Top 10 Weirdest Free Games Pt.1

Top 10 Weirdest Free Games Pt.1

So everyone has played Happy Wheels by now,
right? Yes Happy Wheels is an amazing game- it’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s gory, and
most of all- it’s a friggin WEIRD little game. BUT, did you know that there are other games
out there on the interwebnets that are even weirder? No shit, there really are. For Nuke
Norway, I’m Jay Davis and without further ado… or any kind of doo- here are the top
10 WEIRDEST free games on the internet. Put on your tinfoil hat, cause things are about
to get FREAKY. At #10 on our weirdest free games countdown,
we have the game the Ol’ Booger Corral. The object of the Ol’ Booger corral is to round
up all of your farm animals before the sun goes down. That doesn’t sound so weird does
it? Oh wait, did I mention that you have to round them up by herding them with a big green
booger? Yes Rancher Bill has to trap the animals by twisting and stretching his booger around
the animals for points. Can’t say that this is one of the funner games I’ve played, but
it’s definitely friggin weird. So, if you wanna try your luck at some booger-farming,
you can find a link to the game in the video description below. At #9 on our weirdest free games countdown,
we have the VERY creatively titled “Fart Fart Game”. In the “Fart Fart Game”, you are standing
at a bus stop waiting on the bus, and well- apparently you’ve had a few too many bean
burritos for lunch. The object of the game is to try to squeeze out as many farts as
possible without the guy next to you noticing. If he notices your farts, you lose, and to
make matters even more complicated- if you don’t fart enough, you will blow up from excess
gas. It’s a very simple game, but can be fun in
short bursts…er no pun intended. If you wanna take a shot at this gastastic
game, the link is in the description below. At #8 on the weirdest games countdown, we
have Amateur Surgeon, where you take on the role of Alan Probe(get what they did there?
Alan Probe? bwaaaaaha!), So Alan Probe is a demented pizza boy with a fascination for
performing amateur surgery on any injured person who crosses his path. Equipped with
just a pizza cutter, a zippo lighter, and a stapler, you’ll carefully perform some amateur
surgical procedures, trying to finish up your operations before your patients drop dead. This game has a great artistic style and is
very fun, but you’ll have to be damn quick to make it past the first 2 operations. I
personally gave up after like 4 tries. At #7 on the weirdest games countdown, we
have icycle, or maybe it’s pronounced I-Cycle- really not sure- but anyway- in this game
you are one of the survivors of a second ice age- just you and your tiny bicycle… oh,
and you’re also buck naked… um yeah, I told you these games were weird… So the object
is to try to bike your way over each track without crashing and freezing your lil naked
butt off in the snow. This game is very similar to Happy Wheels,
so if you like Happy Wheels, you’ll probably enjoy this weird little game. The link is
down below. At #6 on our weirdest free games countdown,
we have Chimgam… which is… um…I’m not even sure how to describe it… Basically
a butt at the top of the screen is trying to poop on you and you have to fire fingers
at the butt to plug it up. Meanwhile you have to catch these little falling kids that look
like Kenny from South Park, for some kind of bonus or something. Look, I’ll be honest- I have NO idea what
the object of this game is or what you’re supposed to be doing in it. But it’s definitely
one of the weirdest games I’ve ever seen. Just look at this cutscene from after you
lose the game…Yep, just that little Kenny look-a-like playing in some poop. No idea
why. Yeah, go Kenny, you little poopy bastard. Anyway, if you wanna try some poop-playing
yourself, the link to this game is below. So these has been numbers 10 through 6 on
our 10 Weirdest free games countdown. In part 2, we’re gonna get REALLY wacky with the Top
5 weirdest games on the net. To check out part 2, just click here, or follow the link
in the video description. Thanks for watching everybody and see you over in Part 2!

99 thoughts on “Top 10 Weirdest Free Games Pt.1

  1. HOLD click to charge fully den jump and stab yo finger in its butt
    ive won Poop Dodger Millions of timmes
    im Italian

  2. And English i dont know but do you play Rumblefighter Ogplanet Games yes its free you earn carat each match + exp you can use "Real" Money for Astros

  3. blue kenny is trying to summon wanking shit demon.

    If you dont know what i mean then dont try to search on it here on yt.

  4. always a good idea to find an norwegian word book… they don't seem to dissapear as often as everything else from a school library….. in norway

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  7. Hello! I just found out about you yesterday, so I decided to watch your videos. You are absolutely hilarious! I subscribed to you! I'd say you are one of the funniest people on YouTube!

  8. Have you heard of a game called Tempt Charlie? The object is to tempt Charlie Sheen to cross the street to you from the Viper Room.  You offer the character substances while saying, "pssst, hey Charlie."

  9. I have beaten all amateur surgeon games including the bonus levels on all of them. It is awesome especially the super hero round. COOOOLLLL!

  10. call happy wheels weird whatever you want but it has more likes then your subscriber count… but thats maybe becous its weird and you're not… LOL

  11. My little Pony baned from Equestria is weird. It is a romance game that is very pornographic it should not even be on the internet it is so weird.

  12. i come on fucking really the dame games the sergen 1 really///now lleining guys game is called DARK CUT ITS SLITTLE SCARY BLOOD STUFF LIKE THAT AND GROSS BUT IF U DONT LIKE THE PART OF 1 OF THEM WERE U CRACK THE LEG BACK IN A SPOTE BUT THERE IS LIGHT CUT ITS WILL


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