Video Game Designer Creates A Level In Super Mario Maker 2

56 thoughts on “Video Game Designer Creates A Level In Super Mario Maker 2

  1. I have clicked on this video during a time frame that is similar to the original upload date. Therefore I am entitled to affirmation from my fellow peers

  2. Who else clicked fast asf For Buzz and barley Read the Title 🤣? XD

    👇🏼But Im subbìñģ to everyone who liķės and sùbśçribes to me!💯❤️

  3. As a young game designer (who struggles a bit in her project lol) i am not sure what to think about the um… Flood of obstacles in the level he created. but it seemed he had fun doing it so that's good

  4. Even though the level was really low quality for a freaking video game designer, I would still like to see dashie raging over it lol THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

  5. 8:02 is when he starts playing his level
    the rest of the video is basically him adding tons of random things, mentioning a million times that he likes random/glitch seeming things, and debating whether his own level is fun or not. you’re welcome

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