Top 10 Scary Cursed Paranormal Games You Should Never Play – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Cursed Paranormal Games You Should Never Play – Part 2

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. I feel like a games master today im feeling
pretty pumped about it. I feel like this series is just reverse psychology
as hell, like im gonna follow on from Rebecca in Part 1 and tell you games you shouldnt
be playing and that in and of itself is gonna entice you guys to try them out. I do not endorse that but its your life you
guys. Do with it what you will, but be safe. With that warning in mind, let the games begin. These are the Top 10 Scary Cursed Paranormal
Games You Should Never Play – Part 2. Starting us off with number 10 is The Elevator
Game. This one is extremely popular in Japan and
i feel like Japan gets creepy stuff right 99.9% of the right so I trust them. Either way the point of this game is to maybe
transport to another world or parallel universe of sorts. To play you have to be in a building that
has at least 10 floors and you have to be the only one in the elevator at all times. To start the game you have to go to a sequence
of floors in a specific order but if any random person gets on the elevator while youre doing
this you have to start again. So the order is, 4th floor, then 2nd, then
6th, then 2nd, then 10th and then finally 5th. If a woman enters the elevator while youre
on the 5th floor dont look at her, dont speak to her, no eye contact no nothing. The woman isnt human and will keep you with
her forever if you have any interaction with her. Once she enters, press the 1st floor and the
elevator will go up or down as it pleases and it should take you to the 10th floor. At this point leave the elevator straight
away, the woman will ask you in an inhuman high pitched voice where youre going or whats
wrong, dont answer her just go. If you exit the elevator and its dark, your
phone doesnt work and you see a red cross outside one of the windows then youve reached
the other world. And the only way to get back to our world
is to repeat all the steps you did to leave it but if you reach the 1st floor and the
door opens but things seem off even if a speck of dust is out of place then dont exit the
elevator because you will die. Apparently this is what Elisa Lam was doing
in the elevator CCTV footage of her right before she died. Coming in at number 9 is Dry Bones. So if you like hide and seek youre gonna like
this one or maybe you wont depending on how much of a scaredy cat you are. Dry bones is like hide and seek demon edition. Great. Must they interject in everything. So you can only play near midnight and you
start off by getting a candle and a match. At precisely 12:01am, you have to go to your
bathroom and stare at the mirror while lighting the candle. Keep the match burning until it goes out completely
and then say “I am aware of your presence and I welcome you into my home. Come now.” And this is essentially the point youre inviting
a demon into your house. And if youve made it this far, this is the
part where you run for your freakin life and hide like your life depends on it. Cus it highkey does. To survive the game, you need to stay hidden
till 3am. Once the clock hits 3 go to the largest room
in your house and say “Thank you for playing, but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome.” if you hear a groaning sound after that then
the demon will leave your house and give you a prize of your choosing. I dont know how that bit works like dyu have
a conversation with the demon, does it magically know what you want? I dont know. But if you dont hear a groaning sound then
that means the demon wasnt satisfied with how you played and lets just say youll face
a fate worse than death. So in conclusion, dont lose. At number 8 we have Three Kings. Now this game actually came from the nosleep
subreddit thread which we all go explore when we’re feeling a type of way. Either way in order to play you need 3 chairs,
2 have to face each other and there has to be a mirror on each one. The third chair gets placed in the middle
of the 2 chairs and that one is your throne making you the king. The mirrors constitute as your queen and your
fool but you dont know which one is which and mind you this all has to be done in the
dark. And keep in mind from the queen and fools
point of view youre also either their queen or their fool. I said it was called 3 kings right. At 3:30am sit on the throne with a lit candle
facing one of the mirrors, hold the candle, stare into the darkness and start the game. The whole point of the game is to literally
transport your consciousness to a whole other dimension or get to the shadowside. People have claimed theyve had conversations
with themselves in an out of body introspective manner. You become able to look at your past and present
through new eyes. Others have said the whole thing feels like
a lucid dream almost or meditation. Which are two very different experiences so
i guess it really depends on what youre like as a person. Filling our number 7 slot is Concentrate. Now i totally get why a lot of people would
wanna play this one and i also get why people wouldnt so let me know which side you fall
on. So this is actually classified as a scary
sleepover game but im like which 15 year old is gonna wanna play this? I would not have been doing this at 15. Either way, if youre the one playing you need
to close on eyes and sit on the ground while a friend sits behind you reciting a dark poem
about babies crying and people dying. The poem is long as hell im not gonna stand
here reciting it for you but you can google it if you wanna play. While theyre reciting it the person has to
be lightly tapping the back of the person who is actually playing. They then imitate murdering you in multiple
ways, get creative here people and then finally your friend has to push you over from your
sitting position. By the end of this whole experience, you should
feel like youre in a trance and this trance essentially allows you to see how you yourself
will end up dying. Apparently youll see a colour of some kind
and that colour corresponds to a way of death. Hey man some people wanna know about the end
and others dont. To each their own. Now at number 6 is Baby Blue. and this is
a game you actually play on your own so maybe on a lonely saturday night if your friends
ditch you, you can play this. Not. The purpose of the game is to basically have
a baby appear in your arms. And i know youre hoping for a cute little
egg of a baby but that is not the baby youll be getting. How to play? Go into your bathroom alone, turn the lights
off and close the door. Isolation? Check. Next look into the mirror and cradle your
arms like youre holding a baby, remember to support the head people. Next you have to say baby blue, blue baby
13 times. When youre done youre meant to feel the weight
of a baby in your arms and in some horrible variations of the game youre meant to flush
the baby down the toilet. And you have to do this quickly because if
you dont a woman appears inside the mirror screaming at you telling you to give her baby
back to her. The woman can actually come out of the mirror
and physically hurt you if you dont flush the baby quick enough so get to flushing. I really dont see the appeal of this game,
im not tryna get scratched or kill just for summoning a fake baby. Nah b. Coming in at number 5 is The Closet Game. Now i dont know who in their right mind would
actually wanna play this but i dont judge. Now the sole purpose of this game is to summon
a demon into your home, whether thats to haunt it, to just spread bad juju around you, idk
maybe you hate your parents and wanna piss them off, maybe youre lonely and a demon seems
like good company to you i dont know. To start the game you have to stand in your
closet with the door closed with an unlit match in your hand. You then have to say show me the light or
leave me in the darkness. Dramatic i know. After saying this you should hear a very faint
whisper of some kind and when you do you have to light the match asap rocky. That is key. If you dont do it quickly enough the demon
you just called upon can suck you into a pit of eternal darkness forever and thats just
not the vibe we’re going for really. So light the match on time, open the closet
door and step out slowly and voila. Your room or house should now be haunted or
protected or cursed by a demon. But just a safety tip, if you do play this
game you should never look inside your closet without light after it. And if you accidentally leave your closet
door open at night, youll be able to see the demons red glowing eyes watching you from
inside. And if you want that then knock yourself out
but yeah. At number 4 is The Answer Man. Now this is another one from Japan and its
a bit of an urban legend. Apparently the game invokes an evil spirit
if done correctly so if that sounds like your jam then listen up. Now with this one, you have to play with 10
people so if you dont have 10 friends, i certainly dont, then you cant play the game. So step one is to sit in a circle and you
all have to have your phones on you. On the count of three or just at the same
time every person has to call the person on their left and then listen. Since everyones calling each other at the
same time, everyone should hear the busy ringtone and no ones call should be answered. But one call will be. If your call gets answered, that is the Answer
Man. if you get him on the phone you can ask him absolutely anything and he will answer
it truthfully and rightfully. But with every question you ask, he gets to
ask you a question too that you have to answer. If you answer his questions wrong or dont
answer them period then a gnarled bony hand will appear out of the phone and tear off
a piece of your body. Honestly im down to play this game as long
as my call isnt the one that gets answered. I dont mind being a spectator to the mayhem
yknow. Filling our number 3 slot is The Dark Reflection
Ritual. And contrary to the name of the game, it is
still a game not just a ritual so dont worry i didnt snake you. So the whole point of this one is to boost
your luck but to do that youre gonna go through a night of terrible luck to get there. You can play this one by yourself if youre
ballsy or in a group if youre not, i would play in a group personally cus there are strength
in numbers. So you play by finding a mirror, a small handheld
one is the best one to have, and you have to look at your reflection in the eyes for
a few seconds. While you do this you have to focus all your
bad negative energy and breathe it onto the mirror till it fogs up completely. At that point you quickly hold the mirror
to a burning flame to create a black smudge on it. After that, the rockstar can come out of you
a bit cus then you get to smash the mirror. But your rockstar dreams are gonna end shortly
after that because the rest of night will be hell. Bad luck will follow you and get worse and
worse and more dangerous as the night goes on. Be on your guard, try not to die, and if you
survive till the sun rises then youve basically won at life. The game is meant to give you success in everything
you do shortly after. To be honest this game is sounding real tempting
to me right now. Be right back. Now at number 2 is The Telephone Ritual. This ones extremely dangerous so you really
need to proceed with caution on this one. So what you need is a phone, salt, a flashlight
but you can also use the light on your phone and an amulet for protection. But that ones optional how many people have
a handy dandy amulet lying around? I certainly dont. So this one can only be played alone and only
at night. After midnight when youre home alone, turn
off all the lights in your house and make your way to the bathroom. Scatter salt around the toilet door and make
a sort of barrier of salt outside it and then lock yourself inside. Use the flashlight to light up the surface
of water in the toilet boil and just keep staring at the water. And please try not to shit or something in
there beforehand cus thats gonna make for a very unpleasant game. While still staring into the bowl, call your
house phone and let it ring and dont hang up. And at this point 1 of 2 things can happen. If you start seeing the surface of the water
change or you hear a noise from inside the house then hang up asap and scatter salt around
yourself. If someone answers your call then hang up
straight up, get the hell out of the toilet, put salt around the house phone and hopefully
youll be safe in that moment but not for long. To be on the safest side just sprinkle salt
all around your house after this. But the point of the game is that apparently
the ghost of an ancestor or a spirit that haunts your house is meant to answer the phone. And finally at number 1 is The Picture Game.
if youre a paranormal ghost lover then saddle one cus this ones for you. There are many rules to this one so pay attention
please. Any number of people can play and the point
is to catch a ghost or entity on camera. You have to start the game at midnight in
a quiet room. Out of string or rope make a circle by tying
the ends together and place this rope circle in the middle of your chosen room. Place a glass in the middle of the rope circle
and fill it with wine or any alcoholic drink. Then everyone should sit in a circle around
the rope and have a mirror in front of them but the reflective part has to be facing the
ceiling. Thats the set up and now the game begins. Everyone has to close their eyes, hold hands
and one after the other say i trust you. Not all at once, one after the other. After everyones done that everyone has to
say the door is open, please come in 3 times in unison and then you can open your eyes. With a camera, every person has to say i caught
you then take a picture of the middle of the circle. Dont preview the photo just say the words
and take it. Keep the camera around and repeat till each
person has taken 3 pictures. So the cameras gone around the circle 3 times. At any point if anyone feels like vomiting
or begins to cry dont let them take any pictures just make them pass the camera on. Once done put the camera down, close your
eyes again and say it is time to go home 3 times in unison. Each person has to turn their mirror upside
down, put the lights on and use some sharp tool to cut the rope circle. Empty the drink into the earth and review
the pictures and prepare to be shocked. And thats it for todays video guys! Im a huge board game fan but i havent played
games like this in a really long time. Honestly the only borderline scary game i
tried when i was young was bloody mary and although i shat myself, she didnt appear so
theres that. Lemme know if you guys have played any of
these games before or if you want to after this! As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill
catch you next time. Yknow if you survive the game. Byee.

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Cursed Paranormal Games You Should Never Play – Part 2

  1. I wonder why would they play games that would either curse you, haunt you, kill you or all three you at the expense of your sanity and life to gain a sense of accomplishment or reward. The gain is rarely worth the loss, the supernatural is not something you should mess around with. DON'T TRY IT, for the sake of your sanity and your soul. I like your video by the way very informative. Hope to see more.

  2. I remember once on a residential trip somebody played Bloody Mary in my and three other girls room they where petrified and all I kept saying was “they didn’t play it right” “there was no candles in the room” “they did it in the bedroom mirror not the bathroom mirror” one of them told me to shut the hell up even though I was just trying to help

  3. When I was 9 or 10 I and my friends would play baby blue in the school bathrooms it was very scary but fun. Probably the least dangerous

  4. I do not believe in a spirit world. However, I do not think mocking a demon is a good idea. I don't like the idea of any form of tempting fate (which I also don't believe in) so I will not play these games. I will watch their other videos.

  5. Why do a lot of people still believe the whole elevator game thing I mean that states that it comes from Japan and you have to push these buttons in the certain order one of the first button you push is the number 4 the number 4 is like not used in Japan because it's unlucky just that alone should debunk the elevator game thing at least that's my opinion but I could be wrong LOL

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