The Top Sports Videos of Studio C

62 thoughts on “The Top Sports Videos of Studio C

  1. I never before realised the SCOTT STERLING skit was a Studio C production (recently introduced and can't get enough)!!!

  2. Ok so I am kind of offended by that comment on curling, but what he said about mascots, think about Gritty

  3. in the basketball sketch it’s like matt is the shoulder angel and steven is the shoulder devil (but with out getting on people s shoulders

  4. Did anyone else notice that Jason was from


  5. Ok, that last one was offensive. New Hampshire gets plenty of attention!
    I was for some odd reason very offended by this joke. Probably cause I live in the state that no one cares about and is a nobody just like New Hampshire…….. That got depressing real fast.

  6. During the fencing sketch. I honestly didn't realize that the whole thing was supposed to be an instant replay of that one jab. So hilarious. XD

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