Ubisoft CEO: Next Generation Will Be The Last Generation Of Consoles. I Agree…

Ubisoft CEO: Next Generation Will Be The Last Generation Of Consoles. I Agree…

For a huge selection of
retro gaming products visit StoneAgeGamer.com Click the link in
the description to find out more. [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] Why am I using gameplay? Well, to be quite honest with you, my office is a complete disaster right now, because where I usually film
is full of boxes and other crap, because the other half of my office, we are finally doing
the setup for my live streaming. We’re going to have like
a full show, full set for that. Nothing with my news
format is going to change. You’re still going
to see me the same way, my big beautiful face
in front of the desk, the same way you always have been. But we are setting up the
other half of my office for live streaming. I’ve wanted to do this for a while. And finally, I got the ball rolling. I got my landlord getting some stuff
he has on my office out of here this Friday. And we’re going to start
painting and setting up the set, so on and so forth. So, that’s what’s going on. And the other half of my room
is almost uninhabitable right now. That is why, temporarily, I am using the old school game play
with a voiceover format for news stories. It’s not going to last, but for a few days,
maybe possibly up to a week, this is the format that
you’re going to see four news videos. So, for those of you
who have followed me for a while, you’ll remember, especially towards
the end of the seventh generation of consoles, I was very bullish on, that consoles are going to die, and that we’re going to have one device
that is going to be our gaming device, our Computing device. We’re going to stream games from the cloud, or at least, we’re going
to download them to our smart device, and consoles as we know them
are going to be no more. I was nowhere near 100% right about that, but there were some
grains of truth in what I was saying. Here is a poorly produced
video by me back from 2013, attempting to prove
my point with a smartphone that I owned back then. It actually is an interesting video. I’ll have a link below in the description. Just the production value is absolute shit. You’ve been forewarned. So we’re on my bedroom right now. And I’m here to show you what
is eventually going to kill consoles. Plug micro USB into the phone, plug HDMI into the back of your television. And then you can plug it
into your phone charger to toggle it’s power to the HDMI. And there you go,
your phone’s on your TV. This is going to kill off consoles, and it may even become your PC. I know people don’t want to hear it. Hell, I love PCs more than
anybody else almost out there. I love consoles too. But, got to face reality. I’m going to show you
some very interesting points. So the first thing I want to do is
show you Dead Trigger on the big screen. There it is loading up on the big screen. Here we go here. I am looking around, frame rate is staying
at 30 frames per second. The graphics aren’t that bad. This is just the beginning too. Imagine where it’s going to go to, we shoot some zombies. There we go. Shot a zombie. Yeah. Here is is Modern Combat 4. Again, these are in-game visuals right now. And obviously, it’s not
going to be actual 1080p. But look at that man. Yeah, one hand is not work it out well. That is what she said. But guys, look. Here we go. This is the future of gaming. This is, I know it’s going
to be a touchy subject with people, but it’s already begun man. And I hate to say it,
but it’s inevitable. Now, do I feel it was wrong
about cloud gaming being the future, and you just having one
smart device that you game from, and you do your video editing from, and you type up documents from, so on and so forth. And you’re going to have literally, a smartphone that you put
around in various docks in your home and that’s how you’re going
to have your gaming experience, your movie viewing experience, your Computing experience. No, I still feel that that day is coming. It’s inevitable. But what I was very very wrong
about was when it was going to happen. I honestly felt by this time in 2018,
we would all just be downloading games, either via digital distribution. We wouldn’t be getting
physical copies anymore, or we would be cloud gaming. I wasn’t 110% on board
with everyone cloud gaming, but I thought cloud gaming
would have been way more relevant by now than it is. But we are starting to see
the beginnings of what I was way too bold on predicting, and what many other people
in the industry predicted. We’re seeing digital distribution sales
and digital download sales increasing. And we’re seeing less people
buying physical copies of games. We’re seeing software services
or cloud gaming Services emerged like GeForce NOW from NVIDIA,
or PlayStation Now from Sony, where you’re actually
playing games via the cloud. You don’t have a disc
in your console or your PC, and you’re not downloading
the game to your console or PC. All of the heavy lifting in terms
of graphics, rendering and processing is being done in some
data center somewhere. And the game’s visuals are
just being streamed to your console, or your smartphone, or your computer, whatever the case may be. So now, with cloud gaming technology and GeForce NOW, for example, you could have a $200 potato of a laptop have a GeForce NOW subscription,
and play Far Cry 5 at max settings on that very weak laptop. Because again, that laptop doesn’t even need
to have a dedicated GPU in it at all. It’s not actually doing the processing
and graphics processing of Far Cry 5. That’s being done remotely, and the game is being streamed
into that really weak laptop. And that’s the key here
is that cloud gaming is going to make video games
more accessible to more people. And that’s why
Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, sees the next generation of consoles
being the last conventional generation, and he feels that cloud gaming
is going to be the main way that we game in the somewhat near future. This is what he had
to say to Variety Magazine. “I think we will see another generation
but there is a good chance that step by step, we will see less and less hardware. With time, I think streaming will
become more accessible to many players, and make it not necessary
to have big hardware at home. There will be one more console generation. And then after that,
we will be streaming, all of us. It is going to help the AAA
game industry grow much faster. We have to work on the
accessibility of those games, to make sure they can
be played on any device, but the fact that we will
be able to stream those games on mobile phones and
television screens without a console is going to change a lot of the industry. There are quite a few people
that are working on streaming, like Nvidia. So, we think it’s a trend and
that it will continue to evolve. Eventually, the technology
will improve dramatically, which will allow us to have a very smooth
experience in the big cities of the world.” Microsoft’s Phil Spencer
also feels the same way. He sees gaming becoming more of a service, than something that’s
attached to a piece of hardware. This is what he had to say to Variety. “Our focus right now
is asking the question, ‘What can Microsoft do for gaming?’ instead of simply how to
stack up against the competition. It’s why we look at expanding the audience
with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.” That’s the controller that’s meant
for people with limited mobility, or some kind of disability, so they could still game,
which looks really interesting. And I want to get
my hands on one to try it out. “or how we make sure games
can be multi-generational with projects like
backward compatibility. I care less that people
play Minecraft on an Xbox One, but that people can play Minecraft
no matter what console or device they have in front of them.” So basically, Phil Spencer is
saying the same thing that Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft is saying, is that he sees us taking
our games everywhere with us, and playing them on any
device that we can play them on to have more access to
the games that we want to play. And if you really think about it,
if you want an actual taste of what both Phil Spencer and Yves Guillemot are talking about, and what I was talking
about back in the day, look at the Nintendo Switch. It’s a perfect example. It’s a system that you
could take with you on the go, you could play
Resident Evil Revelations on the go, and if you want to continue playing at home, you put it in the dock
you have in your living room, and then you could play
Resident Evil Revelations that way. And then if you want to watch Hulu
on your Nintendo Switch in your bedroom, you get another dock, even though I despised
into these Switch docks I think they’re overpriced
and they’re built like crap. But that’s a topic for another video. You would get another
Nintendo Switch dock for your bedroom and watch Hulu in your bedroom after you’re done playing
Resident Evil Revelations on the other dock you have in your living room. You see what I’m saying? You have this one device
that you take with you everywhere, and it has multiple purposes. And here’s another example of
the Switch becoming a device that you could use for multiple reasons. Look at Resident Evil 7
Cloud version on the Switch. Yes, I know it doesn’t run well. I’ve even seen people playing it in Japan, and it still has a latency there. But look what they’re doing. They’re bringing a game to
the Nintendo Switch via the cloud, that even though I think it could
run on the Nintendo Switch natively, they decided to stream a
PC version to the Nintendo Switch, so you could get
the full fidelity graphics. Resident Evil 7 Cloud version
didn’t work out that well, but it’s the beginning of
things like this starting to happen. You get what I’m saying? I also think that Capcom didn’t
want to put the developent time into making a true
Resident Evil 7 port to the Switch, but that’s besides the point. Or here’s an even better example, I almost forgot to mention this. Think about the Samsung Galaxy S8
and how Samsung launched that dock called the Samsung DEX. And now with the Galaxy S9,
they have these Samsung DEX Pad, which essentially turns
your Galaxy S8 or S9 into a computer. Think about it. It’s a perfect example. You have these DEX docks throughout your house. You may have one in your living room,
and you want to watch Netflix on your S9. So you’re going to put it
in your DEX docks in your living room, and you’re going to watch
4K HDR Netflix in your living room. Then, “Oh, I have to
type up that report for work.” So, you’re going to go to
your other decks in your office, put your S9 in there,
and you’re going to type up your report. But also on top of that, Hey, Valve just launched the
Steam Link Beta app for Android, where you could stream
PC games to your smartphone. Then you’re going to take your
Samsung S9 to another DEX pad you may have in your man cave. Hook up your Gamepad via Bluetooth, and guess what? You have a full gaming
experience now in your man cave, that’s running through
your phone via the cloud. Or as of now, via your
gaming PC streaming to your phone. But you get what I’m trying to say. Look, there’s many of you
that disagree with the fact that I change my stance
on digital distribution, and to a degree, cloud gaming. Cloud gaming still has a ways to go. Our Internet infrastructure,
especially in the United States, is nowhere near ready
for gaming to go primetime and be solely through the cloud. But as I get older,
and my time is more to premium, and I see how much convenience there is
with digital distribution and cloud gaming, I’m embracing it more. And for those of you who are
new subscribers to my channel, I’ll explain this story that
happened to me fairly recently, but it’s part of the reason why
my mindset on digital distribution has changed so much recently. I have a Nintendo Switch. Obviously, you guys know. And I love the system. And when I first got it,
I was buying more physical games than downloading games, because in my mind even a few months ago, I was like, “You know what? Digital distribution is for PC, and when it comes to consoles,
I want to have physical copies of my game.” So I would buy all my
Switch games back then, I would buy them all physically. And I had a case, and
you would keep them all in the case. And inside of that case,
there is these little red plastic smaller cases that you
will put the Switch games in. Well, foolishly, I thought
that my son misplaced those two little red cases full of Switch games. And I lost my mind because
that would have been about a dozen Nintendo Switch games. That would have been a lot of money, and a lot of games that
I enjoyed that we’re gone. Now, the story does
have a happy ending, and I was wrong for blaming
my one and half year old son. I accidentally put the games
at a basket of clean clothes. They were for some reason,
I must have like just threw them off the bed by accident, or maybe when I change
the sheets on the bed, they fell into this laundry basket, and all the games are there. And my son had nothing to do with it. I was just being a disorganized jackass. But point B, that situation
made me realize that physical game carts for a portable gaming system
in 2018 are a pain in the ass. Now, having physical copies of
games for modern home game consoles isn’t that big of a deal, because your home game console
is your home game console. It’s stationary. It stays in one spot. It’s not like you’re carrying
your PS4 with you everywhere, in most cases. But with a system like a Switch, especially with how
small the game carts are, and the fact that you’re going to
take it with you all over the place, it’s easy to lose track of them. And what happened to me,
my situation is proof of that. And that’s when I realized. I’m like, “Man. I’m so against
digital distribution on consoles.” And I’m all about
physical copies on consoles, but with the Switch,
it just doesn’t really make sense, especially after what happened to me. It would just be easier
to have all the games on the MicroSD card inside of my console, and just take my console
with me everywhere, and have my game
library stored on the system. And ever since then, when new games come out
for the Nintendo Switch, I just buy them from the eShop. I don’t even get the physical
copy from Gamestop anymore, or Amazon. It’s easier to have all the
games right on my Nintendo Switch. I don’t have to worry
about fumbling with cartridges, and honestly, except for
an exception here and there, I see myself buying all of my future
purchases on a Nintendo Switch digitally, not picking up physical copies of games. Now, even though for
my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, I do see myself buying
more physical copies of games than I do for my Switch, I also even see myself on
my other consoles gravitating more towards purchasing games digitally. It’s just easier to have
a majority of my games on the hard drive of my
Xbox One X or my PS4 Pro. And I’ve said this
before in a few other videos, if you think you purchasing
a physical copy of the game in 2018 means that you have the
full copy on a cartridge or disk, you’re kidding yourself. Because you also know, every time you put a disc into
your console or cartridge into your Switch, there’s patches or updates
that have to download. So say, for some reason
that Sony cease to exist, Nintendo or Microsoft cease to exist. And you have all these physical games, so you think you’re alright. So, you’ll be able to play
them 10 years in the future, even if Microsoft no longer
supports the Xbox One at all. I got some bad news for you. At best, that game
will be severely buggy. Or if you can’t get
the patch for it anymore, the game may not run at all,
even if you have a physical copy. So look, I’ll end
this video by saying this. I am very well aware that
digital distribution being the only way to get games, or cloud gaming being
the only way to purchase games is nowhere near ready for prime time yet. The Internet is not
stable enough worldwide, or fast enough worldwide
to support cloud gaming only, or digital distribution only. And many of you who complain
and rightfully so say, “Rich, you say all this about
digital distribution being the future, but I have data caps on my internet.” “Or my internet where I live
in a certain part of the world is so slow. So, I have to still get
the physical copy of the game, even if I have to download a patch, because if there’s a good
portion of the game on the disk, it’s saves me a lot of
download time and waiting time.” “So, my internet is
not ready for this yet.” “Why are you trying to force
digital distribution and cloud gaming down people’s throats?” And I’m not. And you’re right. The Internet is not ready yet
for everyone to be gaming in the cloud or just downloading their games. But eventually, years from now, it will get there. And keep in mind, that console
generations are lasting much longer. Sony may have said that
the PS4 is at the end of its life. But it still has three years
to go before they release new console. That means that the PS4 will
have had a full eight year lifespan. And think how much things have changed
since 2013 when it comes to gaming. And we still have a few years
to go with this generation. That means the next
generation of consoles probably won’t begin until the year 2021. And if that generation of
consoles say that’s the last conventional generation of consoles,
that generation may last eight years too. And by the time that generation ends, it’ll be the year 2029. That’s over a decade from now. And in a decade,
technology can change a hell of a lot. And by that point, the Internet
infrastructure around the world may be ready for us to
either download our game solely, or play all our games via the cloud. And by that point, you may
start seeing things differently, and embrace cloud gaming
and digital distribution like I am beginning too. This is Rich of ReviewTechUSA, signing out. Have a good one. [Music]

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    Because of this, the only way I can see a streaming platform being utilised is if there has been insufficient progress in the space of decentralisation, such that investing in all of the server upgrades would be worthwhile. In this situation, you might actually see a streaming platform be created by Google, or implemented on the next Xbox since both companies already have extensive networking infrastructure in place. Nintendo or Sony would have to spend too much money for the risk to be worth it.

  36. i can tell you my internet company isn't going to be upgrading my area in the next 10 years and cloud gaming is not even feasible at these speeds. so either we will all be SOL or we are going to see more than one console generation ahead for the millions of BFE residents like me.

  37. Rich I fear your right. Think about what your asking for. No one will buy games then. We will just sign up for a service. What's publishers motivation's to make a good game? They will just give us shovle wear with a few average games here or there. If this happens I think video games market will crash within 5 no longer than 10 years.

  38. P2P? NTY… if big companies are going that way, they can count me out, I won't ever pay for a video game.

  39. But do you own those games for good?, if a company streams your game and then goes bankrupt will you still own it? and what happens when your internet dies?, can you play your games offline?.

  40. Cloud gaming(streaming) will never ever work properly Rich unless you are the only one who has a datacenter 10 meters from your bed or can change the laws of physics and the speed of light. Doestn matter where the technology will be in 10 years unless you cant change the speed of light it will always be just a laggy , blocky video . No matter how advanced the infrastructure is the signal can travel only so fast and there will be always lag and compression.Its physically impossible. Even in 100 years it will be stil just a signal travelling from a great distance through many points accumulating lag all on the road. This future where a streamed game looks and plays like a local game will never happen because we have laws of nature.

  41. I predict that the Nintendo Switch will be the base model of what is going to be a Hybrid phone in the future. Best if they could team up with android. It will be scaled down to the size and body frame of today's smartphones, also it's aesthetics will be toned down from a game console looking device to a thing that looks like a smartphone, maybe like a phablet. Like the rails will be gone and if the screen alone, it looks like a smartphone without doubt. But with add ons, like a case where you could have rails for the joycons, it's gonna start looking like the nintendo switch we have now. The very purpose of the model would be great versatility where it could stand really well as smartphone alone both in terms of processor and aesthetics, and that processor can be used as a smartphone for daily use, or the biggest bonus as a gaming console that can be used as a handheld, or can be docked to a TV. I hope Nintendo has this vision, as they will not only tap into the gaming market, they'll also tap into smartphone market and this model would probably be flagship as it is meant to support hardcore gaming.

  42. You guys do realize that this could’ve been said during the crash in the 80’s right? If consoles could survive that, then they ain’t leaving for a long time

  43. Does anyone know which game that is ^^^
    Is it a Nintendo Switch indie?

    Honestly I’m sure the technology for no disc or cartridges are there but I don’t want consoles to die.

    All digital gaming doesn’t sound good

    I’m from Australia and our NBN Internet still ain’t perfect.We are ranked number 50 in terms of internet speeds worldwide

    I try to avoid downloads
    There is still something much better having a physical copy you own

    Same with physical books
    E-books take the joy out of learning

  44. I dont like the idea that my phone is the mainboard device. I would like to have something in my home to do that and my phone being used as such at work or outside.

  45. Maybe in the futrue i can see it happening but still so many dont have fast servie to stream. Also i think it depends on how good the severice will be for this stuff.

  46. The internet infrastructure will not let this happen, the publishers would need data centers everywhere even more than amazon and Microsoft has and on top of that you couldn't have the terrible internet speeds and data caps it just won't happen unless these companies plan on providing access to Internet as well and invest in the data centers as well. AAA game streaming won't happen until the internet gets better and it's happening extremely slow

  47. I live in rural Texas just out the city limits and our internet sucks bad like it takes days to download most full games today. When my brother watches a live stream no one else in the house can even watch a ten minute YouTube on low settings. I know it's coming but until then or until there's better internet options in my area I'm sticking to physical where I can but strictly buying new when available.

  48. Only download games? How can I sell my used games then? And if the companies refuse to drop the price for, let's say, a two year old game, then i can't get it for a lower price anywhere??? This sucks!!!

  49. I don't think, I would stream games instead of playing them at home or somewhere outside without reliance to an internet connection.
    I also think, Smartphones are pretty stupid devices. A small laptop is more useful for most tasks, especially when being an advanced Linux user and programmer. But also writing, watching videos, listening to music or playing games works better on a small laptop than a smartphone.
    And for phoning, one should rather use a 10$ mobile phone without touchscreen but number pad.
    But I can think of conventional consoles and PCs to be replaced by portable consoles and PCs with a simple way to connect them to screens, like small laptops and the Nintendo Switch.

  50. I also prefer physical copies to downloads, but a bunch of DS games, I had some time ago, and also a few 3DS games, are already missing.

  51. We're 100 years off from the magic phone/tablet era. for the foreseeable future we will have successive consoles, DIY PC rigs and tablets will remain a separate utility. The US is simply incapable of wide scale cloud gaming and the US dictates the gaming market. you're crazy if you think people in my home state will be cloud gaming in the next 10 years, we do not have the infrastructure. No chance. if Consoles are replaced by cloud gaming I'm simply out of the picture, same with anyone in the dozens of states that don't have the internet capabilities

  52. > Novelty – the deal maker to get people interested
    > Standardisation – getting the experience right for everyone
    > Dependance – the ability to make the population feel that they need it, so will wilfully HAVE to accept corporate decisions
    > Conditioning behaviour – forcing updates/ new ways to use people for data research, monetisation 
    > Depreciation – the natural way to force the population to accept the next Novelty

    Applies to contactless payment, blockchain, video games, streaming services, facebook

  53. But what if you don’t have WiFi then where do offline gamers play there will always be something that is offline or at least within 100 years or if you have a bad connection your theory is stupid

  54. It's basic calculation. Consoles became obsolete. They went from dozens during the 80's to three in 2018. Exponential decrease is synonym of extinction. This (2020-future) is going to be the last generation of consoles regardless of cloud streaming (which is going to be a limitation for countries without a good connection). I can see Sony and Microsoft publishing their exclusive titles in Steam-like digital stores on PC by 2027.

  55. Last? Seriously? He is thinking that his goal is to put video game retailers out of business. His mind is totally crazy!!!!

  56. if the cloud gaming service please dont buy and dont support this because you need to pay double the cost compare to high end computer . internet provider are waiting for you to increase price and cloud gaming service also they increase price like netflix . now we take an example you know the shadow ( cloud gaming stream service ) this is only service to give high performance i know specs is gtx 1080 , 12 gb ddr4 ram 2400mhz , 256gb i think thats nvme and i dont know about processar so come to point 35$ in on month , for 3 years is $1260 and you need to pay for internet i dont know price when it comes cloud gaming so what you think

  57. As a pc gamer i think digital is awesome i wont buy physical if there is any but i can understand console players

  58. Rich has been saying this for the past few Generations…He also said that Walmart Pc's are really good..at this point I think Rich purposely makes these ridiculous statements to make people laugh..Consoles aren't going anywhere

  59. You really think Nintendo alone is gonna give up their rights to exclusives? Gtfo Lmao! and what Phil Spencer is saying has nothing to do with what that other guy was saying

  60. Everyone KEEP YOUR GAMES. KEEP YOUR OLD CONSOLES. DON'T TRADE ANYTHING IN. when they try this stunt. We will not buy into this garbage.

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