The Truth About Using Sport Mode in Your Car, Does it Cause Damage

rev up your engines,
jsph says scotty is it bad to always shift from normal to sport mode in my automatic
acura tl, I’m a spirited driver and have that habit, is there any long term damages,
no because when you go from normal to sport drive, all that’s doing is, it’s telling the
computer that you’re now driving in sport mode so it will shift later so you’ll have
more acceleration, you’ll get worse gas mileage, it isn’t going to hurt anything, the computer
is set up to run them both ways so switching back and forth isn’t going to hurt anything,
and if you’re a sporty driver, I’d say leave it in sport other than when you want to get
better gas mileage, put it on normal, because I mean once your on the highway and you’re
going 65 it’s already in top gear anyways so it doesn’t matter your cruising at one
speed and it doesn’t matter if it’s in normal or sport once it’s into the top gear,
but you are a spirited driver you might just leave it in sport but just for your own curiosity
drive it a tank full of gas on normal and drive it for a tank on sport and see what
the difference in gas mileage is and if it’s a lot I wouldn’t use the sport as much,
alex says what are your thoughts on the type r hondas, they’re good vehicles because most
of the type r’s as far as I know most of them, almost all of them are standard transmission,
honda is a motorcycle company, they made engines, they always made great engines,
their transmissions in automatics are a little weak but their standard transmission were
good and those are standard transmission, I had a customer that just bought one of those
new and he love it, it’s fun to drive around, he brought it around and we took it for a
ride on the highway, it was fun to drive their well made cars,
and if your talking about the honda motorcycles yeah their r’s are killer racing bikes, the
are really screaming motorcycles, they started out as a motorcycles company so they know
engines, those are good cars if you want to spend that kind of money,
jackson says scotty I’m thinking about buying a 1991-92 pontiac trans am firebird as my
next car what do you think about it, well back in 91 and 92 they were pretty good
cars, they had those big v8 engines and all that stuff but your talking about what, a
28 year old car, that’s an old car, if your going to buy one, you want a mechanic like
me to check it out, all good mechanics have a check out fee most guys charge about $100,
you want it checked out before you throw your hard earned money out, could be a lot of problems
with it, but they were solid v8 engine cars that were
relatively simple back then, their transmissions were still well built,
and they were rear wheel drive cars, let’s face it Americans were masters at building
rear wheel drive cars, front wheel drive cars meh,
they’re still not that hot at making them, and those were rear wheel drive cars,
God is my savior says scotty what do you think about high octane boosters,
do you think it’s ok to use them in a 2011 toyota camry se, well you’d be wasting your
money it doesn’t need it unless your putting a supercharger or turbocharger on it, you
don’t need it, it’s made to run on normal gas, now I have
customers with really old cars, 67 mustangs their made to run on high octane gas, they
won’t run right unless you put an octane booster or the customers of mine that are really particular
about it, they will buy aviation fuel, they’ll go to an airport and they’ll buy aviation
fuel that’s 100 octane and they run great on that,
the octane boosters work to some extent but you don’t need them on a modern car, their
not set up for that, your better to buy a higher quality fuel if
you got an old car, than just add the booster because to boost it up so much you’d spend
a fortune buying the octane booster because each can only boosts them a couple of points
and if you got 93 octane and you want to get up to 100 it might take pints of that octane
booster to get it up to 100, shepard says scotty what’s your opinion on
a new ford mustang 2018, I like them buy I got to admit, I’m old school and I go for
the v8 engines, I just do, now they’ve got an ecoboost 4 cylinder that can put out 315
horsepower or so and I had one and it was fun to drive around but unfortunately they
gave me an automatic transmission one and I hate those, if I would have had the speed
or 6 speed standard ecoboost 4 cylinder I would have liked it more,
but I really like the sound of the v8’s if I was getting a mustang I would get a v8 it’s
just a classic sound you know, and I really don’t give a rat’s behind about gas mileage
because on my own car I only put like 900 miles on it last year so, I wouldn’t care
if the thing got like 12 miles a gallon because I don’t drive that far you know so it wouldn’t
be that much difference to me, and if you do drive them conservatively I had a 2018
with the v8 and that new 10 speed automatic transmission and it got like 23 miles a gallon
on the highway going 65 miles an hour so there’s nothing wrong with that,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
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