Welcome to Top10Archive! Welcome to the first part of our best of mobile
games segments. For this installment, we’re looking at the
best iOS platform games. For the sake of this list and to make it as
fair as possible to everyone who wishes to try them, we’re keeping the list exclusive
to free to play games, though they may contain some in-app purchases. 10. Dead Effect 2
Alright, sure, Dead Effect 2 isn’t very original – and is obviously influenced by both Dead
Space and Mass Effect, but it’s free. A first-person shooter for your phone places
you inside a zombie infested space station allowing you to unleash your frustration on
the mutated horrors found inside. It sticks with the survival-horror genre recipe,
cheap fear tactics, and some simple puzzles barring your way to survival. Overall, if you’re a fan of shooter games
and want your fix on the go, give it a shot! 9. Castle Defense
Castle Defense is another free-to-play, tower defense genre game. As some of you may recall, it’s actually a
pretty old game and it doesn’t really bring anything revolutionary to the table… um
tablet. However, what Castle Defense does do is showcase
the fun that can be had with just the basics. A wonderfully fun and simple starting point
for any new player of tower defense games, it also offers more than enough replay value
for everyone else. 8. The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay is, as I am sure you can guess… free-to-play. It’s a Sims game, and as such looks and plays
just like one. With a fairly developed social aspect and
a fair amount of players, you never feel alone in your Sims universe. There’s a fair amount of things to do in the
game, from building houses to customizing your own sims. Any fan of the series should easily pick up
on the game. 7. Call of Champions
Part of the multiplayer online battle arena, or “MOBA” genre – Call of Champions is a free-to-play
mobile game that’s built around quick, 5-minute matches. In traditional MOBA styling, it is filled
with champions – each with their own unique abilities and skills. Call of Champions is strikingly similar to
the ever popular League of Legends, in terms of visuals and gameplay mechanics. Sure this isn’t as good as DOTA2 or League
of Legends for the PC, however, Call of Champions is the best MOBA you’ll get on the mobile
platform. 6. UNKILLED
Another zombie-themed shooter to make our list, UNKILLED gained it’s first 3-million
downloads within just 10 days of its release back in September 2015 and is still an ever
popular title. Probably the best-looking zombie shooter you
can get for mobile – and maybe even any platform – the game is considered to be the spiritual
successor to Dead Trigger 2. Praised for its gameplay and visuals by fans
and critics alike, the game does suffer from the mass amounts of microtransactions available. 5. DomiNations
A little newer than most of the games on our list, but that doesn’t mean there is anything
lackluster about DomiNations at all. With over a million downloads and critical
acclaim, Nexon’s DomiNation is much like the old Cid Meier’s Civilization games. You build up your nation and watch as your
advancements take you from stone to space age. Strategy takes a massive roll here. The game looks great, plays well and best
of all it’s free – so any strategy-gamers should give this game a peek! 4. Clash of Clans
This game probably needs no introduction, it’s HUGE! It’s EVERYWHERE! Advertisements on television as well as on
other apps make this one hard to ignore. It’s free to play, sure, but many who have
played this know that in the upper levels it it’s nearly impossible to keep up without
dishing out some money. Clash of Clans, however, does what very few
freemiums do – gives you a generous amount of free premium currency. Though not the greatest game there is, the
sheer amount of players active in the game makes this an enjoyable gem for your mobile
gaming. 3. Marvel Contest of Champions
When it comes to fighting games for the mobile platform, you don’t get much more in depth
than Marvel’s Contest of Champions. This game features many of the prominent Marvel
characters you love, and every character can be developed and made stronger and a unique
mastery tree makes it so not every player is the same. It really breaks the mold of the cookie cutter
fighter – the only downside we could find is the hours upon hours it takes to be competitive. Though if casual levels of gaming are all
you’re after, you should be able to find some fun with Contest of Champions at no cost to
you. 2. Pokemon TCG Online
For many, Pokemon TCG is one of the best spin-offs to happen to the franchise. As free to play games go, this one is a little
limited as the in-app purchases let you buy booster packs for more cards, but there are
ways to get free cards, and is completely playable on a free scale. With that said, the mobile Pokemon TCG game
is a wonderful way for you to play the game without lugging around your collection. 1. Pokemon GO
Yup, you knew it was going to be on here – as well it should be. Like it or not, the game broke the record
for the most first-week downloads in history and has millions and millions of players. You choose one of three teams at the start
and make your way around the real world catching Pokemon. It’s something every kid that grew up in the
late 90’s and early 2000’s have always wanted. Just, please.. be careful!

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