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  1. But but…. but but I’m a good guy…… but but… nuh uhhhh…mmmmmmooooommm! No fair… you … but I am a good guy I want to do good no bad,,,, but good ,,,..you’re mean. Nuh uhhh

  2. "Without power you can affect nothing" Well if I decide not to exploit these structures that means I'll have less power, not no power at all. I'd say without honesty whatever I affect is affected for the worse.

  3. Looks like advancement of technology and replacing human workers, unappealingly, must turn Western democracies into dictatorships.

  4. What the F did I just watch?
    I feel like I gained 10 years worth of knowledge in this video.Dude you are amazing, god damn

  5. Lenin stood in power for 6 years, what were his keys? Same for Stalin, the guy literally purged all the high rankings generals and officials, and capitalist couldn't be his keys too obviously, so I don't know if these instructions works in some authoritarian communist societies, or communist societies in general, because keys appear to be the people. Maybe I'm wrong but I think corruption was notably lower in USSR of both Lenin and Stalin, this making them not comparable to Castro's regime in Cuba neither with actual authoritarian capitalist's China, in which the keys are the corrupted ones (generals, capitalist).

    So did Lenin do without any keys but the people?

  6. 15:00 in The large number of keys made the business revolt impossible《due to Smedley Butler》 however the revolt was planned, and the interests couldn't give a fuck less about productivity of their "slaves"!

  7. Lol, majority of people in my country chose Communist party as major party so fuk you quote "More democracy = Lower taxes)
    (They chose them in legal, democratic election.)

  8. Just realized the island map in the intro is that of Altis from the game Arma 3… or the greek island of lemnos for which it was modeled after. Cool

  9. Trump rules like a dictator. Not because he is racist. But because he values loyalty over competence in all his cabinet positions. He have become autocratic.

  10. and this is exactly why communism cannot and has never worked. humans will never exist without some form of power structure. only thing that communism did was eliminate the middle class, make a smaller group of people in charge of a larger amount of power and eliminate any form of upward social mobility. if everyone in the masses is poor then no one is poor mentality. and this video also explains why dodgy democracies do not want to have an educated and healthy population. educated healthy people ask questions, they want more than basic subsistence bc they have time to grow, think, ponder come up with ideas.

  11. Shout out to Grey just up and making The Prince for new eras.

    Also, too bad for Chinka this doesn't apply to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is already more stable than Chinka, they just need to push Chinka out.

  12. This shows how automation and robots and AI is dangerous to democracy.
    But the video ignores things like ideology and psychology.

    Ideology can be manufactured or spontaneously evolve inside the system to reenforce it. And be adopted even without intend. Or be external and ingrained or virulent like fundamentalist religion. Or align with emotional desires for oppressing "the others".

    The video also assumes that people act rationally like in game theory.

    And psychopaths or narcissists seem to rise to the top in competitive environments.

    Improving science of mass manipulation and propaganda also plays a role in this equation.

    Then there is the problem of rising complexity of our environment. We have evolved to live in simple tribal societies and what we can teach and learn and have the bandwidth to deal with in an increasingly complex world is limited.

    So this is an awesome video but it doesn't explain everything.

  13. Everything in this video is True, Which is why The Best Known Form of Hierarchy Is A Constitutional Republic like the one we need to restore here in the USA.

  14. All of humanity is corrupt and evil.
    BUT! Do Not reject it.
    no. Embrace it!
    For only when biblical demons shed tears of fear as you pass. Is when the world will bend it's knee to you.

    I think this is the point being made here?

  15. as we are entering the digital age these kind of rules are becoming less relevant. rulers are going to be having more power give to them by machines.

  16. IDEA! Just replace “keys” with around 15% robots, that way you can spend extra key money on research of EVEN BETTER robots to replace more people and so on and so forth, then you might choose between spending all the extra money on yourself(like a jerk) or make a U.B.I. (Universal Basic Income) to keep people happy and less likely to revolt.

  17. "Rule by fear, kill everybody who opposse you, declare yourself as demi-god, trust no one, maintain your's image"
    Kim's Wise Word (Possibly).

  18. This video is well put to explain in a logic manner why power work as it does. So much so that, one more time, it made me wants to get lost in a forest alone and do my own thing.

  19. The irony here is, taking everything in the video as true, the only way to have a truly benevolent ruler is to reduce the number of keys down to one: the ruler him/herself. This can happen in one of two ways: either the ruler people invest all of their power absolutely in one individual, or there are no ruled people and each person is the absolute ruler of themselves (anarchy).

    The later seems obviously ridiculous and thus has never been implemented. The former, however, has been around for a long time. Aside from absolute monarchs, who were arguably not absolute, religion is a mechanism by which people place absolute power in a single, cosmic being. That cosmic being is not subject to the will of man, and thus is incorruptible by keys to power. It provides a single, absolute moral authority of benevolence. Whether or not you agree with particular religious beliefs, you can see why people turn to religion for moral authority if these are their options from man-made authority structures.

  20. Coming back to this video after 2 years I've realised this video is too simple and cuts out vital context and details.

    Still a good video though.

  21. But doesnt being a ruler of democracy feels more like you are just a responsible person and not make you feel like a ruler at all

  22. you want to rule? how about constant crippling anxiety. unless you're already a psychopath you'll turn into one as a result.

  23. 18:04 I just want to note that as the video was fading away the king guy turned into a dictator and I think that was an awesome touch

  24. Sorry, but this video has to be critiqued:
    It tries to oversimplify complex structures and fails imo horribly.
    It completly underestimates the power of ideology, in the people as well as in the leaders and the so called key supporters (i just think of Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolition for example). Also, it undergoes that there are resources to distribute other than money, power for example.

    The thing about more violent and brutal dictatorships lasting longer than more humane ones ist just plainly wrong.

    Also, in democracies, the people in power don't necessarily want more productivity. Yes productivity equals more wealth equals more taxes, but that is not what lets the politician keep his power. It's votes. And people are not more likeley to vote for him, because they are more productive or even richer. Studies show, people have no clue who they are voting for, what this guy actually wants. They just vote for him, because, for example they like his looks.
    Democracy, sadly, is not a out productivity, it is about keeping the people uneducated and uninterested in politics, so they don't care, how the parliament is starting wars, favouring oligarchs, misusing their money, not using it for the common good but for the rich and powerful. And this is done, by making them focus on other things (e. G. Work)

  25. One question. If the way a ruler loses power is through rebellion that is not stopped by keys who are not loyal, why not just stop the rebellion?

    A content populous does not rebel.
    -Lily Orchard

    Also, your vids are great.

  26. Cool analysis. Rest on an assumption that all the players (except the people) are super rational. An assumption that's unlikely to bear much scrutiny.

  27. You could play to be a ruler in the Game "Rebel Inc." what is also downloadeble on mobile. In that game you learn that hard by hard..

  28. I don’t care if I live under a democracy or theocracy or a strict dictatorship. Just please keep the poop deliveries going. 😔

  29. Ya know what. Zeroop you. Stop making me more of a sad, cynical, realistic person than I already am. Let me be ignorant.

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