Top 10 Free-To-Play PC Games 2014

Top 10 Free-To-Play PC Games 2014

In at number 10 coming out last summer, roleplaying
game Neverwinter joins The Forgotten Realm universe with Dungeon and Dragons ruling.
Although you’re limited to five classes, developer Cryptic has allowed you to create your own
dungeons with The Foundry. There’s room to grow with this game but making your own content
means you don’t have to wait for the release of patches. Either way slashing your way through
Neverwinter will keep you very busy. Oh and much like most free-to-play games you can
get away with playing it for free if you can be bothered to grind and keep your inventory
space streamlined. Dark fantasy game Path of Exile brings incredible
innovation and game mechanics and these devs are dedicated to their game. Receiving its
first major content update this year, the game will continue to expand with Grinding
Gear promising a new mini expansion every four months which will see new content scattered
throughout the game. A huge skill tree and insane amounts of item and skill customization
means you can really intricately pick your character. It’s a lot of goodness all mashed
up into a pot of free-to-play awesomeness. This co-op focused shooter from Digital Extremes
offers stunning graphics and some really top quality gameplay. There’s fun melee elements
and you’re going to enjoy working your way up the ranks. Like most free to play games
there’s always that issue with a lot of equipment being expensive but if you want to put the
hours in you won’t have to hand over your money. It gets a lot of updates so it’s always
improving and it’s ace in the hands is the unique futuristic kick. Unfortunately this
game does lack the existence of a storyline so if you’re looking for that you may have
to go elsewhere. Hearthstone is still in open beta but this
free to play card game from Blizzard is fun to look at and pretty damn addictive. You
choose your class and unlock other classes by beating them in battle. You’ve got to think
about your strategy and change it up depending on what class you’re pitted against. It’s
not as confusing as Magic The Gathering and with the use of sound and special effects
you’ll get that more intense feeling of power or defeat. Each class has a personality and
cards to match it. For starters you’ll need to work your way through bots and players
to capture all you need and acquire more cards, once you’ve done that the game really comes
into its own. Who’s ready for some World War II military
aviation? Here we go. War Thunder is an awesome simulator that will capture your attention
with the sheer quality of it. There’s plenty to do and it’s all free so if you’re looking
for a flight sim to play, this one is the one to try. Also, the biggest game update
yet goes live in Spring and is planned to include User Generated Content, 18 new planes,
new Squadrons features, faster stats and improved crew and control settings interface plus much
more so maybe now’s the time to throw yourself into some military bombardment. World of Tanks, a game where your maps are
randomnly selected and one fight will not be the same as your last. There’s a lot to
this game both in battle and out as you get your head round techniques and your opponents
weaknesses. If you fancy some epic tank battles this one’s for you. You can get involved in
the this game as the basic controls mean you don’t have to die straight up at the end of
an experienced players hands. The pairing system also helps with this too. Plus, there’s
more than 150 armored vehicles from around the globe to work your way towards. So what
are you waiting for? Going on five years now League of Legends
has a big community and people can get pretty heated when talking about this game but as
long as you get yourself a decent crew you’re in for a good time. Make sure you give yourself
time to work out all the game mechanics before getting completely annihilated by the pre-exisiting
mega fans who have put copious amounts of hours/days/weeks etc. into this game. You’ve
got a huge variety of Champions to choose from and you can mess around with customization
if you dare use it. Developer Riot Games has really made one of the most generous free-to-play
games out there. Planetside 2 offers fast-paced action and
massive battles, so you’ll want to gather your friends for this one. You’ll really have
to put the time in to unlock new weapons and progress and although you can buy stuff with
station cash to hurry up the process it doesn’t make it a pay to win game. If you want to
get the goods, pour in the hours. Get ready to enjoy the huge fights and charges to take
over a continent with your faction. Your skill definitely matters here so think about strategy
and tactics and just get ready for some epic battling action. Team Fortress 2 ladies and gentlemen. I’ve
obviously had to include this one because like it or not, it’s got a huge following.
This fun FPS from Valve Corp is retro-spy, humorous and easily accessible. As a new player
you’ll still be able to get into it alright and even if you’ve been around for a while,
you’re still going to have a good time. It’s got some amazing maps and cool community made
weapons as well as a ton of classes that you can enjoy that have their own personalities.
It’s quick paced and really, even if you’re not usually a fan of FPS the style of this
game might convince you otherwise. And in at number one DOTA 2, it has an unbelievable
following of fans and that’s why it gets this place. You pick from a pool of over a hundred
heroes and form together two teams of five players. Then you have at it. Radiant vs Dire
the players of this game are dedicated and intense. You’ll need to get your hours in
if you want to get your head around this game but the team combat is very addictive and
with Valve’s Dota 2 doc Free to Play, a lot more attention will turn towards this incredibly
competitive and popular game.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Free-To-Play PC Games 2014

  1. Lol is better then Dora because let's face it the game of data 2 Is just hard especiallyin champ select because like 200 champs to chose

  2. am i the only one that thinks clash of clans should be on these top free game lists as it requires serious strategy?

  3. i know its your top 10 list and you like some games more than others, but you cant say that dota2 has more players than lol. 

  4. Dota 2 players are stupid as hell, I've tried changing servers and all, but I still managed to find the same damn idiots, the game is not that bad though, better than LoL anyway.

  5. Dear Dota 2 Players,

    Let the LoL kiddies have their children's game.  It is undeniable that it is the easier game (which doesn't make it a worse game than Dota).  When they argue such silly points just nod your head and treat them as you would a toddler.  Afterwards go work on your Invoker and just think to yourself how unfortunate it is that you lack the skill to play a game as complex as League.

  6. Any one know any fun games that i could play on my laptop, I can run gmod, left 4 dead 2 and other games like those just to give you an idea what i can run.

  7. okei whr ,s rzscape??! waawééé..iu gus chuld leern howl2len gam u doesn.,,t unstad wiut apning wowww…lomnynti cnfirmed….woooowww……

  8. People always say DOTAS community is more mature, but everywhere I see there are always the ones starting the flame wars? Both your games looks the same lol but let's face it at the end of the day League is more successful, deal with it. If you really want to be seen as the more mature community then stop flaming the other game Dota community? It's literally everywhere !

  9. my favorite ones is assasian creed unity love it best then all games not lying!!!bestest graphics and also the gta 5!!!!!

  10. sorry guys but i dont know what you found so intresting about team fortnes 2 i think it isent so coll the grafics arent the grates, you cant bye enithing whith game money it pay to win!!! and it isent so fun i think pls2 (planet side 2) its the best free game if all the free games ok mean the league of legends (or lol) ok i get it it isent so coll ether but ok) but now and the team fortnes comoan whaik up guys and faind som realy coll free game there out like pls2 or counter strike nexton:zombies or dragons prothit ( and more) sorry if i been mean i just seid my decision

  11. im not hating on dota but league of legends is the same thing but with more champs and players so why is dota 1st and league is 4th just wondering

  12. I play LoL but as someone who is just now learning dota, despite their being so many russians, it's not even a question when it comes to which game requires more thought and simple things such as last hit mechanics.  Mana costs are higher, cooldowns are longer, and you have to make things count.  If it went by playerbase alone of course LoL would win.  Dota 2 gives you all the heroes up front for free though and that's something to certainly consider.  This video is an opinion, and if you can't take an opinion, fuck you.

  13. As much as I respect the Frozen throne Dota, which is a good game that sparks moba platform, I think LoL is better than Dota 2 / HoN. Cause LoL is entirely new game and new item in it. Not some game with different item/heroes look with different names but the exact same stuff ( dota n hon ) and has better gameplay. and World of Tank higher than War Thunder??? lol. my eyes is burning.

  14. soo DOTA 2 is 1st place coz of number of people who play it ?? well League of legends have more players and it is 3rd…..

  15. I like both dota2 and league but league is atleast 2nd if not the first … tho it is hard to pick what is the BEST moba out there becouse there is not one to say it. They all suck in other ways.

  16. I don't understand why LoL is 4th and Dota2 is 1st. Both are great games and both should be at first place, unless this is a "MY top 10 F2P games" list.Because let's face it, both games have different mechanics, i played LoL and Dota, LoL first tho. They say "If you come on dota from LoL it will be hard because the game is harder". I have to admit, it was hard, but not because I came from LoL, there are some basic mechanics in common that made my life easier such as harass, positioning, map awareness and other things, but overall the games are very very different. It wasn't hard because I had LoL experiences, it was hard because I had to learn a new game. It's like playing CoD for years and then go on CS, yes they both are FPS but there are huge difference between the two games. That said League of Legends is by far the most played game atm, even in 2014 it was the most played game on PC. LoL is where simplicity and complexion meet, they made mobas easier to understand, but harder to master, it's fun at the basic levels, even if you are not some pro player. This is why so many people enjoy playing LoL, if you wanna play Dota you have to spend more time to understand the game and have fun, from my point of view, since it's not that simple as a game. But the reason why I would put LoL 1st and Dota second is simply because LoL is slightly better. That's a fact dota (only) players won't accept, and it is true. Just because Dota invented Mobas doesn't make it better, and btw, if it wasn't for LoL you probably wouldn't have Dota2, Smite, Infinite Crysys (or Crysis?) and all the other mobas because LoL made this genre so popular and this is another reason why it should be at first place

  17. Dota 2 is boring and the graphics are like in Echo of Soul or such games just bad and League is a game which has it's own playstyle and graphics thats making league a way better

  18. while people are fighting over League and Dota I will just say why do you even bother to take Tf2 in this? everyone know the game, you don't have to meantion it, it's shit not fun to play just plain terrible

  19. Why are all free games either weird witchery/RPG crap, or village building games… i want games like the sims and simulators, like anything related to that would be AMAZING

  20. I love how she mentions the 100 Heroes of DOTA but not the 131 Champions of League. And even says in the vid it's #1 because of it's following.

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