Top 10 FREE iOS FPS Games of All Time

Top 10 FREE iOS FPS Games of All Time

Opening our list to the top 10 best FPS on
IOs is… Blitz Brigade – Online multiplayer shooting
action! Lock and load for this cartoony, MMO first
person shooter from Gameloft. Choose from one of the seven highly skilled
badass classes: soldier, gunner, medic, sniper, stealth, demolisher, and engineer. Blitz Brigade, for the most part is a multiplayer
only game. The closest you’ll get to a solo experience
is through training. There are different kinds of multiplayer mode,
such as a team-based Deathmatch where a team of 4 competes with another team of 4, Domination,
a 6 vs 6 match that gives the players points for kills and flag control, a Free-For-All
mode where you can play as whoever you want in a 6-player carnage. Playing by yourself or with other people can
earn you some experience and coins which you can use to unlock classes or buy weapons and
gears. There are many interesting and creative weapons
to use those hard-earned coins on, such as: the Weeping Widow, the Medi-Bow, the Stallion
Steel, Big Bertha and more! Indulge yourself with a game that looks great,
plays great, and has a playscore of Playscore: 7.91. 9. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores
Visit exotic locations and hunt for the biggest game in your hunting career — prehistoric
dinosaurs in Glu Games’ Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores. In this game, you are a dino hunter equipped
with powerful, and interesting weapons as you try to take down massive, realistically
modeled dinosaurs. This game features dozens of hunting missions
where you are tasked to hunt down both carnivores and herbivores alike while having to contend
with different weather conditions. Your strategy will have to change depending
on what kind of dinosaur you are hunting. Small herbivores and omnivores are more likely
to run away once they detect danger, while carnivores like velociraptors will quickly
rid you of your vital organs if you don’t kill it first. It’s a kill or be killed world out here,
you know. The more missions you clear, the more money
you get to upgrade your weapons to kill more dinosaurs. Have the best virtual hunting trip of your
life in a game with a Playscore 7.99. 8. Into the Dead 2
The world has succumbed to a zombie apocalypse, and you must save your family. Do whatever it takes — even if it means you
will have to take down a lot of those darn zombies yourself. The game takes you on an evolving story that
has multiple endings. The story is divided into 7 thrilling chapters,
60 stages, and hundreds of challenges. There’s a lot of zombie killing in this
story, so you better arm yourself with the many different unlockable and upgradable weapons
in this game. This game is packed with different styles
of gameplay incorporated into its story such as having to fire at zombies using military
gun emplacements, exterminating zombies from on top of vehicles, stabbing them in the face
as a last ditch effort to not die yourself, and more. On your different runs of the chapters, explore
the map and you might discover locations such as military bases, oil fields and campsites. While exploring, don’t forget that you might
also run into more challenging zombies to kill. This game will keep truly keep you at the
edge of your seat. It has a Playscore: 7.99 7. FZ9: Timeshift
You are Mak, an american soldier tasked with eradicating a terrorist organization. Typical stuff. That is until you consider that not only were
you military trained, you were also injected with a serum that allows you to manipulate
time. When you stop moving, everything will start
moving in slow motion. This trick comes in really handy when you’re
in the middle of a gun fight. Your time stopping powers will allow you to
see the bullets being shot at you and dodge away from them. Yes, you still have to dodge, because you
will die if you get hit even once. The campaign of the game has about 8 chapters
with about 5 to 6, usually bite-sized missions each. Other game modes, specifically the multiplayer
modes, will unlock after you progress through the first chapters. This ensures that everyone playing on multiplayer
has some proficiency when it comes to playing the game. In the Weekly Challenge mode, you will be
presented with weird, interesting missions where you aim to top the leaderboard. These quirky missions will include outlandish
scenarios such as miniaturizing enemies, having only grenades to kill your enemies with, or
having beer bottles as your only weapons. This game has a Playscore: 8 6. UNKILLED
There’s a zombie outbreak, and New York City is at the middle of the chaos. You are one of the five heroes, private military
organization, elite members of the task force,Wolfpack. As you dig deeper into the nooks and crannies
of the Big Apple, you uncover a nefarious plot. Good thing you packed a lot of ammo in your
choice of out of 40 weapons in the game. You have over 150 story missions where you
take out enemies and bosses such as the sheriff, dodger, minesweeper, butcher, and many more
hurrenous undead creatures. If beating zombies is too boring for you,
why not beat other humans in the game’s multiplayer modes in the five distinct PvP
maps. Or, if you wanna play on the zombie side of
the war, you can play in the asynchronous PVP mode where you can build an army of zombies
you clone and nurture yourself. Here, you can attack other players’ bases
with your very own army of the undead. This zombie-fied treat has a Playscore: 8.16 5. Sniper X with Jason Statham
Glu Games Inc. teams up with action star Jason Statham to bring you Sniper X with Jason Statham. In this game, you play Sniper X, a sniper
in Statham’s elite paramilitary team, SPEAR. You will work with Statham to eradicate terrorists. You have about one minute in every mission
to take down who you are tasked to take down. So you really have to prioritize killing your
target so you can complete your mission and collect your rewards. Use the rewards you collected to then upgrade
your weapons so you can keep up with killing your increasingly dangerous foes. The level of weapon customization in this
game is superb. You can customize your upgrades to match your
play style. If you want to be stealthy with your kills,
then customize your weapon to do that. Next time you see this game suggested to you
in the App store, don’t discount it as another lame celebrity tie-in. This awesome static shooter has a Playscore:
8.2. 4. Modern Combat 5
Gameloft’s fifth installment to its Modern Combat series has incredible graphics to go
with its extraordinary action sequences. Finally, you don’t have to miss playing
on your console when playing an FPS on your iphone. Because this game was made with mobile gaming
in mind, the missions are very focused and short. The different missions are also varied so
you don’t get bored with it quickly. The ragdoll physics of this game makes killing
your enemies morbidly entertaining and unique for each one you kill. That’s not the only motivation to do your
missions though. The more more missions you clear, the more
Skill points you’ll gain. You can later use said skill points to activate
your class specific skills. The modern combat series has always been known
to provide players with an awesome multiplayer experience — and modern combat 5 hasn’t
broken that streak. It connects smoothly, sets up quickly, and
what’s most interesting is that multiplayer is integrated, so you can jump straight to
multiplayer from completing a story mission. This game receives a Playscore: 8.28 3. LONEWOLF
In this first person shooter from FDG, you are Lonewolf, a suspicious sniper with mysterious
motives. You get caught up with the Assembly, a criminal
organization. Your task — to take care of those the Assembly
wants taken care of. This game is not just about shooting people
at exactly the right place at exactly the right time. This intense game will also challenge you
morally. The comic book style cutscenes tells a sticking
story of rage and revenge. The game starts off simple, with you having
to kill someone who looks like the person they show you in a picture. As you progress, the game starts getting trickier. The missions start to become more like puzzles. Sometimes you have to kill someone, sometimes
you just have to injure them, sometimes, you must leave their body in a specific way. After each successful mission, you are rewarded
based on how many objectives you accomplished, headshots you performed, and the rate of your
accuracy. You can then use the money you earn to buy
new rifles, scopes and other helpful items to keep your recoil to a minimum and keep
your setup stable. This game is not for those with the weak of
heart and those who are younger than 17. It has a Playscore: 8.32 2. Suicide Squad: Special Ops
Don’t discount this game just because it’s based on a movie. The official Suicide Squad film game is completely
free — there is absolutely no need to pay for anything in this game because this was
just supposed to be a way to advertise the film. What we got however, is an amazing, colorful,
and graphically impressive game. Suicide Squad: Special Ops is an endless survival
game where you play as three characters from the movie: Deadshot, El Diablo, and Harley
Quinn fighting against endless waves of the possessed undead humanoid beings from the
movie. You will play as all three characters. Once you die, you’ll immediately play as
the next character. It’s also good to note that each of the
characters have a completely different play style. Deadshot can sharp shoot with his assault
rifle and wrist-mounted guns, El Diablo can shoot fire from his hands, and Harley Quinn,
like in the movie, has a baseball bat and a magnum revolver. Each character also has a special mode unique
to them. Deadshot has marksman mode, El Diablo has
supernova mode, and Harley Quinn has a frenzy mode. ACtivating these modes can give you bonus
points the more monsters you kill. If you want to burn some time away in an endless
first person shooter, then this game is definitely for you. It has a Playscore: 8.38 Topping our list for the best FPS on IOs is
Dead Trigger 2 This is a sequel title that will make the
lovers of its predecessor proud. This game is sure to keep your heart pounding
with its amazing graphics and incredible gameplay. The game developers at MADFINGER keeps on
regularly updating this game that they originally released on 2013 and expanding its storyline. At his point, it’s not surprising to know
that this game offers up to 600 gameplay scenarios including the Solo Campaign, Global Mission
and Side Quests. Play around the ten zombie infested regions
and 33 unique environments with your choice of zombie annihilating weapon. Along with the usual guns and bombs, you can
also destroy zombies like the Kamikaze and Vomitron with Grenade Chickens, Rocket Chickens,
or your special Machine Gun Mounted Chicken. There is no energy gate that will stop you
from your zombie killing fantasies in this game. In effect you can keep enjoying the wonderful
gore this game has in store. An awesome, ever-expanding, thrilling, zombieriffic
game like this one truly deserves a Playscore: 8.4

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  3. Blitz brigade is not a multiplayer only game do more research before actually making videos about these games

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