TMNT (2007 Movie Game) Walkthrough Part 3 – 100% (X360, PC, PS2, Wii) Techno Ninjutsu

TMNT (2007 Movie Game) Walkthrough Part 3 – 100% (X360, PC, PS2, Wii) Techno Ninjutsu

whole night watcher I always thought he
was pretty gnarly maybe but the police disagreed they thought his methods were
too drastic and too violent Raphael did you really become the night watcher
because you thought that police were not doing enough
nobody was you remember what it was like since a crime was everywhere and
innocent people were scared it wasn’t right so I decided to become the night
watcher and give the criminal scum something to be afraid of
and besides dude that cost you a styling Oh Mikey personally no offense Raph I
never really liked the night watcher style much I prefer a more sophisticated
high-tech approach oh what a surprise but dawn you had sophisticated high-tech
enemies that is true I thought it was just gonna be an ordinary night for me
so I did what I usually do I went out looking for components for my latest
invention and as usual I was taking the opportunity to get a little bit of
exercise I have no idea how Americans were going
to get that night darling along the walls allows you to
access remote areas and permits you to surprise your enemies by moving around
you’re going pretty okay yep yippee when the ceiling is too low and music
plays stop to cross over to the other side of a gap have you even had a few
opportunities to try out by you aerodynamically enhanced bow steps have
you’ve used it to hover over loud gaps but it was really cool everything was bigger than usual until I
saw something off in the distance electronics sparking so naturally
satisfied even though it took you to an unknown part of the sewer which was
falling apart and probably unsafe well yeah it should be a few moments to realize I
was restrained because you got distracted by a shiny object that’s when I found the underground
headquarters of the secret plant there was all behinds I did stuff wasn’t I
wanted to meet these guys you like I said and it’s always good to get
a little bit of exercise weight they attack you so you kept going they have
some pretty serious high-tech security in there I’m talking things like an
electric barrier that you would not want to touch this is awesome it so happens tight security is just my
thing am I good or am I good it’s that guy
that totaled my boys waist up so primitive yeah yippee inaudible yeah incredible we cap yeah see
finished off this range monster indeed look who’s
talking I’m a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and
the name is dawn choosing the turtle as your totem was your first mistake
monster you know you talk way too much for a living statue the irrigation appears to be electric
light and the subject ages in spirit strange words but it won’t why yeah yeah what’s wrong did I shock you we will
meet again reptile bar bed is it me or is the water this is the black eater stores stuff you
still won’t mind if I borrow a couple of things

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  1. 10:30 You can actually attack the statue boss whilst it is charging up and if you give it enough damage then it won't be able to perform that super move

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