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Good Spawning Australia! It’s time for The Scoop with me, DARREN! (applause) My guest this week is an Undertale skeleton known for his quirky quips, please welcome, Sans!
(audience applause) GEM
Ahh yes, hello! …You know it’s me, though right, Darren? DARREN
Oh…Gem…ahem…of course I knew it was just a costume! GEM
Weren’t you going to dress up for Halloween? DARREN
Oh, I’m um… saving it for the end of the show! Haha…Now, get ready to use your braiiiins…because it’s time for DARREN’s Challenge! What are the four key encounter options available
in the game Undertale? GEM
Bonus points if you guess them in the correct order, right, Daz? DARREN
Aha, affirmative. Answer at the end of the Scoop. Now, for some gaming news! First up,
if you’re keen on the turn-based strategy of Wargroove, you’ll be pleased to know
there’s a free DLC update on the way. (audience; oooh) The Double Trouble update includes new
Outlaw commanders, new units, the Thief and Rifleman, and a new co-op story campaign,
amongst other things. GEM
This sounds like a good excuse to get back into the ‘groove. DARREN
And get your groove back! Moving on and thousands
of MS DOS games have been uploaded to the Archive website’s online Software Library.
Titles like the original SimCity… Pac-Man… Disney’s Aladdin…
and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego are amongst those joining the list, which
are all free to play in your internet browser. GEM
So many classics! DARREN
What’s your favourite of the bunch, Boatmeal? BOATMEAL
Ahh, Dig Dug. Good choice. And great costume too, Boats. (audience:aww) In other spooky
news, a recent Sea of Thieves update introduced some sinister new skeletons, new voyages and
haunted ships, not to mention the Fort of the Damned…ooohh GEM
New skeletons? Well that sounds like a skele-ton of fun…see how I’m staying in character… DARREN
Oh affirmative. That pun was quite… humerus…(audience
chuckle) But it’s time now for the Extra Scoop, or should I say Extra Spook? What have you got, Gem? GEM
Well, Darren, I found a video from a Minecraft creator called SystemZee, who offers some
tricks for making your Minecraft world a little more spooky. Like, adding a mysterious foggy
effect using underground fireplaces…or an emerging underground zombie with a zombie
head and sea pickles…and a jack-o-lantern scarecrow! DARREN
Those tricks are a real treat! (audience chuckle) Now for the answer to Darren’s Challenge!
The four main encounter options in Undertale are of course… Fight…Act… Item…and
Mercy GEM
Ah yes. I know them well… DARREN
And that’s it for the Scoop this week. Until next time, goodnight Australia! (applause) GEM
What’s your Undertale style, Darren? Are you merciful or do you go in for a fight? DARREN
It depends on how nooby my opponents are…doo doo do do doo doo doodoo DARREN & GEM
Doo doo doo do do do doooo do do do do doo doo do doo doo doo dooo

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