Top 5 Best Looking Indie Games to Watch – March 2018

Top 5 Best Looking Indie Games to Watch – March 2018

hi there and welcome to get indie gaming
we’ve made it to March already and here today we’re looking at our top 5 picks
of indie games coming out this month as usual let’s begin with our honorable
mentions beginning with c4 launching an early
access on March 9th we’ve got a cheerful physics puzzle game where you’re
contracted to demolish structures in the most creative way possible another one
headed for early access this March long-gone days as a 2d modern-day
character driven RPG combining elements from visual novels classic shooters and
dystopian fiction available March 13th on Windows PlayStation 4 cube 2 is the
sequel to the highly successful original with eleven zones and many many puzzles
to solve you’ll move through the ruins of an ancient alien landscape and with
your manipulation gloves you’ll alter the structures to navigate your way back
home described as a visually stunning love letter to numbers and the people
that adore them co trio a one-handed puzzler launches March 7th for iOS it
comes with over 80 handcraft levels a relaxing soundtrack photo mode and no
in-app purchases at its heart the long reach is an adventure game within a
psychological horror with tinges of sci-fi ideology taking inspiration from
the lone survivor and the cave this comes to the PC Mac and all of the usual
consoles March 14th the last of the honorable mentions for
March light fall is an immersive journey where you explore a forgotten world and
gain insight into your mysterious past in a land of eternal night looking
halfway between limbo and Ori and the blind forest you’ll brave many
challenges ventures and challenging foes along the way with the honorable
mentions cover off for March let’s dive into the top 5 picks for games hitting
the shelves this month in welcome to Basingstoke we find an
isometric game about surviving a zombie takeover all set within a town in
southern England launching on 30th of March on the PC Mac and Linux you get to
make your way through the smoldering ruins off the town as a number of
different characters a tourist armed only with a camera a British policeman
armed with his trusty truncheon and many many more each with their own skill sets
and individual flair in terms of the gameplay well it certainly looks to be a
tense and brutal affair which mixes elements of stealth and arcade action
from the trailer and recent footage there’s certainly elements of the cutesy
however within its art style these zombies are more delightfully loveable
than out-and-out scary even the death scenes are no doubt intended to raise a
wry smile rather than a grimace in a number of nice touches the game also
uses design iconography typical of British high streets from the council
supplied wheelie bins the currency being in pounds and pence to the loading
screens using a British traffic light system even some of the weapons you’re
able to use evokes images of many a UK high street come a Friday evening or
Saturday morning leftover kebabs sausage rolls and snooker cues can be all used
to great effect having passed through the town on many occasions will be
intrigued to see if any of the local landmarks are included within the game
once it’s out way of the pacifist is a side-scrolling brawler very much in the
style of the early 90s and unlike pretty much all of the games of its type we can
think of in this one you never get to throw a punch instead of bashing your
enemies to a pulp you’re very much the pacifist and while you’re able to grab
and throw projectiles at your opponents this one really comes down to dodging
weaving parrying and getting your enemies to a point of exhaustion where
they run out of stamina at this point you simply knock them over and move on
naturally the focus on defensive gameplay won’t appeal to everybody and
were fascinated to see how this will all come together in the finished package
what we do agree on however is how good-looking the animations are and also
how awesome the accompanying audio seems to be it’s the first offering from the
Canadian team at household games and launches this March sick
on the PC PlayStation 4 and the day after on the Xbox the way out is
scheduled to be released on March 23rd and we’ll hit the PC PlayStation 4 and
Xbox and fits into that mid tier pricing range of $29.99 US dollars and twenty
four UK pounds it’s been developed by the Swedish team at Hayes likes to do
and is published by EA yes we know this isn’t Indy for the purists and yet
long-term viewers will know we tend to classify the scene via the developmental
team rather than the publisher Indy for us has morphed into something more akin
to a cultural reference which is certainly something for another video
anyway a way out is loosely based on the two protagonists featured within
brothers a tale of two sons a games based on a two-player co-op system each
player controls one of the two characters Leo and Vincent as they seek
to escape from jail by working together separately within full and split screen
viewpoints to remain undetected by guards complete objectives and of course
ultimately get out of jail when you do that’s not the end of the story where
the game turns into what’s likely to be a way about finding a route out of the
dead-end lives these two men currently live in
something’s not– this game ships with no single-player element and in a wise
move from hayes light a way out can be played with a friend who doesn’t own the
game where they can also join your playthrough at no extra cost sadly
there’s no online matchmaking at launch perhaps an option that might come at
some point down the line the forced nature of the co-op play is a brave
choice and perhaps an interesting bet that said the ability to partner with a
buddy without them needing to buy the title should help drive sales at number
2 agony recently featured at the pointy end of
our most promising horror games of the year video agony is a first-person
survival horror game from the mad mind studio based out of Poland set in hell
the trailers and gameplay footage look genuinely terrifying and unsettling new
players one of howls tormented Souls and have the ability and powers of
possession you’ll uncover your past as you control and coerce other demons as
you come across on your path the redemption agony is due out on March
30th on the PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox and with it comes a stunning match of
the visual grotesque with accompanying audio clearly designed to compose to
evoke a sincere feeling of unease and disgust the flayed corpses littering the
ground the grotesque creatures ABing in and out of shot together with the
floating demons this one certainly a visually and creative ambitious project
while horror titles of late particularly within the triple-a marketplace have
opted for safe gameplay and commonplace locations such as old houses and
abandoned this that or the other agony and other games such as scorn also due
out this year seem ingeniously and mechanically looking to differentiate to
offer fans of this much maligned category something compelling
nightmarish and downright weird while it remains to be seen how agony plays out
we stand by our early assertion that this may be one of the standout horror
games of the year from the Czech team that brought us
numerous stunningly detailed point-and-click dialogue driven
adventure games such as Machinarium and bata Nicola this new one from
Amanita design while still an adventure based offering is headed down a new
narrative direction the title refers to the game sexual character a Czech word
for a ball of hair and dust that’s pronounced Chu Chell and the dev team
were kind enough via a tweet to confirm this is how it should be pronounced
based on the characters looks the word sums up this little fuzzball down to a
tee while the gameplay is point-and-click the developers have
mentioned in an interview with polygon late last year the players won’t need to
rely on solving complicated puzzles like in their previous games and this time
around the focus comes from the main character it’s humor animation and
sounds in that way qu Chell is tipped as a crossover video game and short
animated film having been in development since 2012 were captivated by the
visuals the bright colors and the antics of the depicted creatures unsurprisingly
we’re looking forward to see how the team behind it merged the humor with the
gameplay and also to be sure that the puzzles are fun intuitive and keep
players entertained while maintaining the strength of what essentially has
set-piece interactive comedy skits this pretty looking game launches March 7th
on the PC and Mac with mobile versions expected to follow sometime in q2 and
with qu Chell taking the number one slot for March we’re just about out of time
for today’s video many thanks for watching and hope to see
you here soon for more indie game goodness you

27 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Looking Indie Games to Watch – March 2018

  1. Hi Everyone – well it's March already and here's our top 5 picks for indie games launching this month. Hope you all enjoy!

  2. Love the idea of A Way Out, I’m just not interested in this game specifically nor do I have any friends who would want to play it with me, but may buy it just to support couch co-op

  3. If A Way Out has couch co-op then I may have to get it…even if that means I'm feeding the horrific beast that is EA

  4. I agree with taking a looser definition of "indie game". To me, "indie" is synonymous with "innovative". If a game tries something new or takes risks, then it is indie.

  5. Awesome overview.

    Lots of great indies due out this month.

    The Long Reach looks intriguing. And it drops on my birthday!

    Thanks for the highlights, GIG. Really appreciate you drawing attention to these gems.

  6. Hot dang, Agony is coming out already? I admit, with FPS' like Witchfire, Amid Evil, Hellbound & Ion Maiden getting some attention lately for their action, the atmospheric horror-focused ones announced awhile back kinda fell off my radar. I totally lost track of when Agony was launching, and now I gotta look up how Scorn's coming along now too – thank you for mentioning & reminding me of that as well! Definitely gonna be paying attention to the reception for Agony though; hope it's a good one!

    Also, Cefore looks super charming and fun. A perfect little time-waster of a puzzle game, hopefully. Might try to pick that one up too. And Chuchel , since it looks quirky and fun, and I'm pretty interested to see how a point-n-click adventure fares with no inventory puzzles.

  7. Before looks cool as does that iOS game.  Will certainly have to look at Passive Fist in more detail.  Thanks for sharing.

  8. Amazing month do we have here…there are a lot of nice games..

    5.-Welcome to Basingstoke, This game looks very interesting….Im not the biggest fan of isometric twin stick shooters, but this one looks surprisingly different, and the arstyle looks nice and cute… I actually might try it out.

    4.-Way of the Passive Fist, Holy smokes…this game looks amazing!, the very concept of the game is super unique and interesting, also the artstyle looks gorgeous…evoking a Mad Max/Borderlands vibe..this game looks perfect………too bad Im not really into beat them ups…but oh boy….I know this game is gonna do great sales wise

    3.-A Way Out: Yeah…this game looks amazing, don't mind the purist…this game is totally fine in this list. Is a bold concept for a game… I am not a fan of split screen in games…but since this game is actually made with split screen in mind, it might be a good experience. Can't wait to try it out with my brother.

    2.-Agony: Oh boy, this game…seems super creepy, I've been following the development of this game for quite some time and is totally NSFW amazing, I gotta say…I know this game looks awesome, the art design is genius, but I'm more curious about how the narrative will develop, honestly I have no clue, but I hope It delivers.

    1.-Chuchel: This game looks cute and funny. Im a fan of point a click games, but mainly because of the narrative and story, and this game…doesn't look like It will be a narrative experience XD, but yeah, some slapstick humor is good from time to time…I will check it out eventually.

  9. Light Fall and Chuchel are my favorites on this list. So hard to decide what we’ll play on our channel next, there are so many good indies!
    -Ratter Tatter

  10. i'm following the development of an indie game right now that's about to go on kickstarter. i thought it might be interesting to share. if you don't know it yet that is.
    it's called "drone the game" it looks quite good already. almost too good to be true.

  11. "the pronounciation sounds just right" 😀 how cute of them. It's actually really far away from how it should sound, but I agree "choochell" is as silly and cute name for such a hairy creature as the original. If you go to google translator and choose czech language both input and output and click the speaker ikon, you can clearly hear how it should sound if you're interested 🙂 .

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