Utomik Update | 725 Games 14 Day FREE Trial

Utomik Update | 725 Games 14 Day FREE Trial

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another video on Utomik this is sort of an update I made a
video on Utomik about three months ago roughly I think early November or
something and at that time I did not have a lot of subs maybe 200 or
something so I thought maybe a lot of you may not have seen that that video
and I might give you another rundown on what Utomik is Utomik is basically a
game subscription service sort of like Netflix but the reason why I want to
mention is is because they are offering a 14-day free trial to anyone so they
have a giant library of games about 725 at the moment and they keep adding new
games every week like three four games every week for 14 days you can join up
and play all the games you like and if you like it you can obviously take a
subscription the subscription is for $5.99 a month and if you take a family
plan you can actually get in four users can use it for $9.99 a month so what
type of games do they have here they have a lot of older triple-a games and a
lot of new indie games as well so surprisingly a lot of very good games
here although don’t expect to have the latest triple-a game available on launch
so let me show you some of the games and so you can decide if this is worth
checking or obviously it’s free for 14 days s0 definitely worth checking out so this is like a quick look at some of
the games they have a lot of games so I won’t be able to go all through all of
them but these are some of the popular games you have Batman Arkham Asylum they
have Arkham City as well Saints Row the third they have seen so two and
Saints Row 4 as well Borderlands is here both the metro games are here there are
a lot of Star Wars games about 14 of them in Dead Island Riptide by Star Wars
Battlefront 2 is the one from 2005 and Sonic 4 I don’t know which one this is
Lucius I believe this is like a horror game you have the Prince of Persia games
I believe they have two of them sands of time and the Warrior Within
not sure which one exactly cities XXL Risen is here Walking Dead Season 1
Titan Quest Titan Quest is a very big game so if you have 14 days will be over
by the time you finish it but it’s surprising to see a fairly well known
game here and there are a lot more other games as well and so yeah check it out
see if you find some interesting games to your liking and yeah
definitely give them a look 14 days are completely free so why not and if you
like it consider subscribing so yeah that’s a quick rundown of Utomik and
thank you for watching see you in the next one

12 thoughts on “Utomik Update | 725 Games 14 Day FREE Trial

  1. I do recognise some of those games in the video, especially games like the Star Wars games, Borderlands and LEGO Star Wars. I was going to mention that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game featured in the list is from 2005 (before EA started making their own versions of the series) but at least you clarified that this version is the 2005 version and not the recent one from EA.

  2. I tried Utomik for a while and still follow them on Facebook but sadly most of the games they had were not to my liking. They have gotten some since then that I would enjoy though.

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