Top 10 Underrated Free Mac Games

– Free Mac games, are honestly everywhere, but the hidden gems get lost out there. Today I am going to
reveal those hidden gems, that are truly, very underrated. Please note, some of the
included games are very old, but are still amazing. Anyway, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Free
Underrated Mac games. (game midi music) (rifle fires) Starting at Number 10
we have SuperTuxKart. For a free game, this one
actually blows me away. It offers a pretty
decent racing experience, and the graphics while not outstanding, are still pretty top-notch. The gameplay is similar to Mario Kart. It offers a variety of characters to pick, tracks to race on, and
different modes to play. The game even offers a story mode. Can you believe it? Players can race alone with bots, or play with up to four other
players via local multiplayer. Network multiplayer is apparently coming later in its development. If you look at the characters faces, most are actually taken from popular apps, like GIMP, Blender, ObenBSD, XFCE and Pidgin, which is a nice little
touch if you ask me. The game is available
from the official website. (item chimes) (engine whirring) (game midi music) (cars thud) Number 9 is Clone Hero. Like the name implies, Clone Hero is a Guitar Hero clone. The game is still in development
under the Unity engine. I believe the Mac version of this game was only recently added and this is great news, as there are not really any other games like this on our system. Clone hero is a rhythm game, that can be played with any 5
or 6 button guitar controller, game controller, or even
just your Mac keyboard. Downloading the game is super simple. However, the game doesn’t
come with any songs, you’ll have manually to copy them over. Luckily the developers have included a whole bunch of music tracks
that you can easily download. This game is available
from the official website. Number 8 we have Lost Constellation. This game was a supplemental game, released in December 2014, to anticipate Night in the Woods, an amazing adventure game. Supplemental doesn’t mean a demo, or a preview of Night in the Woods either. In fact, Lost Constellation offers you a full gaming experience for free. The game is a story within a story, what I mean this is that it
shows a story told to Mae by her grandfather about an astronomer. Players will travel into a frozen forest and will be immersed into
a story of mythology. The game is available from (dramatic music) Number 7 is Battle for Wesnoth. Originally released way back in 2003, Battle for Wesnoth has only recently been added to Steam, in 2018. It is a turn-based strategy game, with a strong focus on fantasy. Players can explore places
in the 17 solo campaigns, or dozens of multiplayer maps. The graphics are nothing special, let’s be honest here guys. But the gameplay, is not that bad. And the music and sound effects, are quite well-polished. Battle for Wesnoth is
easy to pick up and play, don’t get me wrong, for beginners like me. But for more advanced players, it actually offers quite
a challenge for you. Number 6 we have Xonotic, if that’s how you say it. Welcome to an awesome
arena-style first person shooter, that mixes quick movement
with a wide array of weapons. The gameplay is very similar
to Unreal Tournament and Quake. There are 9 core weapons
and 16 full weapons here, and heaps of game modes, such as Deathmatch, Capture
the Flag, Clan Arena and so on. In addition, heaps of maps are included. 25 official maps, with dozens of community
made maps also included. It’s a great game, and I had no idea it even
existed before doing this video. I had some issues with lag for this game. However, I believe it may have just been my poor internet speeds. I suggest you play Xonotic with
an ethernet cable connected. This game is available
from the official website. When you first download the game, it can be somewhat confusing to work out how to actually open, this game. To open Xonotic, right-click the application, then click Show Package Contents. Go into this folder, then Mac OS, and open either one of these two Exec files, to open the game correctly. (shotgun booms) Number 5 is Trackmania Nations Forever. I bet some of you were
not expecting this game. Trackmania is available on Mac through the Porting Kit application. To install it, all you need
to do is download Porting Kit, and then find this Trackmania game, and the Porting Kit app will
install Trackmania on macOS. It is such an amazing game. You can play solo or online
with tons of other players. The maps are just insane, and the gameplay is very fast-paced. It can be very challenging at times, and you will often go flying off the map. But boy, is it exciting. I have a video tutorial
in the description, if you have trouble installing the game. (engine revs) (upbeat music) Number 4 we have Spelunky. This one almost didn’t make the list. Reason being, I think it is impossible to play the game in full-screen. I apologize if that is an issue for you. But regardless, it is still fun to play, very, very fun. It is available from
the Porting Kit website. This is the 2008 Spelunky, otherwise known as version 1.0, I think. To download the game you
will need, once again the Porting Kit application. I have a video tutorial on
how to download Spelunky using this application in the description. Spelunky is a cave
exploration platform game, and is probably one of
the best platform games, from the 2000s. (game midi music) (slow-paced music) Number 3 is HaloMD. For those of you who have watched my content for a few years now, you’ll probably, most
likely know about HaloMD. I’ve shown it on my channel a few times, with the goal of getting more Mac gamers to know about this game. HaloMD extends the life
of Halo on modern Macs by using the classic demo version of Halo. What does it mean? Well it means you can play
Halo one’s multiplayer on the traditional maps. But also on fan made maps, with new guns, locations and vehicles. You can’t really play the campaign here. HaloMD only offers the
multiplayer side of Halo one. This game is available
from the official website. (engine whirs) (rockets explodes) (guns firing) Number 2 we have 0 A.D. This is one of the best
strategy games for Mac, and it’s free, and most of you don’t even know about it. It’s an open-source,
real-time strategy game, made by Wildfire games, who originally made this as a mod concept for Age of Empires 2, later making it into a
standalone experience. Like Age of Empires players
can gather resources, raise a powerful army, upgrade the army and you can also dominate your foes. It offers a single-player
and multiplayer mode. Multiplayer is implemented
using peer-to-peer networking with a central server. However, so keep that in mind. 0 A.D. is still under development, and its been under development
for a very long time. But, it has seen a large number of contributors over the years. It will be interesting to see where it heads in the near future. This game is available
from the official website. (birds chirping) – [Game Voice] Away. – [Game Voice] Fall back. And finally, Number one we have Skillwarz. I’m gonna say this, Skillwarz is the most underrated
game on macOS right now and it’s free. Hardly anyone is playing online, which means there is usually
only one or two servers active. Which is really sad. It is obviously a new modern
FPS game available on It has very modest requirements, and can even work on older Mac hardware. Skillwarz is still in early development, and apparently more content is coming, later in its development. It features five game modes, and an impressive 20 maps, 20. It’s super easy and fun
to pick up and play. But it is also a good game
for competitive players. Do the creators of this game a solid and download it, please? I’d love to see this game
become a huge success when it fully releases. (gun fires) (slow-paced music) I’m interested. How many of these games
did you know about? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you found this video helpful. Subscribe for more videos about Mac games, and leave a like if you enjoyed the video. Anyway, thanks for watching. Bye-bye.

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