Top 10 Free PS4 & Xbox One Games

Top 10 Free PS4 & Xbox One Games

Opening our list of Top 10 Free-To-Play Console
Games is HAWKEN Hello gamers, you asked for it and we delivered. Featured on our first Whatoplay Gameplay Video,
HAWKEN is a mech-shooter of titan-like proportions. The game was released on consoles 4 years
after their initial launching on PC. The game is praised for its diverse mech choices
and huge mechanized first-person-combat. It has spawned numerous awards on its PC days
and who knows it could grab more in its console versions? HAWKEN has a PlayScore of 7.63 on the Xbox
One/7.46 on the PS4 9th place is The Pinball Arcade Remember those days when the internet was
out and all we had for fun was playing Pinball? Those were the days, huh? The Pinball Arcade is a wonderful trip to
the seemingly-forgotten inception of wonderful videogames in the past. It was released on multiplatforms and even
on mobile. It generated positive critical acclaim because,
of course… it’s Pinball.. And it’s free. It has a PlayScore of 7.69 on the PS4. Ranked 8th is Warframe Space Ninjas! Again, Space Ninjas! Warframe is your go-to game when you want
to slaughter an extra-terrestrial horde and blast robots from the sky. It’s free and it’s damned good. Choose from a wide variety of unique Warframes
that range from Pyromaniacal to insane Necromancing skills. The list goes on and the developers are putting
all the effort to add more content in every update. So what are you waiting for, Tenno? It has a PlayScore of 7.77 on the Xbox One
and 7.72 on the PS4. 7th is Zen Pinball 2 Another pinball game. Zen Pinball 2 kicks it up a notch with redefined
3D graphics and cross-platform features. This sequel adds layers of various pinball
tables. From Paranormal, Star Wars and even Medieval. These tables provides extra fun to an already
enjoyable game. Anyone who owns this game on the PS3 and Vita
can get this game for free. Like, really. It has a PlayScore of 7.93 on the PS4. 6th on the list is DC Universe Online Being ‘super’ is just a matter of perspective. In this free-to-play Superhero MMORPG, take
the liberty of being your own character minus the dead-parents and blown-up planet. You know what they say, devil’s don’t
come from hell beneath us. Choose your side, make decisions carefully
and meet your favorite DC characters in a Universe sprawling with rich lore and tons
of easter eggs for the fans. DC Universe Online has a PlayScore of 7.96
on the PlayStation 4. 5th place is War Thunder Step into the battlefield in this free-to-play
simulation of World War II. Dominate the skies with intense dogfights
with your warplane, or unleash hell upon the earth with your massive war tank. The game offers over 400 historically-accurate
weapons and machines from the war-torn era and provides a hefty amount of history lessons. Aside from its wide variety of selections,
the game’s multiplayer is cross-platform so you can take your war to any platform possible…
for free. It has a PlayScore of 7.96 on the PlayStation
4 Ranked 4th is Neverwinter Based on the popular Forgotten Realms of Dungeons
and Dragon’s, Neverwinter is a gift for PS4 and Xbox One users. Choose from up to eight of the D&D classes
and set into a digital trip with five of your friends in a world populated with monsters
and rich story. Once again, developers are not classifying
this game as an ‘MMO’, it’s just a video-game version of a board game we both know and loved. The main selling point of Neverwinter will
always be the story-driven direction. Minus Eleven and the Kids. It has a PlayScore of 8.02 on the PS4 and
7.73 on the Xbox One. 3rd place is PlanetSide 2 A stellar MMOFPS. A sequel to the also popular 2003 game, PlanetSide
2 explodes with more surprises. With a Guiness Book of World Record for the
most users in-game, it’s more than just that. The selection of 5 classes and thinking carefully
what faction do you really need to take is important. This numerous varieties make PlanetSide 2
a worthy addition to your list of Free Games. It has a PlayScore of 8.07 on the PS4. Ranked 2nd is World of Tanks A game that has spawned a wide competitive
scene in its metallic glory. World Of Tanks is a colossal entry to our
long list of Free-to-Play console games. Choose from a wide selection of tanks and
take control of the battlefield with it. Unfortunately, the lack of cross-platform
play reduces the fun. However, customizing your tank, and taking
over the ranks is one hell of a ride. World of Tanks has a PlayScore of 8.21 on
the PS4 and 8.15 on the Xbox One. Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the
number one. And the best Free-to-Play Console game so
far is Smite! Norse, Greek, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese… You got it! Smite! Is an insane Multiplayer Online Based Arena
with numerous playable characters from various Mythologies. Play with up to 6 game modes that are both
unique in its third-person perspective. You want to take Deicide to a whole new level? Take Arena. Want to take the MOBA feel and take lanes? Take Joust. It’s up to you. With its ever expanding set of heroes, the
war goes on with a PlayScore of 8.33 on the PS4 and 8.34 on the Xbox One.

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  1. emm since "paragon" came out on ps4 for free ( and i think is better than smite personally )
    does this change how the list is suposed to be ?

  2. came here for new games because im bored (i still play a lot of games don't get me wrong but the only game I haven't played is Planetside 2)

  3. Even though most of the games are awesome. The descriptions you had for the games were A+ Keep up the good work man

  4. xbox and ps actually have good free games
    unlike fucking nintendo with their Mii shit and regionblocked consoles
    warframe is actually really fucking good… i'm surprised it's free

  5. if You Were Born In The 70s 80s Or 90s You Like Pinball Otherwise Kids Leave The Men Are Having A Talk.

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  7. Man I wish daybreak games hurry up and make a version of planetside2 for xbox1 cause that is an amazing game that i played once on the pc but havent played in like 2 years

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