100 thoughts on “Trans Guy Reacts to CRAZY Transtrender

  1. It's strange to see someone get so offended and enraged by a person who is simply speaking about their experiences and struggles growing up in their own body.

  2. What cis female among us don't feel weirded out when suddenly they have jiggly bewbs proceeding them through life? Puberty is a true bish. Great video Kalvin, best of luck. I'd adopt you in a heartbeat, you're an awesome young man.

  3. Yikes that this is basically bullying this person. You're trans but you're invalidating this person's identity and using female pronouns. Let people live. People explore their identities, especially in their teens. Maybe this person is trans, maybe they're NB or genderqueer, or maybe they're not, but leave them to discover and define their own identity. Who are you to gatekeep? Also yikes at your thinly veiled fatphobia.

  4. Some of these people I feel should just do drag- it's fucking fun but enjoying walking around as the other gender doesn't mean your trans.

  5. My boxer briefs are bisexual male boxer briefs apparently and my boyfriend asleep next to me his jock strap is a a gay male jock strap! Just so you know!

  6. My favorite part of this video is how happy Kevin got when he was talking about how soon he was going to be getting top surgery. I think he talked about his surgery being in 25 days twice in this video and he light up both times, and 1 of those times he was talking about something that was actually triggering him right before talking about his soon to surgery.
    Idk. I'm just really happy for him. It just made me feel good/happy because how truly happy he was getting because he would soon be able to feel more comfortable and himself in his body.

  7. @18:10 hahaha! I died laughing when you screamed that 😂 but on a serious note, I really like your videos and how you explain the science behind everything. It helps educate people like me in ways that make sense & are easy to follow. Thanks for taking the time to do that!

  8. I already don't have any boobs born that way. Not even an A cup. I look like a guy no matter what it sucks. I know I'm a chick born that way. But I don't look like one, I've got broad shoulders, no boobs, no curvy shape, I have boyish facial features that I have to use shit ton of makeup to hide. To avoid dismorphic feeling I wear a small bra and then a large paded one on top to make them look natural and normal. All of the family I have call them mosquito bites or say that I look like a teenage boy, especially when I am not wearing my larger bra. You don't necessarily have to be trans to have a sort of dismorphia but that also means that you shouldn't claim to be if you are not. That is all.

  9. Yo, Kalvin is going hard on this pink haired individual “with boobs.” I think they’re confused and ignorant. If they’re going to broadcast their logic they should actually look into the subject itself and see some professionals who have degrees in this field. She sounds naive and self-centered. I wish her all the best and I hope that one day she will seek out more help.

  10. I cant imagine what you have had to go through and I honestly feel for you having to deal with people like this.. I'm so sorry you have had to live uncomfortable with yourself and I hope that you are super happy with your changing body and that you never have to deal with not feeling yourself again!! It is so important to love yourself and feel connected with the body your in and I hope the best for you!! Sending good vibes 🙂

  11. I am a cis, basically straight, girl and i recently chopped most of my hair into a pixie cut and people always ask me if i’m trans. ????

  12. You have to remember she is gender fluid. That probably why they said they liked their boobs (boobs is a weird word and weird themselves)

  13. The amount of hate on youtube Jesus it hurts. Okay, so firstly if they do not care about what you call them thats fine they are not like most trans, thats fine. If she goes on tv thats fine also, you basically said that they are an embarrassment to the trans community by expressing how they felt on live tv. You do not have the right to tell her if she has gender dysphoria or not, and yes gender dysphoria comes in many different ways, it doesn´t matter if you had it worse than theirs. I also do not know why you act so surprised because she said the word boob. (please dont atttack me i just think this video was rude, and yes i know this is old)

  14. I forgot halfway through that you are ftm, and was like "why am I just listening to some guy talk about his man boobs?" Oh, right…

  15. i get where you’re coming from but it did they did say they’re genderfluid, some parts she worded it wrong but i get where both sides are coming from. that person is not ftm they are gender fluid.

  16. I have issues with the way I look. Sometimes I like to wear more masculine clothes.
    Oh, I guess I'm fookin trans. My pronouns are ass/hole now.

  17. When I was 8 I started puberty. I didn't look like the other girls, I looked like if I was twelve. Of course that meant a lot of "I'm locked in different body" feelings for me. I hated my boobs to the point that sometimes I'd just lie in my bed, pushing them to my chest and dreaming about waking up without them. I'm pretty sure these feeling were very close to being trans. She might've gone through something like I did an mistake it for dysphoria.

  18. I recommend people watch videos by people like Buck Angel and Trystan Reese. The trans experience is not one size fit all, not to say the girl with pink hair is trans because she is probably experiencing body dysmorphia instead of dysphoria. Also not a huge fan of this kid saying “I’ll literally kill myself, etc etc” hard to focus on what points he’s trying to make while he’s also belittling suicide. Not trying to start a fight or tell anybody what to think,feel, or do.

  19. can we also talk about the fact that afabs can also dislike their breasts withOUT being transmasc? like i can name a few cis females who have had breast reduction surgery because they didnt like the size of their chests but that still does not and will not make them transgender.

  20. So apparently kalvin is a perfect trans guy and judges people for the way they are like don’t be a fucking dick head you fuck

  21. just real quick. can transtrenders tell that they're transtrenders or nah? also anyone know how to get to check if you have dysphoria? i'm doubting myself right now so erm.

  22. Lol. I'm a woman and I've always hated my big BOOBS when I was younger. That is pretty common. Doesn't make you transgender.

  23. "This body? MALE.
    These tits? MALE.
    This _PuSsY_? MALE."

    this keeps entering my mind everytime I see a female-presenting trans male such as Brennan lmao

  24. You can want to keep your boobs and be a trans guy?? Just like you can want to keep your penis if you’re a trans girl.. you don’t have to completely cis passing.
    a trans woman might not want boobs. There’s a spectrum.

  25. Love these educational and personal reactions to transtrenders, cuz that’s what they are. I didn’t know how to think of them before bc I hadn’t understood the severity of gender dysphoria and how it affects people. There’s a visible difference in how ppl choose to present. Now I know who may have gender dysphoria and who is confused or attention seeking. Now I know, and these transtrenders are ridiculous and disrespectful to ppl who actually suffer and the research behind it.The problem is that it’s not being scientifically talked about(except TRANS ppl), and confused queer individuals are making it sound like a free world of rainbows where u can be anything u want. Except u can’t, not when ur a healthy person pretending to be ill. Gender dysphoria is real, not something u think u have and then half ass it to be cool.

  26. is this making me dysphoric? indeed
    makes me sad to see people mixing up body dysmorphia with gender dysphoria…
    It can cause even more issues for you than if you just accepted that there are aspects of your body that you don't like. I don't like my feet, that's not a part of my dysphoria but almost everything related to my chest and the disconnect there IS dysphoria, same with my shark week. One bothers me a little (My feet are weird) the other makes me want to DIE (My chest and shark week). There is a HUGE difference.

    I also don't get how she says her chest will "Never be flat enough" is so, dumb and triggering. binders are the reason I'm still here and even top surgery isn't enough when I'm struggling to save up money for top surgery AND college. upsets me.

    P.S. Brennan needs to stop touching her chest, a trans nonbinary or a transmale would almost NEVER do that willingly.

  27. I'm a cis girl and the word "boobs" makes me want to jump out of a window ;-;
    Edit: the way she's got her chest exposed makes me very upset and I don't even know why? It makes me feel gross about myself

  28. Im a cis female. I am not comfortable with my chest. I also enjoy very masculine things and wouldn't wear super feminine things.
    Yet I'm not dysphoric. I'm just uncomfortable with by body. Don't be idiots, y'all

  29. Don't listen to the "Conservatives hate us" rhetoric too much. Many of us (yep, conservative woman here) that know these crazy folks out there don't represent the tru trans community. People like you, Blaire and a few others are doing a good job showing the world what it really means and helping folks understand it much better than ever before. Personally, I only knew what I'd seen on TV before (the SJW's of the world) but I've been watching Blaire White for a while now and that lead me here and a few other pages that have completely changed my views and others I know as well. Keep it up and hopefully they'll stop getting the attention they crave that makes them go on these ridiculous false journeys.

  30. Clothes are gender based ect.
    Me:*looks at my FNAF shirt*so I guess I'm the FNAF animatronics from FNAF 1 then(in including golden Freddy)

  31. anyone in the video saying boob or tit: +1 chest word
    Me: +10,000,000 dysphoria
    Edit: who else physically cringed and got triggered when they heard Kalvin say tits or Brennen say boobs

  32. 1) She said "boobs" 18 times.
    2) Her video literally triggered me holy moly
    I'm really late to this, but yes. I have made it.

  33. I don't necicarily agree with Kalvin's reaction to the person in the video. I don't think the person is saying they're FTM, rather that they claim to be non binary. And I think that screaming at them and comparing experiences is the wrong way to start a conversation about it.
    What I really wanted to say is that what the person in the video is describing sounds like body dysmorphia. When they say that they would never really be okay with their chest, there's strong parallels between that and body dysmorphia.

  34. if you do end up seeing this is want to know if you think just because I don't mind not wearing my binder when I'm with my gf makes me any less dysphoric or transgender in your opinion?

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