Top 10 VR – VIRTUAL REALITY Games Of 2016 | UPCOMING!!!

Top 10 VR – VIRTUAL REALITY Games Of 2016 | UPCOMING!!!

Virtual reality has been out for a while now,
so some serious VR games started to come out too. So only natural that we make a top 10 VR games
List. So lets get started! Although we don’t know much about resident
evil 7. we did get the chance to play their playable teaser. the makers did say though that the final game
is not linked to the teaser. so gameplay may wildly differ. nevertheless am i excited to see what the
game will bring. Superhot is a first person shooter where time
only moves when you move.Out manned and outgunned you must use this power to progress through
each level. Shoot or throw your gun into your enemies’
faces to take them out. Dodge incoming bullets, or shoot them. hell you can even slice them in half with
a katana if that’s your thing.With a couple of extra modes, like endless waves this game
allows for some great replay value. We all know the new doom by now, however virtual
reality is now coming to doom.It’s exciting to see that doom will support Virtual reality,
as most games so far have been either non-violent or low graphical.But doom allows us to train
our minds to become the next psychopath killer.Now you’ll Truely be able to experience that intense
first person combat you’ve been craving for all those years. Nvidia vr funhouse is a great collection of
fun mini games. you can shoot targets with pistols, flaming
arrows or water guns, it’s all up to you.Whack a mole, or box with some, these are just some
examples of the mini games. and the best thing of it all? it’s free to
play. Job simulator is a fun VR game in which robot’s
have taken over the world.You get the chance to either work as a gourmet chef, mechanic,
office worker or a convenience store clerk.It’s alot more fun then it sounds trust me. the game has a sort of wackiness to it that
makes it fun to explore.Although the goal of the game is to complete objectives presented
before you alot of fun can be gained from exploring the surroundings around you. The climb is all about… well climbing. don’t worry though its alot more fun than
it sounds! not to mention it’s an absolutely stunning
experience. don’t hesitate for to long though.Or you will
find yourself running out of stamina and fall to your death. Although not much is known yet about farpoint,
it looks really promising.The game takes place on a unknown planet probably thousands of
lightyears away.You are tasked to explore a planet, however you soon find alien resistance.The
game seems to have incredible graphics and makes a great use of playstation VR combined
with playstation move. Edge of
nowhere is a stunning third person virtual reality game.The game starts with you crashing
your plane in a icy world, but you survive it with luck, or so you think. it soon becomes clear you might not have been
so lucky after all.Strange demonic creatures try to kill you, and just when it seems like
it can’t get any worse more gruesome things appear.The game has a great ambiance which
make for some truly scary moments. Although very little is known so far about
batman arkham virtual reality, it definetly is exciting to hear a game like that will
come out.We don’t know anything about gameplay yet as no gameplay footage has been published
yet. Only press has been allowed to play it so
far. but without showing the actual footage of
the game. But hey, it’s batman so it has to be awesome
right? So, What do you think of our list? Did we miss anything? Please leave a like if you did enjoy! And subscribe for more Top 10 Videos. BAAAIIIEEE!!!

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  1. And Our commentator Sly, is Dutch, so some of you might have a tough time catching up with him, so turn on that badass SUBTITLES BABY!

    99.5K!! You guys are the BEST! 🙂

  2. VR is a joke😂 more like lazy peoples TV set connected to your head. My cousin had one and its pointless. He even returned the damn thing. VR has a ways a way to go still but they have the right idea.

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