Top 5 Free Sci Fi Role Playing Games

Top 5 Free Sci Fi Role Playing Games

hi there I’m Steve Roman and the teen
librarian at Cal Public Library this is my book dragons in the stacks
teen librarians guide the tabletop role-playing games I want to bring talk
to you today about the best 5/3 science fiction role-playing games that you can
download right now and start playing today although there’s a new edition of
the Star Wars role-playing game there was an older edition that’s now back in
print thanks to a group of fans and a new addition to called the Star Wars
revised expanded and updated role-playing game it runs on simplistic
sided dice so you can raid your Yahtzee set start playing immediately and rules
are very easy and fun to learn to be having adventures and the Star Wars
universe before you know it well the next one stars without number what these
guys did was they took the old edition of Dungeons & Dragons and revamped it
for science fiction adventures it did a brilliant job there’s tables in there
for creating your own planet you own alien races it is a fantastic game you
should start getting up going right away Star frontiers now this is the game that
started me on going playing games and I’m kind of cheating here because it’s
got a complete it’s two games in one your star frontiers which has the
characters and the planets and all the aliens of the vv4 dividual adventure and
then Nighthawks which is another game that goes with Star frontiers for all
the outer space battles and the spaceship dogfights and all that stuff
last but not least one of my favorites and when I ran the proteins they
absolutely loved that mutants future this is that game where you combine Mad
Max with all sorts of weird bizarre mutations you all exploring this
post-apocalyptic wasteland together you wanna cross bizarre monsters and you
have lots of strange superpowers because we all know that radiation gives you
super powers right but most comics have been lying to me my entire life
anyway those are five free world playing games for science fiction that use me
playing right now

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Free Sci Fi Role Playing Games

  1. I would like to thank you for this video. My Fiance loves apocalyptic games and was searching for a good one and the one you recommended worked great!

  2. I wrote an essay with links to tons of free RPG stuff anyone can download, for the genre they prefer:

  3. …and I agree that Star Frontiers was great, I got my start with it too, though I had an AD&D 1st-edition Player's Handbook for a time. Download "Alpha Dawn" (characters and combat) and Knight Hawks (which were the starship rules,), from this site, free:
    I'm afraid that Wizards of the Coast is selling reprints, and so the "free" fan digital editions can no longer be circulated.

  4. Other free SF tabletop RPG stuff.

    Star Wars Edge of the Empire has a free quickstart adventure "Under a Black Sun" with basic rules and characters included. You don't even need the special Star Wars dice.

    There are a lot of freebie quickstart games in the SF section of the Quickstart page on Unpossible Journeys, including for the new Star Trek Adventures RPG, Star Wars quickstart called "Under a Black Sun", Numenéra, and Shadowrun.

  5. I'd be somewhat dodgy about called Star Wars 2 edition "Free", I think Disney won't agree with that opinion. Although it's out of print, it's still copyrighted, although widely available to download (but then again what isn't). Personally appreciate any mention anyone makes to it, I've been running a website , for the past 17 years supporting the system, with over 5000 pages of homebrew stats and adventures to extend the game into the newer movies and series.

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