Top 10 Weirdest Free Games Pt. 2

Top 10 Weirdest Free Games Pt. 2

Welcome back to the NukeNorway countdown of
the top 10 WEIRDEST free games on the internet. And if you’re like “Um, what the hell do you
mean WELCOME BACK”, then you need to go and watch part 1 of this countdown FIRST, so you
can see weird games number 10 through 6. Just click here to see part one… go on, I promise I’ll be here waiting when
you get back. No… not gonna check out part 1 first? Allright then, well we’ll just continue on
and you can watch that video some other time. ANYWAY- for the rest of you following along
at home, we’re now into the Top 5 weirdest free games on the internet. So let’s count ’em down. At #5 on our weirdest free games on the net
countdown, we have AtakAChik. Okay here’s the plot- now follow me on this-
A giant baby is crying baby chickens and you have to shoot the chickens with your “love
blasts”(ewwww) to keep the giant baby happy. Err…yeah- I think whoever wrote this game
was on the same drugs I am. Just kidding kids- “say no to drugs”… unless
they’re REALLY good drugs. Anyway, this game is actually pretty fun and
if you beat it, there’s a REALLY strange surprise ending. The link to play this weird-ass game is in
the video description. At #4 on our weirdest games countdown is Floater. The object of this game to to push a dead
body down a river by poking it with a stick. You get extra points for bashing the body
up as you go- breaking it’s bones, cracking it’s skull, setting it on fire, and so on…(WHY?!?) Definitely limited play value here, but also
definitely VERY weird. At #3 we have The Way of the Exploding Cow:
Milk Crisis. The object of this game is to milk all of
your cows before they explode from the pressure of all that built up cow-juice. Now that’s not SO weird is it? Oh, but wait, you also have a ray gun to shoot
down all the UFOs that are trying to abduct your cows. And if you get the controls mixed up between
your milk bucket and your UFO shooting ray gun, you might just end up zapping your cows
and trying to milk the UFOs. It’s a fun game, but only has limited replay
value. The link is in the video description. At #2 on our weirdest games countdown we have
the “Bill Cosby Fun Game”. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this
game is not recommended or endorsed by Bill cosby or any other member of the Huxtable
family. Basically, you play Bill Cosby on a murderous
rampage, killing other 90s TV stars and burying them in his basement. You lure them over by offering them some pudding,
then you bash them over the head with your camera. If your camera breaks, you can pick up a new
one at the shop in town, which is run by Rosie O’Donnell for some reason, and if you need
extra cash, you can sell things you have lying around the house on Ebay…er like the dead
body of Erkle for example. So.. yeah.. it’s fucking weird. But if you wanna go on a psychotic, pudding
killing spree, just check out the link to this game in the video description below. And finally- at #1 on our top 10 weirdest
games countdown, we have Bear Gunner. In this game, you take on the role of a little
girl with a chaingun, shooting down wave after wave of bloodthirsty teddy bears as they come
running out of the woods after you. You also have to protect the other little
girls running out of the woods to bring you ammo. This game is out and out freaky and if you
win the game, the ending is even weirder than the game itself. So that’s the end of our top 10 weirdest games
countdown. If you have your own favorite weird online
game that should be on the list, please let me know in the comments below. And maybe think about subscribing to the channel
for more random gaming weirdness. For Nuke Norway, this is Jay Davis. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Weirdest Free Games Pt. 2

  1. Lol the last one with the bears… I know why she was shooting them! That was Pedobear! He's a proffofile bear!

  2. Have you heard of a game called Tempt Charlie? The object is to tempt Charlie Sheen to cross the street to you from the Viper Room.  You offer the character substances while saying, "pssst, hey Charlie."

  3. on the bill cosby game i found a glitch
    step 1) keep holding x
    step 2) while holding x pres z at the same time you release x (only press z, dont hold it)
    when they grab the pudding it should kill them automatically 

  4. bro, huge fan, love your work, i extremely love your omegle videos, and i wanna get jump scared by you so badly, i'm not joking

  5. #1 Isn't blood thirsty bears, they're bears that rape children. Their names are Pedo bear because he's a pedophile.

  6. #1 Isn't blood thirsty bears, they're bears that rape children. Their names are Pedo bear because he's a pedophile.

  7. that's Pedobear. And I know some kids at school who would like to play as Bill Cosby. Crap every time someone says "Bill" they go crazy and start laughing….. I'm just there like WTF?

  8. holy shit I just played nyan cat I got the cigarette and I was trippin balls that game is weird I got a headache after that holy shit

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