Top 10 Video Game Musical Themes

Top 10 Video Game Musical Themes

Lord Music Academy The Legend of Zelda – 1986 Sonic the Hedgehog – 1991 Castlevania Symphony of the Night – 1997 Street Fighter II – 1991 Angry Birds – 2009 Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls V – 2011 Tetris – 1984 Pac-Man – 1980 Supr Mario Bros – 1985 Candy Crush Saga – 2012 Subscribe to this Channel!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Musical Themes

  1. Suddenly I'm 32 again, playing the original "Legend of Zelda" for the very first time. That was in 1986. You have Magical Fingers, my dear. Now if you can squeeze the "Wii Shop Theme" into your repertoire you'll make this gamer grandma very happy.

  2. Wäre es möglich die Hintergrundmusik des C64 Spiels Burning Rubber zu benennen? Es hieß es sei von Bach und ich würde nur zu gerne die klassische Version davon hören!
    Vielen Dank!

  3. Do have ever heard from Square Enix? They have a lot of good musik in their Videogames. Check out Final Fantasy Tactics A2 or Dragon Quest 9.

  4. Super Mario bro’s thought they had a good theme song. Wii hold my beer. But in this case it would be a controller. But that controller would be in a tv screen.

  5. Wow, I’ve never took in the fact that I’ve played all of this before, such great games especially Skyrim.

    Brings back such old memories.

  6. laughs in mjolnir mix electric guitar solo that could shred any other theme ever made except the whistle solo from my heart will go on

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