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Who said you have to break the bank to play
good games? Welcome to the sparckman channel, Today we are counting down our picks for the
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only in November. we might leave some games out, but we’ll pick
up in the next list. So don’t start bitching in the comments. Number 10. Derpy Dinos. A Strange island in the middle of nowhere. full of XBOX avatars, you control a futuristic
hover-craft or maybe a time traveler. Who am I kidding, Just look at this thing! What does it look like? Please! don’t answer that question. As I was saying, Derpy Dinos is a 2D side-scrolling
arcade shooter. Smash!, throw!, and blast derpy dinosaurs
for fun. appart from the shape of the ship! and the
fact that you have to smash the locals, it’s a very normal game. The more carnage you produce, the more points
you’ll earn! Protect your ship from dyno lasers and volcanic
debris! collect power-ups, and earn achievements by completing challenging feats. This game promises hours of fun, and all for
the price of… nothing. To Play this game you will need: a keyboard
and a mouse! You can also play with an Xbox360-controller. This game was developed in Unity. Number 9. JumpSky. This is such a terrible game, you will cry
when you play this Unity store template. It features many boxes for the player to hop
from box to box! The unrealistic gravity, will make you feel
you’re in some sort of f—ed up dream! but who are we to criticize? It’s not like we can do any better, right? Appart from the fact that the game lacks sound,
instructions, or even a clear objective! I think you will find that after
a while, you’ll like this game! Let me know if you can make it accross this
crystal bridge. If you make it accross, please, let us know
down the comments below, So we can laugh at you. Number 8. WarSpear Online. This is a 2D Online RPG game you can play
with your friends! well, that is if you have any friends. Do you have any friends? Please. Your STEAM buddies don’t count as friends. But, that’s besides the point. The game let’s you create your own character! Which is very standard these days! The game features a huge open world, full
of guild castles, battle arenas and many, many! many quests to keep you busy away from
reality or even getting a shower.. Nothing overly amazing. But If you are into that kind of thing, you
can completely give up on finding a girlfriend! just download this game. Number 7. Perceptions of the Dead. The first thing you need to know is that ghosts
are totally real. The rest, you can only learn on your own. Follow three stories set in a world where
the dead linger, and things far worse wait beyond the veil. You will be at the edge of your seat! as voice
over describes everything, kind of like a book. This game features, 3 Well narrated, interactive
stories. The Phantom Ice Cream Truck. Perceptions of the Dead. and Jill Count. Jill has had moderate success as a-streamer,
and to mix things up, this Halloween she is going to life-stream a visit to a haunted
hospital. Spolier Alert: It’s actually haunted. WOW, that sounds boring. But it’s actually not bad! once you get into
it. If you like this kind of interactive story
games! this is your lucky day. Number 6. Necromancer Accountant. Have you ever wanted to raise an army of the
dead and wipe out pesky humans? How would You like to manage your own army
of the dead? This is some sort of simulator, where you
can control an army of the dead. It’s an old school style game, so don’t expect
a lot to happen on the screen. If you’re not into this kind of games!, you
will cry of bordom when you play this Tycoon-style Necromancer simulator. Build up your base, collect corpses, convert
them into minions. Allocate jobs to your undead host. Here is my obligatory summary of the game:
Open More jobs as the game progresses. Defend against human attacks and fight back. Research improvements for the infrastructure. Take over all human villages to win the game. WOW, you are such a dork. This is a good Girlfriend repellent. Number 5. Coffee Run. Coffee Run is a 3D endless runner game, in
which you run through the city and collect coffee, coffee, and more coffee. The more you drink, the faster you run. Don’t let your caffeine meter drop too low
or you’ll slow to a grinding halt! Also, watch out for the oncoming traffic! I plan to compile of sheetee games LIST you
can play for free on STEAM. This game will probably take the top spot. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort
the developer put into this game. However, It makes me wonder,
did he noticed that the cars are not touching the ground? Oh wait. This must be a futuristic game, like the fifth
element. Where cars can fly. Don’t expect to see this on PS4 anytime soon. If you ignore the horrible collision errors,
and incredibly bad animations. this game is kind of fun after a while! Number 4. Mini Guns! Mini-Guns is a real-time multiplayer strategy
game! The game features mini toy soldiers on the
battlefield. Kind of like when YOU were a kid, except for
these actually move and you don’t have to use your: IMAGINATION… Collect and upgrade over 100 figurines from
the rifleman, and infantry units to the heavy tank and bombers. Team up with your friends (that is, if you
have any) to destroy the enemy base in cooperative multiplayer! and earn Honor for your Alliance
to reach the top of the leaderboards. WOW, if that doesn’t make you want to download
this game, I don’t know what will. Did I mention it’s free? Number 3. Flightless. Flightless is a tile-based puzzle adventure
game. Navigate your way through a series of floating
levels, each presenting a curious puzzle. A minimalist art style, and calming piano
soundtrack complement the senses of wonder and discovery. Oh what a load of crap. Okay. Let me reword that for you. This is an okay, Iso-mentric puzzle game. Navigate your way through a series of floating
levels, for no apparent good reason. The puzzles are not that difficult, so the
developer decided to mix-up the keys, to make things more interesting, Up is left and Left
is UP. Now you smar ass, let’s see if you can figure
this out. You won’t. But don’t worry. The calming piano soundtrack will prevent
you from punching your screen. Number 2. JUST A DREAM! Just a Dream is a fast paced top down action
game. You enter a world filled with your worst nightmares
and must escape. As you fight across your dream from level
to level, you encounter the very things that you dread every night. Besides the fact that this looks like it was
made by a 2 year old, this game is actually not bad, and this is why is number 2 in our
list. I’m going to speculate and say this game was
made in G-develop. But I don’t know. This could be a spawn of one of Benjamin’s
disciples. Who the — is Benjamin you ask? Benjamin is a YOU-TUBER who makes game development
tutorials, until I saw his personal channel, I was preaty sure he was a serial killer. Just a dream!, could it be a game maker studio
game? I’m not sure. What do you think? was this game made in Game
Maker studio? Number 1. Codename CURE. Codename CURE is a first person, co-operative
zombie game with support for up to five players, providing dynamic, fast-paced zombie fragging
with both objective, and survival-based missions. This game is probably what the developers
of “left-for-dead” had in mind. This game is not only the top FREE game in
our list for November, but it’s also one of the best co-operative zombie games you can
play for free. In this game you are forced to work as a team
to stay alive. The game only supports up to 5 players at
the time! this means that if one member is missing, the game becomes more difficult. So it’s in your best interest to rescue your
team members when you see them in trouble. So, if you’re a selfish prick, you won’t last
in this game. You will have one minute breaks inbetween
waves of zombies, in this time you have to find ammo and health to survive the next wave
of zombies. Codename CURE does a good job at creating
a terrifying atmosphere, each wave of zombies becomes scarier and scarier. If you are looking for a fast pace zombie
shooter, look no further, Codename CURE offers hours of pure zombie horror, and all for the
price of….. nothing. Do you agree with our List? What games do you think decerve to be here? For more game development content, be sure
to subscribe, we upload videos everyday! So that’s it guys, see you in the next video. bye now.

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