[TUTORIAL] – How to download movies, songs, games, softwares, etc…. for FREE !!!

hello youtubers here myself fahad mulla today
i am going to show you how to download a torrent file some people, some of you may not know,
so let me show you first of all you need a torrent downloader software such as utorrent
software or any other torrent download software such as bittorrent, hive and may other names
i have mentioned below in the description so you need this first, the software, then
you can download any game, movie, or songs with the torrent file so for that you need
to go for a website so, i prefer going to kickass.to it has a lot and lot amount of
torrent files in it. i have mentioned the i have mentioned the name in the description below you can check it out so
now you can here you can see the search bar
here so type in whatever you want means any games name, movies name, or songs, or applications,
softwares or anything, so now i want to download a movie , animated movie big hero 6 search it
so now here you’re here in this page now i want to download this movie big hero 6 so
now let me give you a TIP on how to choose weather the torrent you’re going to download
is a good one or not so first of all check with the seeds over here the torrent which
has the maximum number of seeds is always rated as a good torrent so here there’s 4530
seeders are here so we can say that its a good torrent and you can also check out the
comments and reveiws of the people who downloaded this torrent
here in the comment menu, here you can see what people rated this video or movie, you
come to know that its a good torrent so then click on the download torrent
so once its downloaded open the file now here your utorrent opens up and it shows the details
about the torrent click on ok
and here’s the movie downloading so wait for it to download and once its done just double
click on it and open it i will show you a other torrent which i have
downloaded you can see here i downloaded the movie home
animated movie of 2015 so once the download is complete you have
to double click on it and the folder opens up and here you can enjoy the movie
so thnaks for watching the video you can subscribe and like my video if you like it and share
your thoughts about my video and if you have any question you can ask me below in the commnt
box you’re always welcome
thank you

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