest recorder to use on Android. By the way if you’ve been wondering how
I got the new Pixel wallpaper for the V30, well all you have to do is download the Google
Wallpapers app and install the package file which i’ll have linked below. From there, you can open up the wallpaper
app and view all of these live wallpapers.

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  1. Nice set-up and apps. I'm wondering if you like music and if what music player you use. I'm suggesting Stellio Music Player. And nice phone, wish I can buy like that someday.

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