100 thoughts on “Trying fake mobile games

  1. 1:47 the two maps that you see are Far Cry 4 on the left and Far Cry Primal on the right which are made by Ubisoft, not EA. I must admit though, i didn’t realise they where the same, bit lazy imo

  2. 2:32 1 thats just pewdiepie
    2 i hate this thing, why cant we fight of copyright? Polish people were Able to kill the russians and germans, So why cant we raid youtube HQ? IF WE WONT FIGHT OFF YOUTUBE, WE WILL BE STUCK IN THE FUTURE, BUT I WANT NOSTALGIA

  3. Morgz: 10m subs
    Mumbo jumbo: 4.73m subs


    And also mumbo has 1.9k vids and morgz has 601

  4. Most people dont know that kick the buddy is a huge copy of “beat the boss” .beat the boss had 4 games/editions of the game and after that kick the buddy came out. Also beat the boss 1 was taken down

  5. There's a new one now, with the developers of one of the games hyping up their microtransaction deals because they want to "give back to the players".

    Oh, and their voices are… Really squeaky? For like… No reason?

    I… I don't get it… What is the logic?

    And why the hell would you try to promote your game with microtransactions right at the forefront as if it's something to be proud of having!?

  6. 5:48 so I saw a video of this girl reacting to pewdiepie reacting to this ad, and apparently she is the one that wrote the script for this ad
    edit: and the two guys just after that were apparently school friends of her

  7. Bro I got the og kick the buddy whoever has the og version of kick the buddy comment this comment and the other one has nothing you need an iPad 2 to get the old one

  8. 0:12

    h e y g u y s , i t ' s m y p r o f i l e p i c t u r e b u t n o t r e a l l y , i t ' s v e r y d i f f e r e n t a n d h a n d – d r a w n .

  9. 4:50 the noob is the one who kept playing the game while the pro was the one smart enough to play a single level and delete it.

  10. Me trying to make a decent game called 4 In a Blow.
    And then I see people play this junk. It's frustrating.

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