Top 20 OFFLINE FPS Games For Android 2018 | FREE | FPS OFFLINE ANDROID

Top 20 OFFLINE FPS Games For Android 2018 | FREE | FPS OFFLINE ANDROID

hey gamers welcome back to is it that
game your one-stop destination for the best Smartphone phone games out there this is your
friend Vikrant and today we’ll see my most requested video ever top 20 FPS
games that can be played completely offline so no internet no problem after
the hell load of hunting and testing finally I found some shooters which are
really worth playing some of these are available on the Play Store while some
are not Hey but don’t worry link to every game
in this video is given in the description below so make sure to leave
a big fat like right now cause this video is the end of your search for the
perfect FPS games so you ready guys let’s get started so the first one on
our list is the neon shadow an epic fast paced Alien Hunter by the Crescent Moon
Studios here you need to serve the humanity from the dark machine oil
rapidly taking control of our galaxy it weighs around 1:03 MB in size and has
support for both online death matches along with the offline multiplayer
matches over the same Wi-Fi moreover it’s completely free and also has
support for most of the controllers and as you can see it has some of the
coolest graphics for a FPS game on Android so lock and load your weapons
and get ready for the f8 and the next up on our list is the Nova 3 job freedom
Edition Nova 3 or the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 is a hardcore
heavyweight FPS with a big size of 1 point 95 GB but hey as the same with
great size terms great graphics this game is designed with a cool sci-fi
theme and a skull so like high quality graphics it also has an extensive
campaign mode with alien invasion plot which will remind you of powerful titles
like Halo and Crysis 3 sadly it’s not available on the Play Store but hey I’ll
join the direct download link in the description below so enjoy the game and
don’t forget to subscribe this channel for more awesome smartphone games and
the next up on our list is a critically acclaimed FPS once again by the control
studios the more fight it’s a beautiful low poly environmental game where you
explore the world of more fight following an amazing story
full of twists and turns the game just came out of beta and it’s already
getting out of attention for its unique gameplay and eye-catching design it
sizes around 318 MB and it’s completely free to play it in the first 10 missions
and after that you can purchase the full game to explore this wonderful world of
multi and the next up we have something straight from the DC Universe The
Suicide Squad and if fake movie based game designed by the Warner Studios here
you take control of three of the through some super villains and use the
interesting powers to protect the city against the big huge monsters here you
can fight as arlequin with her signature baseball bat or even as dead charged
with this quick killing rifle or why not with the elbow and just set them on fire
this gameplay is around 125 MB in size and it’s completely free to download and
play in the Play Store so grab your supervillain now and show
them our superpowers and the next up we have one of the highest graphic zombie
game out there with a fixed size of 1 point 1 GB here we have the shared
effect to a console quality zombie appears by the bad fly interactive
studios I know what you wanna say hey this is an online game I want ready
played it well it was an online game until recently even the tails added an
offline mode as a part of big update of 2k 18 so get ready to immerse yourself
in this enticing storylines while the death is waiting for you and the next up
we have a graphically enhanced version of the CS 1.6 the sports ride 3 a 48 MB
offline shooter by the value Studios it’s a great appears where you can play
cool online death matches against the real players or the fun offline matches
against the AI bots as soon as you start playing you will notice the similarities
between the counter-strike and this game lot of level maps like dust 2 and
assault are pretty right there and also the weapons are almost identical so go
and plant the bomb and make the and you’re not gonna believe what we
have next it’s something ultra popular in the field of consoles but for Android
the name was not known yet yeah it’s the battlefield to the bad company a
fantastic milk revolver game with loads of worldwide fan base
it features like or a smeltery by turns with lot of action an engaging plot it’s
yet to be officially launched on the Play Store and currently it only
supports limited number of devices but nevertheless the download link is given
in the description below make sure to check if your phone supports this beast
and next up we have a colorful multiplayer FPS the flags a cool 14 and
MB cross-platform FPS by the foliage studios the fact that it is a
cross-platform makes it play ball over the Android iOS and even Windows PCs and
that too in the multiplayer mode it also supports most of the major controllers
out there for the offline part it has a cool gameplay of assortment survival and
hit show challenges and it’s completely free to download and play from the Play
Store and the next up we have a just launched successor of the highly
anticipated fps the robots for some unknown reasons the original robot’s
game has been taken down from the Play Store but here’s the treat for the fans
the robots are loaded once again developed by the 4.4 Interactive’s this
one weighs around 70 MB in size it’s quite fun to play as the original one
just instead of clearing a building full of bad robots here you unlock various
arenas by killing them oh I mean destroying them yeah the robots can be
killed right and next up we have one of my personal favorite zombie FPS the dead
trigger 1 an excellent first-person shooter that gives you solid goosebumps
as thousands of dead zombies crawl their way to kill you it features excellent
animated graphics and realistic weapons moreover you also get to play many
seasons related themes like Christmas Halloween etc initially this game weighs
around 160 MB in size but it may grow as you move your way around many scenarios
happy zombie hunting friends and here you get this the closest clone of
counter-strike on the Android the Special Forces group to a complete 3d
first-person shooter with weapons and maps
the original CS 1.6 it weighs around 156 MB in size and is developed by the false
game studios it has decent graphics smooth controls and familiar type of
gameplay and the best thing about this game it can be played with friends over
the same LAN so why wait just get your friends on the same Wi-Fi
and and the next up we have one addictive FPS sniper with PvP mode the
major gun the war on terror it’s a 95 M being developed by the VI
studios here you clear the world of the bad guys by shooting them straight
between their eyes one bullet one head one it’s short
it also supports intense for Blair multiplayer mode but it’s the online
store and for the offline part it has a nice set of neatly crafted missions like
rescue assault survivor exedra happy sniping measures and next up we have the
epic zombie hunter with cartoonish 3d graphics The Walking Dead zombie third
density instead of adding realistic graphics and gruesome blood effects the
developers added the carteret’s graphics to make the game more attractive here
you will fight against the creatures of your nightmare and not to mention their
epic zombie bosses in a fun yet challenging way the sky finish way this
game weighs around 93 MB in size and it’s developed by the alda Game Studios
and the next game on our list delivers arguably the best experience of
counter-strike on the Android the bullet force but as I said it’s gonna give you
the best experience in terms of the gameplay and not as the graphics
actually the graphics are bit enhanced and pumped up in many terms it has
excellent graphics and over-the-top multiplayer mode you get many of the
advanced weapons and skills to this game weighs around four zero an MB in size
and is developed by the Lucas wireless studios you are surely gonna have a lot
of fun playing the offline skirmishes with the AI bots and next up we have
something quite out of the box the Noah legacy an excellent 3d sci-fi shooter by
the game law of studios it’s the successor of the popular action FPS the
Noah 3 which we saw earlier in this videos this one successfully carries
forward its legacy in the screen I am sequel but what makes this game
unique is its ultra compact size yeah irrespective of its new graphics this
game way is just 30 MB in size it’s almost 10 times smaller than most of the
games on this list it also makes this game run smoothly on most of the devices
and the next up we have the arguably best offline FPS game out there
the lone wolf 17 plus I know you must be thinking that why I am calling this
stupid looking black-and-white shooter as the best FPS well the graphics aren’t
always everything right here you will find excellent storyline and immersive
gameplay which will make a photographic this is the story about the revenge a
perfectly planned revenge by a brutal cold minded sniper you it weighs around
69 MB in size and it’s developed by the FDG entertainment studios get ready to
dive into a deep adventure lone wolf and next up we head out of pure one for part
from the general studios the cover fire a free hardcore action game which
focuses mainly on the cover based gameplay it features excellent
high-quality graphics with minor free detailed and destructible environment
here you leader brigade of heroes to a war against the Tetra corporation in
this grand shooting game you must build a faultline strategy and kill your
enemies from all the sides this one weighs around 370 MB in size but your
size may increase as you move further in the game and next up we have a slick
looking stick game yeah one of the many awesome stick FPS out there here you
have the stick squad 3 sniper battlegrounds it’s an excellent story to
one game where you shoot your way through the holes of bad guys or take a
dime and kill them from a distance every mission requires a unique approach
but always has the same result dead body is dropping on the ground this
one weighs around 54 MB in size but there are many other awesome sticker
fears out there like clear vision optical exquisite or etc make sure to
check them out and next up on our list is an awesome offline FPS which is not
available on the Play Store the midnight star renegade it’s a highly addictive
sci-fi FPS with hello like engaging gameplay
it has over-the-top cool graphics with beautifully crafted locations and
animations it’s around 150 MB in size and it’s completely there it’s download
and play but as it’s not available on the Play Store
I’ve given the direct download link in the description below just give it a
shot and you will be shooting the aliens for all day long ever wanted to use the
gern’s in the Minecraft game well here you have it guys the pixel gun 3d an
epic multiplayer shooter lit in the blocky world of Minecraft it is a robust
multiplayer online shooter with cute and adorable graphics there are loads of
characters and weapon skins out there and you can also design your skins on
your own it’s real fun it’s cool multiplayer mode which is available
online but you can also have a lot of fun playing this game offline it weighs
around 6 0 4 MB in size and it’s developed by an independent studio which
has no tie ups with the creator of Minecraft and yeah the Minecraft fans
have one guys and now time for the final game of our
list please hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and do subscribe this
channel for more or some smartphone games and here you have it guys one of
the best-looking counter-strike alternative on the Android the forward
assault many people argue about the best years
alternative on Android and they argue between the bullet force and forward
result but let me tell you something both of these games are developed by the
same studio Lucas why make games so even though both of these games are unique
they still share a similar type of gameplay and style this one weighs
around 2 to 6 MB in size and has really high-quality graphics and idq gameplay
so what are you waiting for pick a game of your choice and crash it hard so
that’s all for today guys I hope you enjoyed the video please let me know if
I missed it again today and now click on the left to see the best offline
strategy games for Android click on the right to see the best fighting games for
Android also do subscribe this channel for more awesome smartphone games take
it the sale in the next video till then this is your friend Vikram signing off

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