Toy Haul – Borderlands 3, Bandai Toy Story 4, Smyths Toys, Fortnite, Funko, Batman, Lego & More!!!

Toy Haul – Borderlands 3, Bandai Toy Story 4, Smyths Toys, Fortnite, Funko, Batman, Lego & More!!!

hey guys me host it was all day that’s
death I’ve been chopping this time in front of the whole video by doing these
videos because I like to show you what’s coming up this week on the channel cuz
I’ve got a bunch of new stuff that I want to review pretty quick so I’m quite
excited to get these online for you so first up it’s the release day ever
vengers endgame so we finally I’ve got a copy and then game here on blu-ray can’t
wait to give this a watch very excited it’s gonna be awesome
oh yeah I didn’t bother getting a steelbook edition or anything like that
I just come to the standard blu-ray and that’s all I have pretty much one is
there a nice glossy cover on it very nice happy days another nice blue
ready to watch then I’ve been Jane see it tends to get these ever since I saw
the people showing them off on some of the groups on Facebook we have the
Bandai Builder kits and this is woody and I can’t wait to build up with my
yeah we got Birds and I wanna see how they compare to the toy box series and
the other standard releases that they made for Toy Story 4 so I will be doing
bosom woody I’m not sure whether I’m going to do both as a 2 for 1 video or
whether I’m going to each one individually can you let me know in the
comments what you guys would rather see would you rather see a video for each
one or the say like one video for both let me know in the comments cuz I’d love
to hear what you guys think some people always say review one at a time some
people say review both so let me know so that’s a buzz of woody actually put them
back there on here very excited about that then I went to
game started pre-order my copy of bottle on 3 and because I am pre-ordering a
copy of Borderlands 3 I was able to get myself the barlines
mask yeah I got my pre-order also was there I also picked up yeah this is
cream really can’t wait to review hear me serve I know it’s by McFarlane’s toys
so that’s the cool ones are having the collection as well so very happy to have
him it looks really cool as well as an official 2k thinking he’s got some
golden keys inside as well I’m not sure about what gaining zapper bottlings to
possibly and four years between all the keys inside he’s not for the game and
lock your loot your in-game in-game content so yeah this will be the bonds
or bonds to hopefully not barred London one yeah we’ve got some keys see reverse
side for shift codes so yeah there’s some codes in there for the game cool
the game comes out real soon as well on a can’t wait to play it gonna be epic if
you preorder yourself a copy of the game at game star it’s 5 pounds to pre-order
the game you get a you get the mask free when you pre-ordered the game how I was
gonna pay for the game anyway so I saw the little pre-order thought why not I
could put on the wall with likes I’ve got home I go there like death trooper
maths and stuff hanging around so I’ve got that one now as well it’s for a bit
fun better fun I need keep all the B’s these are all my receipts and things my
pre-order but those in Z wallet so yeah I’ll be reviewing this real soon
I’m pretty sure you can guarantee a rare the return of the mask when I make love
idiot what else have we got oh yeah so when two Smith’s and they had
the newest versions of the minifigures from Lego these with $2.99 each the
three pounds apiece and I picked up one two three four view using these are real
soon on the channel guys and see what we get
as always duplicates will be available for trade let’s try and get as many as I
can and there is a couple I would like out of this set and this dial is one
that’s like a mummy and then there’s a dude who looks like a pizza so it’s a
really random with a like collection of figures but I can’t wait to see what
they are so yeah tune in for that these are series
19 and a 16 to collect next up guys Smith’s have got in the new 80 years
Batman pop and this is Batman red rain the vampire one and really happy to have
that it’s a great pop coming up to Halloween as well it’s nice to have and
it’s part of the 80 years collection so it’s a good ones I have in the series
and I probably will keep the box for this one just for future reference but
I’ll probably unbox it because I want to put it on my shelf with my other Batman
pops I’ve got another Batman one behind me somewhere from the 80 years so I am I
have been unboxing these just cuz they’re really cool and I’m unlikely to
ever check these on if you’d like to see me do a quick review of pop vinyls I’m
tempted to do some reviews of pops where I do like two or three pops maybe in one
video or something like that if you’d be interested in me doing like a weekly pop
video where I unbox them please let me out thank eyes I got a couple of
fortnight goodies I got the newest quad crusher with comes with the figure and a
weapon is an exclusive figure so you can only get this one by buying the quad
bike his low you would sound the rolls wheels
and you get burnout skin with it as well the are going to be making the bush
drone is well available and there’s gonna be an RC version of this as well
gonna make an RC so you can put put your figures in and using a remote-control
car so that’s gonna be cool and then surprisingly a surprise drop of the
bundle guys was that tight that there they’ve got a target exclusive at
Smith’s right now it’s the target exclusive five pack and I believe it’s
called the core pack but it could see some really cool figures especially of
Halloween I have got a secondary copy of drift now so if any wants to trade me
for drift and he’s gonna be up for a for sale off our trade with another figure
just because I don’t need this one again I’ve already got him once and it’s the
exact same costume there’s no variant as far as I can see but we have got a
really cool variant of school trooper we’ve got Brainiac which is like a
zombie which is really cool the school trooper with the green glow raptor from
series 1 but you know what I never got Raptor so I’m quite happy to have her
and then spooky team leader as well the nice green glad to her and she’s got an
orange you pumpkin on a chest so they’re nice coming up to Halloween so thought
I’d grab those for review as well cuz I haven’t seen them before so guys what do
you think of that haul that was cool alright what do you want to see reviewed
on the channel first guys let me know in the comments don’t see the Lego stuff do
see the fortnight goodies the new quad crusher the pop vinyl the pod ones
figure let me know in the comments what you want to see and I’ll definitely try
and make it happen for you guys thank you very for watching as always I’m your
host supersorrell and I’ll see you guys in the next video may the force be with
you you

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  2. 😲 😂 👍 That tarking clown mask was crazy 😜 hope no one turns up on my door with that heart attack 😜 😂 🤡

  3. Always interested in Pops… review Buzz and Woody together… and Lego! Sweet. lI just picked up the 10 I wanted from this series; the Monkey King is my favourite. 😃

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