Weathering and Erosion: Crash Course Kids #10.2

Weathering and Erosion: Crash Course Kids #10.2

This is Earth home to seven billion plus people seven continents and all kinds of amazing plants and animals this is what Earth has looked like for a long time and will probably continue to look like for a long time right yes, and No, sure this is what Earth looks like from space [but] even though it looks pretty much the same [from] whenever we view it from afar once you zoom in on [it] You can see it’s always changing on a small scale things like moving water shape the Earth’s land forms the natural features of the Earth’s surface [on] a Bigger scale the gradual shifting of the Earth’s crust is slowly moving even bigger things like the oceans and the continents So one day our planet will look different. Maybe a lot different from how it looks now So how exactly does water shape Earth’s landforms or to bring it back to the spheres we’ve been talking about how does the hydrosphere? affect the geosphere To understand that we need [to] discuss weathering I’m not talking about the weather like if it happens to be sunny or cold or foggy outside your window right now I’m talking about weather ring the process that takes place as rocks and other parts of the geosphere are broken down into smaller pieces Weathering can be caused by water air Chemicals plants or even animals including us and there are two types of weathering you need to know about Mechanical weathering and chemical weathering mechanical weathering is the process of breaking big rocks into little ones Frost ice the roots of plants running water or heat from the sun [can] all cause mechanical weathering chemical weathering Involves the changes that some substances can cause in the surface of the rock that make a change shape or color [things] like carbon dioxide [Oxygen] and acids can all cause chemical weathering and when rocks have been weathered and all broken down and are later moved by natural Forces Like wind water or ice that’s called erosion weathering and erosion sound pretty similar right? Well, yeah But not exactly think of weathering as the hammer that breaks down the rocks erosion is the process that carries those rock fragments away? Or put in a way, we’re all familiar with weathering helps make a mess and erosion helps clean it up Let’s take trip to the beach to see what part the hydrosphere plays in weathering and erosion This is a picture taken from space of the coastline of Massachusetts in the Northeastern United States It’s part of a land form called cape Cod and the picture shows what the beaches and Islands around it look like in 1984 now look at this photo from 2014 what’s different there are actually more islands in 2014 than there were before back in 1984 that long strip of Land was North Beach Now that strip of land has been chopped up into separate islands the top part is North Beach the Middle area broke off into north Beach Island and the bottom part is now called South Beach So how did that happen well moving water is a major cause of erosion and there’s a lot of moving water in the atlantic ocean? [the] intense energy of Ocean waves crashing on shore Causes pieces of the Rocky Sandy coastline to break into smaller pieces or to weather Overtime then natural Forces like major storms and rising sea levels Then move or erode these smaller pieces day to day you might not notice any dramatic changes, but over the course of 30 years [well] as these pictures show coastlines can change a lot so what can we take away from this? Well, we saw that water can weather and erode Earth’s landforms, and that’s just one [example] There are so many others [like] floods weathering valleys or glaciers eroding mountains. Let me break it [down] for you This way see what I did there the hydrosphere shapes and sometimes moves the geosphere one last joke before I sign off What did the geosphere say to the hydrosphere [you] crack me up? oh k hhhhhh

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  2. Landform: The natural features of the Earth's surface–shaped by things like moving water

    Gradual shifting of Earth's crust changes landforms, and Earth's layout

    How does the Hydrosphere affect the Geosphere (Earth)?

    Weathering-the process that takes place as rocks, and other parts of the geosphere, are broken down into smaller pieces

    Caused by:


    – Air

    – Chemicals

    – Plants

    – Animals

    Two types of weathering include:

    -Chemical weathering (involves changes that some substances can cause in the surface of the rock that make it change its shape or color) Carbon Dioxide, oxygen, and acids can all be causes of Chemical weathering

    – Mechanical Weathering (the process of breaking big rocks into little ones) Frost, Ice, Plant roots, Running water, and Sun heat can all be causes of mechanical weathering

    Erosion: The movement of weathered rocks by natural forces

    Weathering: the hammer that breaks down the rocks

    Erosion: the process that carries those rock fragments away


    Water can weather and erode Earth's landforms, so the hydrosphere shapes and sometimes moves the geosphere

  3. OMG, you helped me so much with understanding weathering and erosion! I love your videos and it really helps with my homework also my understanding. Thank you for making these videos and I really hope you keep making them!๐Ÿ˜‡

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  5. thnx to u I have been taking this since 3rd grade until now 7th and I keep forgetting it lol this helped me remeber.. better than TB

  6. i am playing schools with my dog and i was learning this at school so that is why i am whacking this

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