100 thoughts on “The Story of Kony2012

  1. this virtue signally asshole got just what he deserved. stop trying to save the world and save yourselves white people.

  2. The fact that Alex Jones was able to shit on Kony 2012 and seem like a super reasonable dude while doing it is astounding.

  3. yeah this video is "old" but can someone confirm if this kony 2012 thing is somehow related to that south park episode and the song "jack it in san diego"?

  4. Wait
    This happened on April 20th
    The Area 51 raid is on September 20th
    And I’ll assume that the same thing is going to happen


  5. I also remember talking about how bad Joseph Kony was back in junior high school. In retrospect it seems humorous how nothing came of it

  6. So Sean Penn used this same plan on the Mexican war lord el chapo Guzman. Wow, can’t believe such a silly plan could actually work. Lure a criminal out of his hiding spot by having a celebrity invite him to dinner.

  7. Just like all millinials they sure like to virtue signal about things but never accomplish a damm thing !!!! But it looks good on there Twitter account!

  8. Only Learned about this cause my teacher showed it in class I mean my friend/classmate died in a car crash the night before but damn my depression was high that day. Teacher was retarted

  9. Wait what was the whole poster thing supposed to do. Does every person who wants to be a good person and do something do nothing?

  10. “Can you imagine anything worse than going around naked”. Mmmm idk how about being a child soldier like the ones you were trying to warn the world about pal

  11. Given the creepy white dude in the thumbnail I thought the video was about a dumpster fire election candidate in 2012; that's why I clicked on it lol

  12. I had never heard about this before I watched it, just going through your catalogue, and was sure from the opening ham that the twist was gona be that Kony didn't even exist. Hearing about him though made me wish I was right.

  13. This only happened 7 years ago and I already forgot about it. I remembered everything as I watched your video. I am sure most people have forgotten about Kony2012. Funny how something that got so big faded into history.

  14. 9:32 aha I knew something happened, but forgot what it was. I remember the whole event, and wondered why it just faded away.

  15. Please stop the rapid heartbeat sounds in the video getting worse and worse… I am about to strip off my clothes and go running around in the street. Well… or maybe just turn off the video.

  16. Why does "stripping naked" and "going insane" always coexist with each other?

    I mean seriously guys, everytime someone is on drugs or having a mental breakdown, the clothes are gone. Why are the clothes gone?

  17. "Everyone were up for pretty much anything to stop Kony as long as long as it didn't involve any practical action"

    People are such pussies lol

  18. I forgot about this. They actually came to my high school – back in the day – and took students out of class to watch their presentation. Then they tried to get the students to buy their stuff.

  19. I was just asking myself does anybody else remember this Kony 2012 scam? There was a girl who was actually from Uganda, with her mother, who said that pony hadn't even been in that country for 20 years.

    I remember in the beginning of the Kony 2012 video the guy even said that this was a social experiment, and like sheep, all of you followed along. Got your emotions in a non. You allowed yourself to be emotionally manipulated, just like with the Michael Jackson movie that was a sham as well, and you gave these scammers all this money to get rid of a man who wasn't even in Uganda for 20 years. Are you gone and girl got on YouTube revealing that it was a scam, and she said that when she heard of the Kony 2012 scam, she called her mother who was still in Uganda, and ask her about it, her mom said that Kony isn't even in the f**** country, and has it been in the country for 20 years. So what the hell are Americans going on about?

    Then I remember telling my white teacher that it was a scam, and that people from Uganda are saying that it's a scam, and her ass got angry. Why? Because cognitive dissonance, that's why. Because once you have people firm in a believe, even when presented with evidence is that their belief is false, they will still cling to that belief and reject the truth and evidence that points to that belief being false. So my teacher, I can't even remember what she said, but she said something along the lines of maybe the Ugandan girl needs to go do more research? She's f**** Ugandan! Her mom lives in f**** Uganda. So you were going to sit there and believe some random ass white guy on YouTube, over actual Ugandan people about their own country? That whole thing was just ridiculous, and that Kony 2012 social experiment was meant to see how well you can control the masses by pulling at your Heartstrings, and presenting them with emotional shock value to get them to move in a certain direction. In 2012 it was Kony, in 2019 is the Michael Jackson sham, and I say sham, because Michael Jackson was under investigation 4 over a decade, and they found him to be innocent. You need to tell me that these movie people can do a better job than government officials with a decade's worth of Investigation on Michael Jackson? All of these are nothing but social experiments to see how well they can control the masses through emotional shock value, testing your ability to critically think when your emotions are being manipulated. Both of these social experiments have shown that the masses are impulsive, easy to suede with the right emotional manipulation, rather that be through scamming money out of you like a Kony 2012 damn, or moving you to go on a Witch Hunt after assassinating the character of a Dead man who was proven to be innocent after a decade-long investigation. They couldn't get him while he was alive, so they had to do it while he was dead and couldn't defend himself.

    Both of these experiments have shown that despite the fact that the masses have a wealth of information literally at their fingertips to do their own research, and think critically, that they fail to. That despite access to this information in the truth being literally in your face, you still hop on the bandwagon and follow the rest of the herd like sheep when the right emotional strings are pulled to control you like marionettes.

    When that Kony 2012 scam was going on I started to do my own research, if anybody should be mad, I should be! I'm f**** African. I found multiple people from the country saying that this was a scam, that Kony had not been in the country for 20 years, why the hell are Americans doing this? You aren't donating money to help free kids from a man who isn't even in the damn country. You're donating money to a bunch of scam artist, and despite being black myself, I stopped supporting the Kony 2012 movement, and started to Advocate against it and tell people the truth. The same Troop that they could have easily seen if they did their own damn research, instead of hopping on the emotional bandwagon did everybody else hopped on after watching one damn YouTube video.

    Now with the Michael Jackson bulshit again. Did you know that there was opposition against Michael Jackson ever since he was younger in his career? Black people had to petition to even get him on MTV because the elite powers that be in the music industry, did not want him to thrive. They consistently attacked this man and try to sabotage his career. They tried to pull the pedophile thing when he was alive, and he was under a 10-year long investigation, and they found literally nothing on this man. He was innocent. You mean to tell me that these Hollywood directors can do in a few months or a couple of years ago so, however long it took to make that movie, what government investigators could not do in a decade worth of investigating this man?

    All these experiments have shown is at the Masters still have the same mob mentality that they have always had, even when access to information for them to research and critically think is accessible to them.

    Now, let's talk about the weaponization of the me-too movement, which is also a social experiment.

    Johnny motherfuking death. You all hopped on the bandwagon to assassinate this man's character, and Destroy his career, based on nothing but the word of his lying ass wife. Turns out she was the one abusing him. And how exactly was he supposed to defend himself?
    Same thing with Bill Cosby, when multiple women come forward with these accusations, that could very be false, but everybody hops on the bandwagon to destroy his life.

    Now you have sent the message to manipulative women that if a man pisses them off, or if they want a piece of his money, or whatever, all she has to do is cry rape, or all she has to do is cry abused, and without even looking into it, going solely off of her word alone with no goddamn prove, she can have a man who could very well be innocent, destroyed, with her word alone.

    That is the lesson you were teaching women. That is the lesson that you taught white women when you decided to burn down entire towns, Lynch men, and drop a bomb on a predominantly black City, over white womens crocodile tears.

    You can criticize my English all you want, and talk about how this post was poorly written, but you know that I make very good points. You know that I speak the truth. If you are going to try to invalidate what I am trying to communicate, by saying that this post is poorly written, that's only because you don't want to hear the goddamn truth, and you being a grammar Nazi is your way of deflecting from it.

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