TOP 5 Indie Games HIDDEN GEMS for SEPTEMBER 2019

TOP 5 Indie Games HIDDEN GEMS for SEPTEMBER 2019

welcome to get indie gaming where it’s
time again to wade through the pile in steam and beyond to pick out five more
of the very best underappreciated indie games of recent weeks our hidden gems
for this September 2019 at number five and out in early access
since April of this year in its current form Onirism is a little taster of
what to expect when the full game comes out with a target launch date of spring
the year after next sure that’s quite some time to wait with a full release
although there’s plenty of content and material for early adopters to get their
teeth into you play as Carol a girl having been unduly awoken by a
mysterious creature that’s emerged from a portal having suddenly appeared within
her bedroom having snatched Carol’s favorite little stuffed bunny rabbit
the monster has retreated back into the portal with Carol Dooley following with
an umbrella and the gun come hairdryer what follows is fully in keeping with
what you’d find within the Ratchet and Clank series there’s plenty of action to
be had with a mix of puzzles to be solved bosses to fight off and
platforming exceptions given the general all-round cutesy imagery and the
dreamlike fantasy setting the gunplay and kick-ass nature of what Carol goes
about doing well it kind of feels a tad odd although even in this stage of
things it’s well polished and gives a sterner level of challenge that you
might expect there’s also Metroidvania elements at play here too with you being
able to unlock new skills which provide you access to new areas in this early
access version there’s a single-player and couch co-op game modes with a full
launch expected to have online multiplayer options added to the package
all in this looks and plays rather nicely and for me it’s well worth at
least adding it to your wishlist at number four Eliza is the debut visual
novel from Zack Tronics and looks into a concept where AI and the use of digital
rather than human based interaction could be used within mental healthcare
on a large scale population base it’s all fully voice-acted with great skill
in what’s really a to-and-fro conversation driven story that changes
as you play depending upon your choices with the premise of an AI therapist that
uses machine learning together with audio-visual and physiological cues to
formulate its guidance and counseling what’s won me over with this one is the
overall strength of the writing and the quality of the voice acting each
character lifts from the screen with it being so easy to empathize with their
cares and concerns the subtle nuances of conversation are all here too little
gaps or stuttering when the mind races ahead and the pauses when someone is
thinking and speaking within a considered response and much more is for
me the key that kept me interested and kept me playing Eliza popped onto Steam
on August 12th and I really hope this comes to the switch where I can see me
playing this all over again while on the morning commute coming up at number
three and also recently out this past August in early access micro town is
billed by the developers as a village construction and management simulator
that’s supposed to offer an all-round relaxing experience you’re tasked with
looking after a town of little stick like people who will do whatever you ask
of them be this to build stuff to work the fields or to arrange suitable
catering requirements to keep their bellies full there’s no violence after
all this is supposedly about relaxation and for now said to be an early access
for around six months it all works rather well with a good few
hours of gameplay with items and upgrades to give you a sense of where
the finished product is liable to take you
ah next and at number two we have a game that first launched on the home
computers back in 2015 although just this past August it’s also come out on
the PlayStation 4 now in truth I missed gravity ghost the first time round and I
honestly wish I hadn’t it follows the soul or spirit of a young woman on a
search to find a friendly Fox she knew from back in her mortal life in essence
gravity ghost is a colorful and beautifully put together puzzler that
pulls you into the woman’s back story usually told by ways of cutscenes that
act the same way as a picture story does it leads you from scene by scene that
range from the funny to the sad and more which all build to give a great sense
and understanding into the character we play the puzzles are for the most part
quite excellently implemented with just the right amount of pacing to keep you
playing I never felt the game was also trying too hard to be too clever in what
its having us do the most difficult sections for me were those with a
spatial ball and maze elements they took me a few tries to gain a sense of the
solution although at no time did I feel these parts of the game were getting on
top of me having not played gravity ghost when it first launched I can’t
comment on how well it’s aged although comparing it to recent games of
its type it fits quite nicely on the Shelf with the best of them taking the
top slot for this month and to give it its full title kind words low fight
chill beats – right – well it came out only a few days ago on the home
computers this past september 12th in kind words you play a character within a
small bedroom who while able to write letters of their own the real magic
comes from your ability to select and read the letters from real people who’ve
sent them out into the kind words community you can simply read these
letters or choose to respond directly to the author if the author likes your
response they can send you a sticker by way of saying thanks during my playtime
I read letters from a huge spectrum of topics from the Saturday soccer results
to messages from people struggling with college debt
Londyn cease and struggle with mental health issues while it’s early days
there are methods to report abuse although so far I saw no trolling to
speak of over the weekend just gone and responses from letters were quickly
undertaken often in what felt like real time while there’s clearly the potential
for issues so far kind words is one of the most enjoyable and thought-provoking
games put out this year and in 2019 it up against some fantastic competition
honestly spend some time with kind words it’s just so very wonderfully different
and having now put kind words into your wish list it’s time I bid you farewell
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community many thanks for watching I’ll see you all back here soon for another

26 thoughts on “TOP 5 Indie Games HIDDEN GEMS for SEPTEMBER 2019

  1. Hi there. Well it's mid September and what a busy month we have for new indie game releases. While we wait for some of those to drop, here's 5 more indie games of recent times you might like to take a look at.

  2. I've seen Eliza pop up across my youtube feed, but I hadn't realized it was made by Zachtronics… Between this and Kind Words it seems like this September ought to be quite the emotional month.

    (Kind Words' concept seems wonderful, I hope it becomes the sort of experience people can remember fondly for years afterwards).

  3. Happy that the idea of "Hidden Gems" series still happening =D funny fact, when i proposed that idea, i was expecting "X" game, but yet it never been mentioned ^_^

  4. Onirism is the only game that looks interesting to me. The others look just pretty boring or shitty, because who the F wants 80s graphics nowadays?

  5. I'm glad that Onirism has gone so much forward, I tried a very early alpha which was nice but you couldn't do much. Especially considering that there're very few new games with a Ratchet & Clank gameplay style.

  6. Played a lot of kind words, because it was in a humble bundle. I said it's probably the most therapeutic game ever. Whenever I have a patch of doubt or fear, I send out my problem and the next morning I have 5 or 6 people telling me it's OK. I also love writing letters back.

  7. Absolutely love your channel – you spotlight games I would never come across otherwise and your reviews and overviews are expedient without sacrificing detail. Thank you for the excellent videos and for separating the wheat from the chaff!!

  8. I think I am gonna check kind word, maybe it will help me too, it would be nice to have a place to put my thoughts that I keep trapped…the nice ones

  9. Fantastic content! You’re such a great narrator, you really lend a wonderful personal flourish that keeps me checking daily for new content 🙂

  10. i just love these hidden gems videos. Eliza is really calling out to me, and I really hope they get it into the Switch soon 😀

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