The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie All Cutscenes (PC)

name it is an extraordinary morning for
spongebob he wakes up even though excited and usually for today is the day
mr. Krabs announces his appointment for manager of the Krusty Krab – and
spongebob knows in his house – he’s a sponge for the job there is an added
sparring in his step and the world is a brighter place he needs to get ready for
work and then it’s off to the Krusty Krab destiny awaits me my plankton lurks
in the Chum Bucket plan to take over but Keeney bottom he is a jealous and
egotistical preacher his height may be measured in millimeters but his vanity
spans needs hey watch it I can hear you you know
a thousand pounds what I meant to say was if I carry out the plan that will
make all of these remedies awesome power you know I’m kind of starting to like
you so plankton steals Neptune’s clown
sending Neptune into a rage that pervades the entire ocean meanwhile back
at the Krusty Krab things have not gone well for spongebob
hmm it seems mr. Krabs has seen fit to make Squidward manager instead of him
you see mr. Krabs think spongebob is still just a kid
but spongebob being a creature of great fortitude hates the news is grimly
Webber after in an embarrassing evening at eating them spongebob returns to the
Krusty Krab the next morning only to find King Neptune has frozen mr. Krabs
he believes that mr. Krabs has stolen his crown and will fly him to a crisp if
the crown is not returned in five days Neptune’s daughter Mindy tries to change
his mind but Neptune is as stubborn as he is mighty spongebob in a fit of
heroics vows to save mr. Krabs and show everyone once and for all that he is a
man not a king so help him retrieve the crowd it is in
shell city a mystical place far far away find some means of transportation and
get going okay nothing can stop us now magic feel the wind in your hair thought
it was a day brands have successfully obtained the
panty mobile this should make their journey to shell city much easier soft
bright blue what shortly after crossing the bikini bottom
panty line our friends are staffed by a thug who demands that they give him the
Patty mobile immediately now brands put up a valiant fight but in the end they
are no match for the vile ruffian so it would seem they are back to square one
so having a reclaim the Patty mobile as their own SpongeBob and Patrick are once
again on their way to shell city meanwhile Neptune’s daughter Mindy has
been grounded help her get out of her father’s castle so she can help our
heroes Mindy has found our heroes just as they’re about to enter the dreaded
great trench where dark and evil things they have lost their precious fatty
mobile once again Mindy’s senses they are low morale and boost their
confidence by disturbing false moustaches a maze of seaweed upon them
with renewed vigor they weird on the headlong into the great French confident
they can handle anything it throws their way having conquered the trench
SpongeBob and Patrick have a swagger in their step knowing that the worst is
behind them unfortunately they do not realize how true that is
for an assassin his stealthily tracking them tired by plankton to stop their
meddling he has been gaining ground on them steadily proving that no good deed goes
unpunished then is the hit man catches up with SpongeBob and Patrick not so
just when it seems that they will be crushed on the foot
a giant boot crushes Daniel saving our heroes but it is out of the frying pan
and into the fire as this mysterious benefactor of a-put turns out to be I it
is giant Cyclops the Cyclops easily captures SpongeBob and Patrick who
heroically pass out immediately when they regain consciousness it doesn’t
take much to realize that they are in a load of trouble help them escape their
most dangerous predicament yet with in fear piercings squeal the
call-up reverberates across the coast seconds later it produces the desired
effect as a glimmering and guerdon jobs interview he office to give them a ride
back to bikini bottom on his muscular back upon arriving over Bikini Bottom
shoots SpongeBob and Patrick down to the seafloor massive chest muscles it
doesn’t take long for them to realize that right there has been up to no good
where they were gone everyone in Bikini Bottom appears to be under his control
including King Neptune himself SpongeBob and Patrick must find a way to break
Plankton’s hold over the citizens by any means necessary and so spongebob uses
the power of rock’n’roll to overcome either
bail is owned is died King Neptune freed from his bucket received the crown with
gratitude and releases mr. Krabs from his prison of ice plankton is removed
from circulation and placed in a suitable institution
Patrick is finally interviewed by their children Mindy and the respect of your
father you will never again dismiss her counsel of wisdom and compassion
although he is fairly insisting that someone rot in the dungeon for a
thousand eternities and spongebob the kids the rena the knucklehead next was
it wrong then that’s manager next as it want to you the end

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