Top 10 Free-To-Play Steam Games 2014 (UPDATED)

Top 10 Free-To-Play Steam Games 2014 (UPDATED)

In at number 10 is a bit of Tom Clancy. Although
you’ve only got a few maps, three game modes and just three different types of characters
there is an astonishing amount of stuff to do. It’s a bit different from anything you’ve
ever seen from the usual third person shooters that you get offline. You’re always going
to need a team in this one because it’s pretty hard going alone. You’ll also be
able to get yourself in-game credit pretty quickly and purchase some good stuff. This one is massively addictive, pretty and
playable. It’s had a lot of stick though but I think in the future it’s got a lot
of space to grow and hopefully devs Cryptic Studios are listening to the fans. It’s
still worth a visit if you like of MMOs or RPGs and Neverwinter allows player-created
missions and sometimes these are actually better than the game. Path of Exile is all about you being an exile
and fighting your way to through this place called Wraeclast to get your revenge. It gets
itself compared to the Diablo series and yeh it does kinda look like they took some inspiration
from Blizzard’s classic. You can get yourself an army of players which will prove helpful
during the boss fights. It’s also very social apart from the fact that your level dictates
who you get to the pvp with. If you get too high in the game you’re not going to have
a very good time. Also, there’s an intense skill tree. The premise of this game is “fight to become
a war hero or rise through the ranks to command an army.” You get to take on the world as
a soldier rather than behind your vehicle like in war thunder or world of tanks. It’s
a persistent online war that you can drop in and out of. It feels like a game that needs
an intense Linkin Park soundtrack while you go around fighting as a hero or choosing to
take control as a general. Looks like there’s a pretty big audience
for World War games. You’ve got all sorts of armoured vehicles and fleets in this MMO
combat extravaganza. I don’t tend to quote other places but Gamespot had a great way
of describing this game, they’ve said it’s the “most historically educational way to
destroy planes.” You’ll be learning while having fun, as someone that fell asleep frequently
in class at school, this idea is worth a lot to me and I’m sure I’m not alone. A new one for the list, if you’re really
into building and crafting and then going full mental in a fight this is for you. It’s
kind of like a mental world of tanks with crazy graphics. You build your battle vehicle
and then zoom around to take on these really intense battles. Steam likes to say it’s
a bit like Minecraft but I don’t think you can compare the two, why not go and have a
go and tell me what you think. Warframe has recently got itself over 10 million
registered users, and devs Digital Extremes have celebrated that with a new patch which
looks to be a game changer. Before I get ahead of myself, the game itself you’re basically
a space ninja taking on these crazy military humanoids with all there incredible technology.
The game warns you of blood and gore violence, so get yourself ready to take this one either
on your own or with your friends. This is like if Day Z bashed into a pile of
Minecraft. Unturned is a zombie survival game set in a pixelated world and since it’s
pretty new it’s gained itself a rather successful spot in the top 10. It also doesn’t have
a proper trailer so this one’s from bhotz473, thank you. You can build a fort, who doesn’t
like building forts? You’ve got to explore, survive, fight the bandits, become a hero
and since this is a really new game there will of course be loads of new features and
content coming out as and when. There’s nothing that looks anything like
Team Fortress 2 out there and since the makers of Steam are responsible for this one, maybe
it’s no surprise it’s up there in the top 2. You’ve got plenty to stab, shoot,
craft, trade and unlock in this one and if you’re after a load of weapons… and for
some reason hats, this one’s for you. You’ve got 70 official maps and a whole ton of game
modes, so go on go and give it a try. This one’s in constant competition with
the League of Legends fans out there, fortunately for the list it’s not here so Dota 2 takes
top spot. This one’s a MOBA so it’s all about competing with other players BUT you
can also take on AI heroes too. You may be overwhelmed by all the stats and numbers on
the screen when you start and it will be brutal for a new player but do your homework and
play your way through hell because when you get through the other side, you’ll really
be experiencing Dota 2 for all that it is.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Free-To-Play Steam Games 2014 (UPDATED)

  1. Basically every game on that list is better than Dota 2, 99% of MOBA's are horrid or have a toxic shit hole of a community. The fact that Dota 2 is even on the top 10 list disapoints me greatly.

  2. I think dota 2 is better than lol cause all of the hero in dota is unlocked and in lol you have to unlock it by ur self which is sad

  3. I hate to break up something to you but robocraft doesn't deserve to be on this list it is just a shitty game with no graphics shitty shooting and driving experience it is just to be played once and nothing changing than building a fucking robot .

  4. Unturned isn't even based or inspired by minecraft. It was based off of a game the creator made on the game roblox (The game is called deadzone).

  5. Good list. But when you said there is nothing that looks like TF2. I disagree. Loadout has the same goofy look, way better graphics, and deserved the spot much more since it´s new and pretty successful. 

  6. Hahaha, this "gamers" tho'. Everything has to be or "the greatest ever" or an "anal rape". So shallow and intense at the same time. It seems that some people (mostly angsty youngsters) have to hate or love but never enjoy gaming as a whole experience. Well, buhoo', nobody understands them… I'll let them cry alone… (while the digital monstrosities keep raping them [as they say]).

  7. i do not know bout the others but i do think that this list is really F2P instead of those game which is F2P but needs money to pump power

  8. I'm really tired of every fucking video of steam games free Dota 2 and tf2 being the last 2 I know they are good games but Jesus

  9. Got some games pretty cheap

  10. The only thing similar between minecraft and robocraft is
    1. The blocks are cubic mostly (robocraft has a lot of other blocks.)
    2. You build.
    3. the word craft is in the name

  11. Tf2 is in every single one of your Top 10 Free to Plays. Can you tone it down a bit? We get it, but you dont need to put it in every single video.

  12. this is the list of who has posted positive and negative on TF2 and DOTA 2 for now at the time im posting this
    Postive 323527
    Negative 22955
     Postive 231382
    Dota 2 has more postive but it has more negative too so its not so sure you will go away from the game as fast and it has been out for a long time like 7 years and its still alot of players but scince the end of the line update people have been dying from tf2 but the end of the line update was a joke and they said nothing about that they were ading a new game mode

  13. How did I know Dota 2 would be number 1…………………………………………………………..

    0:01 10. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms
    0:30 9. NeverWinter
    0:57 8. Path of Exile
    1:28 7. Heroes and Generals
    1:55 6. War Thunder
    2:24 5. RoboCraft
    2:54 4. WarFrame
    3:25 3. Unturned
    3:58 2. Team Fortress 2
    4:33 1. Dota 2

  15. What upgrades and updates do I need to do or I must have in order to play these games? I'm just starting to upload steam in my computer. . 🙂

  16. can you play war frame without wifi on singleplayer. please, i need a game i can play for road trips. ;-;

  17. My top 10
    5.Realm of the mad god
    7.Hots (Heroes of the storm) and yes i know its not on steam but fuck it
    9.Warframe (not sure bout this one, i might replace it with TF2)

  18. Can you guys do a update video on Unturned? 😀 , it is a wholeee new game now, new guns, mechanics, maps , graphics , new unity version etc. 😀

  19. ▄▀▄▀▀▀▀▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░

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