Top 10 Xbox Creepypastas You Never Heard

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Xbox 360 Blood Edition the author Ansa552 from was playing
video games at home one day when he got a phone call from his brother asking if he wanted
to try out his new Xbox 360. Of course the author agreed and headed over. When he arrived they started playing halo
reach, when they finished the author went around looking for stores selling Xbox 360s.
but out of the blue he found a garage sale, so he checked it out and one part was red. He checked the price and it said free so he
took it home with him. When he got back he read the label and it
said “warning! This xbox can consume your soul while playing”
he ignored it because Of course he did and proceeded to set it up. When it started up, a message appeared with
a black background and red text. It said -are you sure?- and two options appeared. Yes or no. but before he can pick voices started playing
from the tv. Shriveled versions of his ancestors and recently
departed family members appeared and they all said the same thing “why did you condemn
us?” then when the author ignored it (because again, of course he did” they said “why
did you make us suffer”. He tried to run but was paralyzed with fear
and the video kept playing over and over. It eventually stopped and said “you have
learnt your lesson, you will fall asleep and think that this was all a nightmare” when
he woke up he threw the xbox in the trash and switched to playstation. And before you ask yes this character is me
and the shirt is a way to fend off that damn xbox. Complete The Game
This author from a facebook post was playing his favorite game on his xbox, skyrim. He loved the graphics and thought the game
played better than oblivion. However, to be one quest that would never
work. At first he thought it was his Xbox 360, but
it kept not working, even after playing other games. The xbox seemed perfectly fine. He thought it was the disk, but when he took
it out the game kept playing. He tried to put the disk back in but it wouldn’t
work. The xbox was blocking all disks. An NPC walked past the player and said a generic
line of dialogue. But another said something else. You must complete the game. As they said this the Xbox cord wrapped itself
around the wrists of the author. He tried but couldn’t get them to budge. He was stuck playing the game until the xbox
decided it was time for him to go. He played through the story but he got the
same line “you must complete the game” he completed both DLCs as well but still,
he got the same message. You must complete the game. The Xbox only let him go when the author went
to the top of the tallest mountain (the throat of the world) and jumped off. Yikes. Watch Your Back
By unspeakablejelly on this creepypasta is also supposed to serve as a
warning for various hackers you may come across while playing games online. There are the various different types of hacker
in games online. The hackers who do it to have fun and try
not to cause harm, those who do it to gain various items or currency in games, and there
are those who do it to annoy you. But the author warns of the rare hacker who
can scar you for life, find your address, hunts you down, tries to scare you. Sometimes, they even may try to kill you. A week before writing the author and his friend
joe were playing rainbow 6 siege. When a random player got into the game. He turned on his mic and sounded as if he
was in his late twenties. He was mad because they had a 4 game losing
streak and threatened him saying that he will hack him and figure out where he lives. The author said to do it, since most people
make veil threats online. The hacker left the game and told the author
to watch his back. A few hours later the authors parents said
they were heading out to dinner, and didn’t pay any attention to the author. When they left the ice maker in the fridge
started, the power cuts out but the xbox turns on. The author hears heavy breathing and footsteps
coming down the hallway, the door is jammed and there is no escape. The xbox turns off and a bloody face appears
on the tv with text under it that reads WATCH YOUR BACK. Then the power came back on. Just Xbox
This unknown author from the creepypasta wiki had both an xbox 360 and play station 3. And had different games for each console. So whenever he wanted to play a specific game
he would boot up whichever console he had the game for. But one day he had booted up the xbox to play
halo, but changed his mind and decided to play gta on the ps3. The xbox seemed as if it had emotions, it
would be running more and seem as if it was groaning at the use of the ps3. When the author finished with gta he turned
off both consoles, and went to bed. When he had woken up in the morning the gta
disk was in the xbox. When it was removed the blue ps3 part of the
disk was scrapped off so he loaded the game to make sure the disk wasn’t damaged. It wasn’t so he played shortly before school. When he got home the gta disk was in the xbox
again but the ps4 part of the disk was gone, and had started turning green. The xbox had been turning the playstation
games into xbox games. Knowing this may actually be a good thing
the author let the xbox do this. After a few months all the games had been
converted. But one night, the author woke up choking
with the xbox sitting on top of him, power cord around his neck. Just a glitch
I loaded up mw2 and started playing search and destroy as always. I kept playing it for an hour. Then, I noticed that there were 13 players
in the game. I thought it was a glitch as this happened
to me before. So, I ignored and started muting everybody
until I got to “BOT 02” For some reason I couldn’t mute them. I didn’t really care because BOT 02 wasn’t
talking. Strangely, BOT 02 was in my game when I backed
out. I then went to their profile it showed mine. I then turned off my xbox thinking it was
some sort of glitch. I then turned it on and it was working properly. I started up mw2 and when I went into multiplayer
no one else was in my game. I started up search and destroy again. As soon as I connected BOT 02 connected. This time BOT 02 was on my team. BOT 02 spawned as a ranger but was on the
other side. BOT 02 did absolutely nothing. A couple rounds into the game BOT 02 started
sending me messages saying nothing. I went into their profile again and my xbox
froze. I was pretty freaked out but I went back into
mw2 again. This time I went to campaign. All of my saved data was erased. So, I started up S.S.D.D. It said the mission “Takedown” which if I
recall is another mission. I spawned inside the pit. I was trapped in all the enemies said BOT
02. I shot one of the enemies and my xbox froze,
and shut off. Garage Sale
TerrifyingBannana from the creepypasta wiki had read a lot of creepypastas before, he
knew how they worked and that anything they get is from a garage sale. He decided to try it for himself since he
knew all creepypastas were fake, maybe he could be inspired to write one. Well be careful what you wish for. The old man up the street was selling an xbox
one, so he decided to grab it for $10. The old man said his son was ungrateful, so
no matter how much the two were attached, the xbox had to go. The author brought it home and set it up and
played so late into the night that he fell asleep with halo still on screen. When he woke up he had the controller in hand,
game next to him, but the xbox was gone. He asked his father but his father didn’t
know where it went, his mother didn’t know either. But when he left for school, as he passed
by the man whom he had purchased the xbox from, it was there. Sitting on the table in the same place as
the day before. He left or school and came back. When he got home the xbox was gone. His father had purchased it as a way to make
the author feel better that his had gotten stolen, but when he explained his father laughed. The xbox left again that night and when he
woke up it was in the same place. Determined to catch the old man stealing it,
when the author went to bed, he set up a camera, and at night the Xbox just walked away. The user Sammyr123 from the creepy pasta reddit
page was playing battleblock theater when he got a message from his friend. It was only gibberish and incohesive words. The next day the friend says he never sent
that. That night he got the same message again but
this time could make out the word help. He thought his friend was playing jokes so
he tried to leave it be. The next night the same thing, but this time
he made out “help me I’m sally greenwood. Terrified the author looked up that name and
found police reports of a girl who died in a horrible fire. The day after that he received the final message
it said Help me sam, help me cheat death. My name is sally green wood. Don’t let me die. He looked up the name once more and her best
friend Sam Rennie commited suicide shortly after the fire. Was this a joke? Who is sam? Whats going on? Everything went black, the author fainted
and hit their head off a table and strangely enough, that’s how sam died. Bashing his head off a table. But did the author wake up? The Nightmare
The author and his friend josh were looking at games for the xbox 360. They found some games they enjoyed and asked
the cashier how much. The cashier explained that they were having
a promotion and the games were free. When they got home they loaded the game and
a bloody version of the xbox 360 logo came on screen. They started playing fallout, there was blood
all over the title screen. They continued with their game and played
for an hour an hour before turning it off. As they heard someone scream bloody murder,
he turned the xbox on again and there it was again. The author screamed WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM
ME? To which the xbox responds your soul. To which the author ultimately perished. As the friend came out of the washroom he
saw a bloody monster, it had a gun. It asked josh if he had any last words, he
said “i’m gonna wake up now” and the monster ran out of the house. Josh woke up, with the author in his room,
and told him about his nightmare. Xbox None
This one from an unknown author on a creepypasta reddit page is more of a poem and shorter
than most pastas. But here it is anyway. There was the xbox 360, to which you have
not. With the exbox controllers, you shall rot. The only one left is the xbox one, but after
that you’ll be the xbox none. BLEH
#1 Broken This unknown author from the fandom page claims
to have bought an xbox from gamestop new and untouched for his son, but when he got home
it wouldn’t turn on. He called a repairman number he saw on a billboard
since his son would be home in 2 days. The repairman said his services were free
and returned the fixed xbox. The xbox ran fine. He booted up the game and started playing
through the campaign. The author played until he died but when he
died he lost control of the character, he stumbled around a bit before hitting the ground
and blacking out. When his character woke he was tied to a chair
and someone was staring at him. Someone with a winterhat and goggles on, as
well as a smile.exe mouth covering his own. He was standing behind a table with torture
weapons on it. The masked figure picked up a scalpel and
walked towards the player. They used the scalpel to cut the left eye
of the player, causing that side of the screen to go black. After that, the grabbed the players left leg
and smashed it onto the chair, breaking the bone. As the author hears the crack the screen goes
black. After 5 minutes of silence, the masked man
came back on screen and said “You are weak. You are human. Humans. Are. Weak. That is why these games are created, to give
children and teens that play them a short, false sense of immortality. In real life, you cannot take 10 bullets to
the knee and survive in battle for very long. You. WILL. Die. We all die eventually.” And pulled his mask off, revealing the face
of the man who repaired the author’s xbox. What was that? Why’s the door opening. That’s it for todays list of the top 10
xbox creepypastas you’ve never heard. Thank you so much for watching, if you enjoyed
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Drink Notch with an ak-47 Is that a whisky? Sounds like it
CinnamonRoll Now im thinking to myself should I play Minecraft? Yes. Just not using the villager killer seed.

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