Top 10 Free PC Games of 2016, 2017 & 2018

Top 10 Free PC Games of 2016, 2017 & 2018

10. Opening our list of the Top 10 Free PC Games
of the Last Three Years is Gigantic The first game on our list is a smooth and
speedy third person multiplayer title from Mortiga Inc. where you strategically fight
against gigantic Guardians. Playing this game feels a bit familiar as
it sports the standard shooter-style MOBA where your team of 5 battles against another
team of 5 in a cramped arena. The goal of the game is to power-up your team’s
Guardian by defeating your enemies and summoning creatures to aid you. While this game may not be what you call innovative,
the likable characters, and the tactical depth make this game worth the playthrough. It has a Playscore of 7.22 – RECORD 9. Hex: Shards of Fate Claiming to be a new twist on the trading
card game, HEX: Shards of Fate mixes old school TCGs with the delights of online RPGs. Putting more focus on buying, and purchasing
cards instead of random collection, it’s already a far cry from today’s usual set of card games. Dive into the world of Entrath, and take in
the action-packed joys of this turn-based strategy. The game has over 1000 different cards on
offer, as well as a collection of gems and equipment to add to your deck’s powers. All that, combined with pure tactical wit,
forms the perfect formula for success. Explore its many dungeons, hone your skills
in singleplayer mode, and mop the fantasy-based floor in the fast-paced 1v1 battles. As a free-to-play game, its developers have
unfortunately run into some controversy with what seems to be blatant neglect for the game. But, for many, it’s still the competent card
game they love with a friendly community to boot. It has a PlayScore of 7.35. 8. Fractured Space Showing us that beauty doesn’t have to come
at a price is this award-winning science fiction strategy set in the heart of outerspace. Captain your very own spaceship and participate
in the 5v5 battles of this free-to-play MOBA. In a future marred by intergalactic war, it’s
your job to stop the battles once and for all. With both single-player and multiplayer support,
play against AIs and save civilian refugees in the last stand, or compete for cosmic supremacy
in the Player vs Player Conquest. Much like any MOBA game, there’s a whole array
of Capital ships to choose from, which opens you up to a whole realm of strategic possibilities. Dive into battle with your trusty crew cards
and do your worst using the strengths of each powerful vessel. Devise plans of action, take cover in the
minefield of asteroids, and help your team take victory. At its core, Fractured Space is just a sci-fi
themed MOBA, but it offers a lot in terms of strategy, and all around multiplayer enjoyment. It has a PlayScore of 7.39. 7. Pinball FX3 The third installment to Zen Studio’s signature
pinball simulator. There’s more paddle-pushing fun in store for
you in this edition. Show your love for your favorite Universal
Pictures franchises with a slew of new tables from the likes of ET, Back to the Future,
and Jaws. Not only will there be more tables to choose
from, FX3 also provides you with a more engaging multiplayer pinball experience. Trade high scores with friends in the asynchronous
competitive multiplayer or show your mettle in the game’s various tournaments. It also marks the first backward compatible
title, letting you bring out your FX2 purchases for no additional price. Get cracking on those leaderboards. It has a PlayScore of 7.76. – RECORD 6. The Elder Scrolls: Legends Teaming up with Dire Wolf Digital, Bethesda
jumps on the collectible card game bandwagon by bringing their flagship medieval fantasy
RPG onto the digital tabletop. Fans of the Elder Scrolls series will be glad
to see their favorite creatures represented as render powerful attacks in kinetic card
form. Craft your personalized deck of up to 70 cards
and bring the tides of battle to your side with each shrewd hand. Witness the inexorable power of wit as you
unfold the story of the Forgotten Hero in the land Cyrodiil. While it’s not the open world RPG that you’re
used to, you’ll be glad to know Legends is still chock full of the mighty Dragons, crafty
khajits, and fearless warriors that Tamriel is known for. It has a PlayScore of 7.76. – RECORD 5. Fallout Shelter What started as a mere marketing strategy
for the then-upcoming Fallout 4 title turned out to be a stellar success for the Bethesda
team. Become the overseer your own vault, and turn
the desolate conditions into a thriving, self-sufficient economy. Create the perfect balance of work, life,
and fun as you rebuild the population from a handful of hopeful survivors. Find their ideal jobs, and optimize their
skill sets to bring efficiency to their humble abode. Of course, the post-apocalypse isn’t all colas
and rainbows. Face the dangers of Deathclaws and lots of
lots of roaches by strengthening your forces and scavenging the nuclear deserts. Bringing it’s own brand of post-apocalyptic
enjoyment, it’s an addictive and cheerfully casual fallout game for everyone to enjoy. It has a PlayScore of 7.9. 4. Atlas Reactor Another turn-based title to satisfy your tactical
whims. But, this is no ordinary game of tactics. Spotting weakness in the usually slow gameplay
of the genre, Atlas Reactor shifts it all to high gear with this fast-paced twist on
turn-based combat. Form your team of four Atlas freelancers and
prepare for a battle of brains and brawns. Lay down your strategies in decision mode,
and watch them play out simultaneously in an explosive resolution mode. It’s a psychological arena that requires you
to think ahead. Figure out your opponents moves, react accordingly,
and hope you don’t miss. Now on it’s 5th season, the game is only
growing to greater heights with brand new freelancers and rewards. It’s the multiplayer XCOM you’ve been
waiting for and it has a PlayScore of 7.97. 3. The Lion’s Song: Episode 1 – Silence The first episode in what became a promising
point and click adventure series. Travel back to the early 20th century and
follow the story of the talented composer, Wilma. Composition-less in the face of her breakthrough
concierto, Wilma seeks refuge in the heart of the mountains to find inspiration for her
as yet unmade Magnum Opus. But, it seems that in the Austrian Alps, other
forces have found her first. Interact with her sepia-toned environments
and watch as they spur melodic moments of much needed inspiration. It’s a beautiful looking indie adventure,
making use of detailed pixel graphics that perfectly evoke vintage nostalgia. A great first-look into a masterfully crafted
series, it has a PlayScore of 8.36. – RECORD 2. The Lab A worthy sampler of what virtual reality is
capable of, from one of the most respected studios in the business, it’s no wonder The
Lab became one of the first VR titles to take the world by storm. Step inside the Valve’s chocolate factory
of replayable minigames set inside their infamous Aperture Science Laboratory. Now, populated less by snarky AI robots and
more by adorably faceless minions, The Lab is your perfect haven for virtual pocket universe
delights. Pick from a choice of different minigames
that range from epic to bizarre. Take care of a bionic canine, repair robots,
explore human anatomies, defend castles with archery, become a Xortex ace, unlock secret
rooms, and so much more. All, for absolutely free. It has a PlayScore of 8.4. 1. Doki Doki Literature Club One of the viral sensations in late 2017,
this Team Salvato creation hides layers of excellence underneath its innocuous anime
exterior. Masquerading as just another cutesy bishojo
title, Nihongo fans have probably clued into what the game’s really about. Sign up to the eponymous Literature Club and
prepare for the traumatizing horrors that await in their high school halls. With an upcoming festival looming on the horizons,
the enjoyable girly hangouts will inevitably slide into the realm of the disturbing. Bishojo or not, this game is not for the faint
of heart. But, hey, at least you got to hanging out
with Sayori was fun! It has a PlayScore of 8.77. – RECORD

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  1. All shitty games…
    Who even plays card games like seriously wtf!
    Even if these games are high rated just see the games yourselves , now when the f2p market has so many good games you choose these 10 games?

  2. No paladins. no league of legends. no dota 2. no heroes of the storm .no hearthstone .no warframe…… Dislike the video instantly wtf wtf hahahahahaha wtf why why wtf

  3. Great list! The Lion's Song and Doki Doki were great games in my opinion. Now i just wonder what playscore Nekojishi has.

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  5. 7:14
    after 4 hours of playing

    and an additional 40 hours of mod content

    i have trouble dropping this game

    i can't shake the lump in my throat

    I realize that

    it hurts because I loved them

    because when I felt like I wasn't cared about

    they were there there when i thought i was alone

    because they became a part of me

    and now they're gone

    I realize that

    now i feel empty inside

    because these fictitious creations

    I loved them

    and i can never have them

    I realize that

    I was high on them

    on their happiness

    on their successes

    on their blind, indiscriminate love for me

    and i loved them back

    and i'm sitting here

    crying to myself because i know they aren't real

    and they never will be

    I realize that

    maybe I was looking out

    from the box we call a reality

    out onto the realm of fiction and make believe

    and it blinded me

    I realize that

    I will never,


    be the same

    thank you

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