100 thoughts on “The ugly truth about Super Sport Motorcycles

  1. I want you all to understand that I have a CBR600RR, I've put more miles on super sports than I have on any other type of motorcycle. I have, and always will have a certain love for those rockets. But I must admit that with my experience of multiple close calls, and issues with law enforcement I have to admit that it's no longer worth it. Not saying I'm getting rid of my super sport, cause I'm not. I'm just trying to show you guys that there is more to riding than going 150 MPH and dragging knee. We can go out and have a really fun time without putting ourselves and others at risk.

  2. you have a good point, but I don't think this means no one should ride them. you're already doing something stupid for the sake of fun by riding a motorbike, riding a supersport is just going the extra mile.
    obviously people should know the risks of riding a machine that's always whispering (or yelling) at you to go faster, but if you want to use one I think you should.

  3. Cops for whatever reason totally ignore me. In one video I posted I was going 20 over near 3 cops. I don't even point them out in the video. I'll typically guy the brakes if over 20 otherwise it's too late and they'd nail me if they wanted. In a car however they don't care if you're in a RAV4, they'll pull you over. Maybe it's policy on bikes.

  4. I rode 1400miles in 2days on a 07-GSXR750 and my back wasn’t what was hurting.. my thighs burned from being in one position…

  5. I rode for 10+ years and wrecked hard once….it kinda was a good thing…made me respect the hobby….my last bike was a 04 zx10r….and it was violent. I loved it so much I had to let it go.

  6. Not sure what the purpose of this vid is. I’ve been riding 1000cc sports bikes for ten years and never had a problem. Ride to the conditions, wear proper gear, maintain your bike and don’t be a dick. I push my bike often 🤷🏻‍♂️ Maybe we should all live wrapped up in a blanket in a padded cell and be all safe and warm.. So yeah no offence but you sound about as much fun as an enema.

  7. I’m a cop and the only time I follow bikes is because I like there appearance, no cops that a know follow vehicles to see what they can stop them for. Mainly because when I’m around vehicles all car magically know how to drive.

  8. Ahhhhhh, I miss my 2005 zx10, probably not as much as I would have missed my legs or arms or life, if I'd kept riding it

  9. You just crushed all my hopes to get a bike.😔
    Where i live traffic is crazy and cars are expensive and well underpowered. Besides i would refuse to ride in a car with automatic transmission. I know how to ride a bike as i have just learned from videos and lucky for me i had a friend which i tried his 600 rr Honda CBR, which is strictly a choice i’m looking for. Now it just gets confusing. Not the type that would ride to death on this thing. I wouldn’t think i’d cross my limits though. Anything BUT going back to riding buses to work.

  10. Lmao ive come in too hot to a curve ive also had people left right in front of me been lucky there tho so far

  11. Smh, cars, guns, gym, dogs…dude everything is dangerous. I think you missed an opportunity to educate and gave a very personal opportunity.

  12. I'm about to buy a new bike. The amount of stupid people out there combined to the abysmal state of our roads steer me the fuck away from supersports.

  13. 2:31 – LMAO – Has he got shoulder length marigolds on?? Lol, is he deliberately trying to look ridiculous? I've never seen anything so laughable on two wheels. I bet he was doing 25 mph through that bend.

  14. Fuck your life must be soooo miserable… you make me sick you cockhead… If you are frightened of these bikes THEN STAY OFF THEM DICKHEAD.

  15. I bought a gorgeous Suzuki 1000cc Gixxer from 2001 as my first bike. Does 295+ km/h. Not a smart choice, but fun. But the neck- and backpain it gave me immediately was as setback. Also the mindblowing air-force pushing on your forehead in speeds over lets say 200 km/h. It's like an elephant putting its foot on you…

  16. It is all truth that Super sport bikes are the most dangerous but its not about a machine its about a rider if youre not a guy that will just wheelie or drag a knee you should be fine because super sport motorcycles are the most technologically advanced motorcyles

  17. I own a 2015 zx14r. It is one of the fastest bikes on the planet…however, I must impress that everything you mentioned is Soo true..with power comes respect…wether it's a 300cc starter or a hyper bike…it's all about everything you mentioned…alot of people choose the wrong bike for the wrong reasons .. and you're right..it takes more than hot bike to get a girl..but the 14 does get alot of attention ..thankyou for educating …it breaks my heart to see a 18 yr old on the news killed on a liter bike..I worked my way up to the 14..started on ninja 250..( showing my age). Then a couple of cbr600s along the way..a Gixxer 1000…hyabusa..then I graduated to 14.. I would have have the visa. But the 14 is suited better for me because it's more sport touring oriented and I didn't want the concourse..lol..anyways keep doing what you're doing. ..we need more like you educating..Pura vida!

  18. Here in the UK the Police are sympathetic to bikers. Ive been stopped 3 times for riding to fast. It was a friendly chat to get me to slow down, to save my life, they were right. This may not be everyones point of view.

  19. nothing more liberating tnan the track!!!! 1st race ur not fast. take some race schools,great community. all racers willing to help.

  20. I bought a cbr600rr recently after selling my fz09. Racebike. Racebike. Stickers, racing, and racebike. Absolute animal

  21. just because you’re a pussy doesn’t mean you have to try and get everyone else to follow your wave. go fuck yourself

  22. I used to say for my Moto collection- a v-twin a Grand-tourer my V-4 muscle bike Madura 1200 a Sports bike and maybe a Ret.bmw police bike. At one point I had all them not at the same time but still it was fun having different bike types. Now I don’t care to keep a Sports bike in my “ stable” just to temping. But if I were promised I’d make it home safe I’d ride a sport bike all the time but ya that’s now how life works.

  23. It's a good video and everything you said is 100% true. For my personal tastes I would rather choose a bike that's a "Sport Touring" style since they are something where you can take the wife along on a road trip in pretty good comfort, and when you want to go one up you easily remove the luggage and will still enjoy a fairly high powered ride.

    Of course I'm older (67 years) and am just getting back into biking after 30 years away from it, so wanting a decent sized bike that's a bit sporty and not going to kill me on price and insurance I went with a well used, but still very nice '88 Suzuki Katana 1100.

    That's not going to beat even a midsized new crotch rocket, but at the end of the day if I'm taking a long trip I know which I'd rather be on, and lets be honest, most sport touring bikes are no slouch when you decide you want to move.

  24. I’ve been riding Supersport a since my first one, a brand new GSXR600 in 2003. And before that it was dual sports. I’ve been riding sport bikes 16 years and have been down 5 times. Twice semi serious. I’m now 40 and just bought a brand new CBR600. I still go fast in the corners but for the most part just cruise around. I’m a “form over function” type of dude. I love the way they look and have put so many miles on them that I don’t even notice that they’re uncomfortable anymore. I agree with everything stated on this video however.

  25. Really you shouldn't be having pain when you ride with the exception of a hard seat bothering your ass after an hour. Get cushion seat like a Saddleman or Corbin and practice proper form and you shouldn't be having pain issues unless you have health issues causing it.

  26. Your narrative is total propaganda.You sound like somebody's mother.If a cop is staring at your crotch rocket BMW it's because he likes it.Ive had the police come over and look at mine while I'm cleaning it.When it's parked outside of a motel room! As far as the general public goes…….you put a 200 plus h.p
    motorcycle anywhere and people are going to come over and marvel at it.
    You sound like some very screwed up feminist telling me how toxic my masculinity is because I'm thank god,different then she is.Whats next for you?The only weapons we can own are b.b guns???Now obviously you don't want a 214. h.p. Ducati in NYC.
    But if you live in most parts of Texas that's not gonna be a problem.

  27. Lord
    I ride to work 50min in and then back home 100miles a day its not that bad? My back don't kill me if anything my butt just wants to readjust and toes start to numb but if I just change foot position ahead of time I'm fine idk if it just me but I rather ride then take my car in I've already put over 8k and just got the bike in April lol 3 months ago.

  28. I just want a beginner motorcycle, imma get one on me next birthday. Either a Ninja 300 or a YZF R3.

    And to be completely honest I want a literbike because they look hella cool and neat. Unlike the others, in my opinion of course.

  29. Lol the Fz 09 is the perfect street bike Imo… i have one and an R6 I plan on selling the R6 later this year and im going to buy a used YZ450F and make it street legal with some battery operated lights ( wanna keep it track ready and take all the street legal nonsense off in 5 mins

  30. I said it before and Ill say it again. Only a mad man can buy and ride a supersport/superbike. And I am one of them. Yes I risk my life everytime I get on the bike, but the feeling of ripping the gears and the sheer joy it brings is unparalleled.

  31. if you are a pussy Go buy a Tesla ride with 20mph and go to sleep…and be carefull dont go outside maybe will. be someone Who will kill you or a car will hit you or maybe a lightning Strike will kill you.. is better to Stay home and be safe..pussys … Live your life at 100% every time

  32. In Germany it's the other way round Supermotos and Enduros are number one target for the police a 2010 yamaha r1 is as interesting as a Toyota Raf4 and a BMW 1000RR as interest as a new BMW 340i

  33. I been riding sport bikes and racing them for 20 years i seen more falls on the track…on the street only noobs and retards fall.

  34. I have to disagree. A 600cc sport bike has superior breaking, visibility, corner handling, stability, basically everything to any other type of bike. And the first 5-6000 rpm they're actually pretty slow.

  35. Ride safe, think about your mental condition: don’t take too much caffeine, sleep enough, be relaxed in general, otherwise it will be very easy to burst the gas open at every open spot you find. But that also decrease the attention threshold. Beware

  36. The statistics might be true but the propaganda might be false, let’s not talk about acceleration but maneuverability and braking specs, owning a gsxz750 & CBR600rr, riding R6’s R’1s the list goes on, Harley RoadKings, Street Cruisers volcom, shadows, BMW’s (are legit) v-twin Firebolts if you wanna ride a Sports Bikes #Jack of all Trades, limited to 1 1/2hr commuters or just pin it for 20min I prefer no passengers btw I like the video editing good pictures

  37. Nothing you said in this video I disagree with and that's good but in my future I'm thinking that one wrong move could end my life that's all it takes

  38. Get a kick back 1500cc bagger with a sissy bar…
    Plenty of power…
    Powering while your in a turn is eventually whatgets you😩

  39. As a new CBR600RR owner this is very true. These bikes beg to go fast its what they are made for. They absolutely suck around town as the bike just wants to go go go all the time. Still absolutely love it though!

  40. SportTouring with emphasis on sport is were to go! A Kawasaki Z1000CX for example. Good riding position, place for two people and luggage, looks great and has 140hp which should be more then enough for anyone on the street. 🙂

  41. Be smart,like me. I upgraded from a 2007 CBR1000 RR to a 2015 BMW S1000R. Yes a ONE R. (I`m abit surprised at how so many know the RR and so few know the R) The "streetfighter RR" only a slight detune with more emphasis on torque than BHP. And me beeing on the wrong side of 40 i actually enjoy riding now as my shoulders are no longer on fire after 15 minutes,90% of the fun is had at 65-96 mph. Not at 140+

  42. Impractical you cant do much groceries you cant go that far without your butcheeks bleeding and your neck falling off those are my main problems

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