Game a-hard? oh oh *moaning* Well, you haven’t played Getting Over It made by Bennett Foddy. If that name doesn’t mean anything to you, Then excuse me, I guess you are not a YouTuber. With such amazing titles as Corp- Clop, remember Clop? And here we are with his latest title, Getting Over It. It’s supposed to be hard if you’re a ‘lil baby. I have no – *laughs* I have no idea how you play, all right? I’m moving this with my mouse. Oh, okay. Easy! If you can’t beat this game, You might have as well quit life, and – and do something else. Look at this, look at this! Speed running it. I’m speed running it. I wanna know the backstory to this game. *Laughing* *ayy* *ayy* *ayy* *ayy* *ayy* There it is. Look at that. My core body strength. What? What is happening? Yup. Yes. Nothing – These things doesn’t happen to me, okay? Shit. Hup! Oh my god. Don’t patronize me, game. Okay? I know exactly what I’m doing. Okay, there seems to – oh wait There’s a new attacker, clearly. Wreckin’. Oh, oh this is gonna be bad. Fuck. It’s fine. You know what, it’s fine. I see – I see what I must do, okay? I must launch myself up there, Which is easy. This is easy. Could the gameplay be a little easier, please? I mean harder. You know – EEE oh There it is, you’ve got to keep the momentum going, clearly. You gotta pop until you don’t stop, And if you don’t stop Then you ain’t pop. Now, for the love of God, don’t fall down- Alright, we gotta launch ourself up here. Look at that. Smooth. Smooth McGroove- FUCK YOU. Why would you put a hand there? It’s not, it’s really not a problem. Don’t you worry about me Benny. Mr. Foddy. Don’t you worry about it. *aye aye aye* Okay, so this bit seemed a little tricky. Because I will do the move That will save the universe. *KAAAA* *MEEEEEEEEE* *HAAAAAAAAAA* *MEEEEEEEEEE* *HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!* Look at that. Now, Let’s not fall down. Stop. I know what the task is. Hup! Listen, nothing is too sheer! Nothing is too shitty! Schwifty, Get schwifty. Nothing! NOOOO! *SAD MUSIC PLAYS (ENYA – ONLY TIME)* NO! I’m alive. I’m alive. Okay, alright. We’re fine. We’re fine. We’re fine. Why would you make a game that made me lose this much progress? SKRRRAAA! Easy buddy, easy buddy, easy. Use your core strength. Think about your pecs after all this. Easy, easy, please, please, please. If anyone struggled with this game, they need to be assassin- Oh. This is such a dumb game. Hup! Yes! Look at that buddy, look at that. Thank you. I want to thank my- Oh god. Oh god. That looks really hard up there. Can I stand on this coffee cup? No, I can’t. Thank you, coffee cup for serving no purpose but to piss me off. I shall go down here. Now we’re gonna play a little slower, game. A little slower, but that’s okay. I’m going to – uhhh Carefully pull myself up, because you don’t want to make mistakes. Not at this point, because we clearly have a checkpoint here. This is – Yes? Yeah. Yeah- I know. Okay, I don’t know why you tell me this. No. It’s actually a fair point. This is a really tricky one, isn’t it? I mean, for the love of God. How even- Pull yourself together, buddy. Yes! Easy! All right, we got it. That’s a check point. That’s definitely a check point. You know this guy is gonna make a slippy stone coming up or something. Why am I stuck here? There we go. Oh my god dude, I’m like natural-born talent. Please, where’s my reward for this game? Where’s my reward for this game?
Because you know, he can do this, right? Then why can’t you- Here we go. There it is! *Burps* Oh my god. Oh, no no no! Oh, god. Oh, god, save me! Save me! Oh, thank god. Because you’re not a casual. I appreciate it buddy. Oh, look at that. Look at that. How? Okay. Alright. Alright. Okay. One day, I’ll get out of this urn and life will be magic. My fau – Ahh. Life will be magic one day. Okay. Is this in any way Entertaining? I’ve just really- I’m actually enjoying the game. It’s really interesting. It- it works. It works really well. Ah, fuck. But goddamn, it’s frustrating. It’s like- it seems like it’s easy. But it’s really not. It’s really not. Oh my god. This game is gonna kill people. I know it. This game is gonna hurt people. People will die over this game. Okay, I got that move down. Oh, oh, I think we’re almost there. I actually think we can do this. Okay, pull, pull buddy. I know you’re stuck. Like he’s stuck but, no. We say no. We are the Knights… that say… Yes! Who are you? We are the Knights who say.. ̶N̶i̶ YES! If I fall down there, to the left… I don’t even wanna think about it. Now, now, relax. Deep breath. No! Relax. Relax. That’s fine, that’s fine, that’s fine, I will not. All right, okay? We’re gonna slowly, slowly, turn it around. Slowly. And then we’re gonna- NO!! All right. Okay, okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. We’re just gonna lightly push ourself over it. We’re gonna lightly- Lightly, Okay. I- I’m doing open-heart surgery here. This is practically- Okay. I got this. SKKRRRAA! Yes! Stupid game! Damn! I bet Jacksepticeye didn’t make it here. Oh! Oh! NOOO!! NO! OHMYGOD. OHMYGOD. Shut the fuck up. Oh- oh my god. Can I- I don’t trust this. You’re gonna fucking let me go down there, aren’t you? Oh! Okay! Okay. No, no, no. Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Eh, eh, that’s right. He will not divide us! He will not- There it is. Nice. Yeah, that’s it. No big deal, I’m just in hell. Okay all right, okay, it’s easy from here. Nope- oh. ACK- Oh my god… Oh my god… NO- AHHHHHHH NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Goodbye.

100 thoughts on “THIS GAME IS THE TRUE MEANING OF SUFFERING. / Getting Over It / #1

  1. Just gonna say that this is my first Pewds video, 20 seconds in and I have never been more confused.
    Update: Love how he ends it.

  2. As a metaphor for life this is cruel, unflinching and accurate. And explains why everyone want to die by the time they're adults.

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