Video Games

ah videogames one of my most favorite
forms of entertainment of all times since I can remember I’ve always enjoyed
playing video games for me the greatest thing about video games is the way
games have the ability to challenge the player the challenge can range from
finishing a really hard level to completing an impossible achievement
that you’ve been working on for weeks games have the ability to bring out the
competitive nature among friends one of the best feelings you can have is being
victorious among your friends knowing in that moment you are a number
one with my long history of playing video games I can still remember my
first experience I was around six years old and my dad bought us our very first
Nintendo system overwhelmed with excitement we quickly set up the system
added the game cartridge and turned it on at that very moment I wasn’t aware of
it but I was introduced to my favorite pastime videogames for years to come my
passion for videogames grew and grew and I started to play different types of
games like Street Fighter Megaman and of course the destroyer of friends Mario
Kart I enjoyed my game system for many years but due to a few accidents credit
to my little sister all my game consoles were destroyed so because I didn’t have
a console of my own I had to fill my addiction I mean passion yeah passion I
had to fill my passion some other way that’s what I discovered arcades back in
the day the only arcades around me were located inside laundromats so after
school I will make my way to the laundromat equipped with a bag of
quarters I spent hours playing games like Power Stone rival schools Tekken
and my all-time favorite Marvel vs. Capcom the thing about having arcades as
your main entertainment platform is that it could get expensive really fast
arcades drastically sharpen my skills and video games and definitely made me
into a more competitive person sadly my arcade adventure stopped right
after I graduated middle school in high school I no longer had the same
available free time I once had in middle school nevertheless I still played video
games in high school mainly with my best friend Johnny and his brother Jay we
spent hours playing fighting games but I think that story deserves a video of its
own so because of time let’s just fast forward to college, college is where
I bought my first game console that Xbox 360 one of my roommates introduced me to
a game that would change gaming for me entirely halo 3 that game was just pure
magic I spent hours playing and perfecting my
skills in Halo one of the main factors that contributed to the long hours was
playing the game with my little brother and best friends the four of us would
play countless hours in multiple and what, introduce us, oh crap I forgot
let me properly introduce you to the fantastic team of Halo 3 introducing
team fantastic the trash talker of the team and my baby brother Di..o the one
that takes the game too serious stan the man the Grenadier of the team Johnny
last but not less Fern the lone wolf one of the features in Halo 3 is that
when a match ends you are able to talk to the team that you just went up
against I’m guessing it was a way to encourage sportmanship and have both
team congratulate each other for playing a good game with my team that was never
the case at the end of every game no matter if we won or lost they will just
start trash-talking to the other team if Johnny has his backup trash talker both
of them have the ability to get the other team riled up the chat room
instantly became chaotic insults about mothers and the teams playing style was
basically their weapon of choice overall this really didn’t bother me too
much our rarely partook in the back-and-forth
but it did give me the motivation to perform better the more they trash
talked the more we had to back it up after all they were my teammates after
the countdown finished it was finally time to play it’s game time
I don’t know about you but I’ve always pictured myself playing a certain way
didn’t matter how much I played I’ve always expected the game to go like this but it really goes like this or this or
this for me the best part of multiplayer games is the final minutes of the game
especially the score is really close and that’s when the real challenge begins
the game becomes really intense and any little mistakes could cost you the game
at this point in the game I become a little bit more aggressive I tend to
leave my group and try to flank the enemy team while the enemy team has
their focus on my team I try to pick them off one by one from a different
location stand on the other hand takes the game to a new level stance start to
go into tactical mode if he will start giving us information about the other
team we didn’t even know what’s possible to know sometimes it just felt like he
was stationed in the Situation Room giving us information red team is
located in the blue sector coordinates 40.82
six nine to eight north negative seven three nine two two five one two West’s
enemy combatants are equipped of what machine guns and assault rifles proceed
with caution every one of the team would just be confused about the whole thing
and paid it no mind so we just kept on playing you push
forward and stay focused on the task then we hear RANDOM grenade it’s Johnny there’s
a reason why Johnny is considered the Grenadier he has this tendency to randomly throw a gernade in a very active area which meant nine out of ten one of his own
teammates will be affected by the blast this is where the mics go quiet
everyone’s wondering if there will be the next victim
of Johnny’s random grenades crap why does it always have to be me hey
everyone thank you so much for checking out this video I want to say sorry for
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