Top 10 Best Free Open Source First-Person Shooter Games (FPS)

Top 10 Best Free Open Source First-Person Shooter Games (FPS)

Welcome to the top ten open source first-person shooter games! Many people liked the same video for role-playing games and a promise is a promise Remember that liking a video and writing a comment and sharing a video
with friends is the bread and butter of the YouTube ecosystem If you appreciate the work or want more of
these videos, you know what to do Anyways let’s go! Let’s get started with Xonotic Xonotic is a modern classic and surely the
showcase open source shooter The project started when the famous Quake
1 engine-based Nexuiz decided to use the name for a proprietary
title Xonotic is polished especially in the map design and user interface
department It has two attacks per weapon and an Arena
style single-player campaign both Unreal Tournament style It is relatively easy to find players to play
against in Xonotic but there seems to be little development activity Second on the list: Rexuiz Rexuiz is a project, similar to Xonotic yet seems to visually be closer to Nexuiz
Classic It has some game modes that are different
from Xonotic for example the co-op capable Survival game
mode Most notable is the included Quake 1 single-player
campaign made possible thanks to the GPL‌ release
of the map files There is also an experimental original single-player
campaign which feels very much like the survival game
mode and is quite harsh And there is a survival game mode campaign. I like best that Rexuiz is distributed on
itch and gamejolt In theory this should lead to a steady influx
of newbies to frag 🙂 It is also nice that servers are backwards-compatible
with Nexuiz Classic Our third FPS‌ is based on another engine:
Red Eclipse Based on the Cube 2 / Sauerbraten engine or
rather its descendant Tesseract, Red Eclipse is yet another sci-fi FPS Different from common Quake-based shooters, Red Eclipse has double-jump instead of bunny-hopping and movement midair is somewhat jagged and
floaty at the same time No rocket-jumping, instead original weapon
design lots of maps thanks to the Cube engine-typical
live level editor and an active mapping community is what you
will find Unfortunately finding an active server is
a challenge and bots behave weirdly, having to painfully
re-learn new levels Number four is OpenArena OpenArena is basically Quake 3 Arena with
all of its glorious pacing and gameplay but more chaos Art assets are all over the place from Tux
cosplay to space marine to furry to wizard bikini model Yet in their chaos, the art feels consistent The main weak point is the music, since submissions
are limited by strict rules that try to ensure working with music sources
is not just possible but also easy There is a single-player arena campaign weapons are Q3A-style simple with one attack
mode only and there’s many player models to chose from No new OpenArena releases came out in many
years and development is slowly ongoing It looks like there are a handfull of populated
servers and bots can be very challenging Next shooter in line: Trepidation Technologically, Trepidation is some steps
back from OpenArena as you cannot even set a common 1920 by 1080
resolution in the settings and have to use the console Technically, Trepidation is very much unfinished,
having quite a low version number It is in development and it has a unique game
mode that seems to lend from Tremulous (more on
Tremulous later) but has a much higher pace of gameplay The main game mode mixes base-building with
team deathmatch and heck, let’s namedrop domination as well! Trepidation game mode is the namegiver of
Trepidation the shooter 3D models are original insects and robots
yet look very, very low-fi Weapons have original designs and configurations I have not had the pleasure of testing this
against human players It can be quite fun against AI however Number 6 is good old Tremulous Marines shooting aliens eating marines. Classic. Quake 3 engine based Tremulous has some amazing
original asymmetrical gameplay and art assets and maps Let me share you a secret though:
I never in my life got into knowing what I’m doing when playing as an alien. Basebuilding science fiction aliens versus
terrans That’s the short version. The long version is that currently few play it and getting bots to work locally
is uneasy Also not easy And they’re not very good because the game
is relatively complex That is why Trepidation’s bots fail less,
because the game rules are more relaxed I was ready to announce in this video that
tremulous is dead but then I finally found the latest development
release, which is more or less hidden on an unsecured
third-party website Oh the joys of open source projects with missing
webadmins Tremulous is dead, long live Unvanquished! (Nr. 7) Unvanquished is Tremulous but with fantastic
graphics, easy-to-use bots and some game rule changes Did I mention that the graphics are fantastic? Few seem to play it, but at least some servers
with bots are running and if you really have to, you can easily
add bots to your local game as well Unvanquished definitely wins on the ease-of-getting-bots-in-the-game
side of things right now. It has more detailed textures and 3d models,
requires more processing power unless toned down and development seems to be more active than
Trem’s We are getting now to Smokin’ Guns So you’re some kind of computer machine usin’,
game playin’ sort of fella and you think you can just get
away with that don’t cha? Well yeah, you will Smokin’ Guns is a spaghetti western shooter
very old graphics but very consistent style It might be quite hard to find human players However, bots do well in normal free for all
in this Quake 3 engine-based title There might be hope for Smokin’ Guns’ future
as well: an upgrade to Daemon engine and use of open
assets only is a smokin’ plan Hopefully this will become a smokin’ reality Numero 9: Sauerbraten Sauerbraten is THE Cube 2 engine based shooter It’s simple and fast and maps are fast to
edit as well Insta CTF is a joy to play The only thing that becomes a problem after
a while are the notification sounds BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP People are still playing it – it’s good for
a quick dose of adrenaline Some assets are still non-free and it doesn’t
look like any official effort exists to fix that unfortunately Or any official development effort for that
matter Some single-player missions exist They are perhaps the most advanced a single-player
campaign has to offer in open source gaming There are messages mid-mission, rather than getting dropped into a battlefield
and having to fight though it, monologues are actually scripted for the player
to either enjoy or be annoyed of having to wait through Interactions are somewhat limited, yet this
is as good as it gets right now Time for FreeDoom (and Blasphemer) FreeDoom and Blasphemer are based on Doom
and Hexen however when using the free and open source
assets together with a modern open source idTech 1-based engine, actual full single-player campaigns with a
meaty amount of missions are available at near-modern gameplay! This is only relevant if you as a player are able to overcome possible discomfort with
billboard enemies and a high dosage of sprite graphics When I realized that mouselook and standard
FPS controls are possible to configure easily, I found a large amount of fun in this My personal preference leans towards FreeDoom
over Blasphemer Give the video a like if you found something
new to try Now let’s look at some games that did not
make it into this list: Tesseract is gorgeous but has extremely simplistic
gameplay with only two insta style weapons and only
one, albeit very good-looking character model ActionCube has excellent gameplay but the
art assets are explicitly freeware only To my knowledge, no other open source game
came closer to a kind of classic Counter-Strike feel Warsow is gorgeous and innovative, with focus
on movement, which I never ever came close to mastering Before stagnation of development, there was
an internal effort to free up media, however it does not seem clear which assets
remain non-free Alien Arena has a nice consistent theme, however
entirely proprietary art assets, making it freeware The Aleph One games based on the open source
Marathon engine are freeware at best On top of that while the gameplay seems interesting
enough, the inaccurate 3d engine is not something
many people can get used to Paintball 2 is innovative in the sense that
it is based on non-violent real-life paintball However server code appears to be closed,
assets are probably as well Urban Terror is a fun game but the art assets
are closed, as is the game mod code to my knowledge Currently the team is working on a proprietary-engine
based successor Let me know in the comments if I missed any
worthwhile games or if there is a specific type of first person
shooter people in the open source community would be best served
to work on Hit the subscribe button if you haven’t yet I will see you in the next video

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Free Open Source First-Person Shooter Games (FPS)

  1. I dig FPS singleplayer campaigns, I've played (and contributed to) Freedoom but I though Blasphemer was still very incomplete to be playable. Seeing this made me want to go and check out the progress 🙂
    I'll also have to check out those singleplayer campaigns for Sauerbraten, I had no idea! …and I didn't even hear of Rexuiz before.
    Thank you for keeping up with these open source reviews!!

  2. It's nice to know I made a few contributions to this myself. Namely Xonotic, to which I coded some of the detail features many years ago (per-weapon crosshairs, auto-taunts, weapon reloading, etc). I also have my own active game / mod based on Xon… which is definitely not going to be on this list, I wouldn't look into it or you might find out why 🙂

  3. Regarding Tremulous, there is a fork from GrangerHub that is in active development. See:

  4. 😀 can u make a Top 10 FPS Single Player Campaign, i dont like arena games, i prefer a campaign like Doom, Quake, FEAR, Dead Space, etcetera 😍

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