Top 20 Free iOS Games 2016

Top 20 Free iOS Games 2016

[GAMEPLAY AUDIO] MrMacRight presents, Top 20 Free iOS games released in 2016. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] This is by no means an official Top 20 list,
but I’ve tried my best to accommodate all types of iOS gamers. Please check the video description for all
direct links to download these games. All these games have been recorded on my iPad Air 2. Anyways, if you’ve been struggling to find which free iOS game to download? You are in the right place! [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Starting at number 20 we have Rival Fire Rival Fire is a cover based shooter on iOS. Players dominate in real time in Death Matches,
Survival mode, or a campaign mode. The game features, squads, tons of guns, custom
loadouts, squads and online play. Number 19 is OK K.O! Lakewood Plaza Turbo In this game you’ll use epic moves to kill enemies. Learn new fighting moves, unlock special attacks
and use powerful items to stop enemies. The game features characters to interact with,
a world to explore and cool gameplay. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 18 we have Total War Battles: Kingdom In this game you shape the land, build towns and recruit and train an army to defeat rival lords and online players. It features kingdoms to expand, farms, quarries,
blacksmiths, online battles in real-time and much more. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 17 is Nonstop Knight Nonstop Knight is a unique RPG for iOS. A knight moves and attacks enemies on his
own, while the player can decide his attacks, special moves, upgrades and abilities. This is a casual game meant for playing on
the go. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 16 we have FIE Swordplay FIE Swordplay is a game with great graphics, and fencing gameplay. Players can go against an AI opponent or challenge
an online player. It features tournaments, customization, a
campaign, a PvP mode, and easy to use controls Number 15 is Basketball Stars Basketball Stars, is the best multiplayer basketball game on iOS, featuring 1v1 modes
such as, attacker defender, shooting race, mini-games and more. Players can dribble, score, grab the opponent’s
basketball ball, and use fake moves to confuse the opposing player. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 14 we have PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator In this simulation game iOS players can follow in the footsteps of the popular YouTuber, PewDiePie. You can create your own YouTube videos, gain
views and subs and earn money to buy new items and pets for your house. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 13 is Animation Throwdown: The Quest
for Cards Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, American
Dad, and King of the Hill are featured together in this collectable card game. Characters and moments from episodes are here,
you’ll collect cards, optimize your deck, and create combos as you fight in card battles. Number 12 we have Dawnbringer This is an open-world fantasy RPG adventure, were you’ll experience a stunning world,
a hack ‘n’slash swipe combat There are many RPG’s on iOS, but this is
one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Number 11 is Clash Royal In this game you’ll collect and upgrade cards featuring the Clash of Clans characters,
spells and defenses. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their
towers to defeat your opponents and win trophies, crowns and glory in the Arena. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 10 we have CSR Racing 2 CSR Racing 2 is a drag racing game where you’ll compete against opponents in real-time challenges. It features missions, car customization, upgrades, and more. This is one of the best looking games on iOS,
and also the best racing game on iOS. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 9 is Sky Chasers This is a fun casual game where players can explore a world in a cardboard box. Explore environments and face unique enemies,
puzzles and challenges. It has easy-to-play two touch controls, retro
music and different ships. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 8 we have Rodeo Stampede In this game, you’ll basically swing from
the backs of different animals, while avoiding obstacles in your path. The goal is to catch and befriend animals
and then show them off in your Sky Zoo. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 7 is ReRunners: Race for the World In ReRunners you’ll compete in multiplayer races against online players. This game isn’t all about multiplayer racing,
it also features a huge open world to explore and various objectives to complete with other players. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 6 we have Age of Wushu Dynasty Age of Wushu is an awesome MMORPG utilizing a two-finger control interface. Players can engage in PvP style combat and
gravity defying aerial maneuvers. The in-depth storyline, amazing graphics,
art style, and fluent controls are something to take note off. [GAMPLAY AUDIO] Number 5 is Lonewolf Lonewolf, is an amazing sniper game that has you playing as an assassin. You’ll have access to more than 20 weapons,
30 Missions, a dozen mini-games and the ability to earn more than 40 trophies. This is a fantastic shooter and I strongly
recommend checking it out. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 4 we have Pocket Mortys This is a Rick and Morty game based off the Pokémon video game series. Travel around, collect and train Mortys and
challenge them against other enemies. There is a crafting system, cool music, animation
and characters from the show. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 3 is Critical Ops Critical Ops is an action packed first person shooter. Players can join game modes such as deathmatch
and defuse. The game pacing is fast, the matches are quick
and you have different map objective to choose from. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Number 2 we have Pokemon Go If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know this game well, the basics of this involve
players catching Pokemon in the real world by utilizing location information. The first time I tried out this game, was
on the bus catching a Krabby off an old man’s shoulder. A bit bizarre, but still fun You may be disappointed that Pokémon Go isn’t number one But in my opinion it’s just not the greatest game of 2016. Let’s take a look at some notable mentions Fury Roads Survivor Grow Castle Sky Force Reloaded Miitomo The Blacklist Conspiracy Jetpack Fighter Angry Birds Action! Blade Sword of Elysion MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Disney Magic Kingdoms And finally Number 1 we have Suicide Squad:
Special Ops This is a game based on the Suicide Squad
movie. I’m going as far to say this is the best
game I have played on iOS in 2016. The gameplay very similar to COD zombies,
and the art style is similar to borderlands. You’ll face endless incarcerated super villains and can play as Harley Quinn, Dead shot or as Diablo. The only thing this game needs is more characters and online multiplayer This is a fantastic iOS game and I strongly
recommend you download it. [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] And there we have it. The Top 20 Free iOS games of 2016… Did you agree with my list? [GAMEPLAY AUDIO] Let me know in the comments, if this video was helpful and which game on my list is your favourite? This was a mammoth project to work on, so
if you enjoyed the video, please leave a like and share it across social media. And if you’re new, subscribe, for more videos
about iOS games! [GAMEPLAY AUDIO]

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  1. none of these are twitch streamed as much as vain glory, non have paid teams that play them professionally and created a new amazing way to play a quick time moba.! no hate on the list just cant believe its not more know (.. Vain glory !!!! … it has user content in the app it has quests that drive you to play more and with the amount of time youll want to put in as a moba fan you will easily unlock every hero and want to pay for not.. powers .. but skins thats all so no pay to win and the best graphics and control system ive every used on an ipad.) Infact vain gives pc League of legends a run for its money cause of the control ability thats given with a touch screen

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