The Privilege Game

The Privilege Game

Hello everyone, I am your dealer. You’ve each been handed a privilege card. This card will determine your
starting point on the wealth ladder. There are ten stages on the wealth ladder, stage one being unemployment,
Stage two, minimum wage, stage three, public sector,
all the way up to stage ten, top 1% billionaire. Whatever stage you are on the wealth ladder entitles you to that many playing cards. So for example, if you are on stage four, you can have up to four playing cards. The first person to reach stage
ten of the wealth ladder wins. Welcome to the privilege game. What did you get? Straight white conservative male, stage six, upper management. You? Straight white moderate
male, stage six as well. This game is great! Ew What about you? Bisexual white progressive female, stage four, lower management. Oh oh, unlucky. Well this is so unfair! Why should the aim of the game
be simply to accumulate wealth there are far more important
things we should be playing for? Like preaching tolerance or discovering
yourself sexually or making angry blogposts. Oh, please. If you don’t like the game, don’t play. Just, don’t run over the rest of us. But if I don’t like it then no one should. Okay, stop. What about you? Pansexual black muslim male, stage one, unemployment. Aw, it’s okay, I’ll share a meme for you. Oh, this sucks, I don’t want to play. Well, you’ll never get out of your
situation with that defeatist attitude. Now, hang on, there are some
other things I need to explain. So as the dealer, it’s my job to make sure everyone plays by the rules, and to balance the game when necessary. So, you can both have one of these. What are they? I’ve given you each a social equality card. Consequently, you have
to move down to stage five. Middle management. Oh this is appalling My granddad used to play this game
and there were never any of these ridiculous “social equality” cards. You just had to toughen up and
play with the hand you were dealt. At least your grandfather
was allowed to play. Yeah, you know nothing about our struggles. Right… Okay, you can go first then. Okay. I play the wage gap card. All female players surrender
23% of their income and move down one stage
on the wealth ladder This is not okay. Look, sweetheart. Not everything in this game
is gonna go your way, okay? The game is tough. You win some, you lose some. And if you can’t handle it,
then you shouldn’t be playing. Fine. Well I play my social equality card. It’s a gender card, for mansplaining. What? A male player of your choice is accused of man-splaining. That’s when a male co-worker talks down to a female colleague in an extremely condescending, unprofessional
and sexist manner. He moves down one stage. Aw, look at that. I guess you win some, you lose some. Slut… Slut shaming? I play my gender card again, move him down another stage! Wait, can she play the gender card twice? That seems a bit illogical… Since when is the gender
card bound by logic? Your turn. Well, I play the inheritance card. A great aunt passes away, leaving you an estate worth ten million dollars. Player moves up one stage. Note: this card can only be played if you are white or jewish. Okay, I’ll play my social
equality card too. It’s a race card. An affirmative action scheme allows a minority race player to move up one stage. Typical… You’re so bad at this game, the only way you can get ahead is by
relying on your stupid race card. Check your privilege card. He’s a beautiful, strong,
pansexual black man. You know, I can speak for myself. And… …you’re right. I have been relying on my stupid race card. Because without it, it’d be forced
to play my only other card. The theft card. And I would rather not stoop that low. What do you have to say about that, huh? Well, this was bound to happen
when you get rid of the God cards. Okay, now I’ll play the Caitlyn Jenner card. The what? New to the 2016 version. A player undergoes gender re-assignement surgery and moves up one stage on the wealth ladder. So you’re telling me a man decides to become a woman and just for that he is moved up an entire stage? She always was a woman. This is out of control! Alright? We need to have a civil discussion about the rules here! Civil discussions are so last century. Done! What? While the rest of you were too busy arguing, He made it to stage ten. So that’s it, he wins? Not quite. He has the option to play this. The social conscience card. A high privilege and successful player
voluntarily moves down one stage, in turn enabling the lowest privilege player
to move up one stage and continue the game. Go on, play it. Make him play it! I can’t make him do anything. It’s his decision. I’ll play it. It’s… the right thing to do. Hardly right… He deserves it! How dare you! What? You called her a he… Yeah, he’s a black pansexual muslim man. ÒSheÓ played the Caitlyn Jenner card. I’m sorry. You’re not sorry, you’re never sorry, you cis white male scum! And I’m playing my trigger warning card. What? A self-righteous player takes personal
offence to another player’s hate speech Player is forced to move down seven stages. Hate speech? Seven stages? I didn’t know! Welcome to the new world order. Unworthy players can’t empower themselves,
so they just disempower others. Good. Now we’re all where we should be. Everyone wins, nobody loses. Beautiful, wonderful equality. No. I play the Trump card! What? A conservative backlash results in
a new hardline dealer? All social equality cards and preceding
playing cards are… reversed. This can’t be happening… It’s just a game. [Music]

100 thoughts on “The Privilege Game

  1. This was just too funny, it's scary to others that this actually exists but for me, I knew this was gonna happen as a kid.

  2. I like this – The far right doesn't care about equality, they care about aspirational increases in wealth rather than sharing

    The far left will do anything it takes to bring about equality, even if it means bringing everybody down instead of lifting everybody up

    The center right are more focused on actually doing things needed to climb the ladder and are willing to give some of their wealth up as charity

    Nothing for the center left specifically, can't think rn

    In general, the right are more focused on the idea of people climbing the ladder, while the left are more focused on ensuring equality instead of trying to work with the right and come to a compromise

    In the end, the center right are attacked and hurt by the left, ultimately leasing to a backlash against left wing politics

    It's great because this is happening everywhere, even down here in Australia our right wing party won, despite Australia being more left-oriented

  3. My opinion on the characters (not the actors/actresses)
    White girl: Annoying as fucking hell 1/10
    Black girl/man/pansexual: Better 7/10
    Dealer: Idk 5/10
    First Dude: A nice guy 9/10
    Second Dude: Quite aggressive with the personality of a water bottle 4/10

  4. This video is actually dauntingly true as the left gets more politically correct with social justice many right winged people will be “canceled” but this will cause many more to turn alt right and will cause a highly dangerous situation

  5. i have to call bullshit. Inherited wealth is a myth. Only 3% of Americans inherit a million dollars or more. Only 14% inherit 100 thousand dollars. Yet all we are spoonfed by the left is how white people inherited their wealth and pass it down from generation to generation. It's horseshit. Next, the wage gap myth needs to be addressed. Women CHOOSE to go into lower paying professions than men. Guess what? A petroleum engineer makes more than a kindergarten teacher. And for non college educated workers, men do far more dangerous and physically demanding jobs than women. Men are 8 times more likely to die at work than women. So suck it up, princess.You only get equal pay when you do equal work. Men also work 14% longer hours on average than women.

  6. Lol the hidden messages in this video with the center right being forced to play trump card because everything moved to far left and the other one with the one on the far right (representing far right politically) and the farthest on the left (representing farthest left politically) being extremely unreasonable. And also the hidden message of the center left disadvantaged person not allowed to speak for herself by the farthest left person

    Edit: also the one of the most successful person being yeeted by the far leftist even tho he played conscience card

  7. I wish it was just a game, the left wants to replace meritocracy with equality of outcome, but first, they have to get rid of things like free speech so we cant defend ourselves. The whole meaning of labels like white privilege and male privilege is that it allows the left to have privileges and advantages over others in a justified way. This isn't about equality, it's about taking over. #ResistTheEvilLeft

  8. I love how the video shows the problem with being radical. The left blames others for their problems thus keeping them from moving up in society. The far right on the other hand fails to acknowledge the fact that he was born with an advantage thus keeping him from assisting to improve the community as a whole.

  9. I like how it starts in what used to be society and ends in what should be society apart from the poor black person who really didn't do anything wrong the far left player deserves what she got as she was sexiest and racist but she affected others supporting her agenda like the lack person I was talking about and this could happen if they keep on going with inequality to men what we need is real equality where it's how well you play your cards in life rather than being male or female or black or white but thankfully that did happen and females got better treatment but unfortunately feminists have kept on advancing and it's only a matter of time till conservatives strike back and hard

  10. Realistic because at the end the centre right guy let him down and the alt left girl puts everybody down great xard

  11. The alt left isn't just comprised of triggered sjws and identity politics… This is a very 2016 video oof (I am not alt left but even the alt right was misrepresented, there was no talk of an ethnostate or the Great Replacement, the guy just seems like he has a short fuse instead of actually problematic…. Also I love how the moderate right was percieved as the rational one when it's mostly not the case)

  12. I'm a bit scared that a lot of people in the comments identify very clearly the far left, but not the far right… It's very obvious both are caricature of the extremes. Apparently, people agreeing with the guy on the right make them unable to see him as what he is, a far right conservative.

  13. i don't like the one world gov but if it happens Neel should be president or whatever title the leader is called

  14. Radical Femenist, SJW, Donald Trump and ALL of the isulting bastards… in the bag and on the bottom of the river. Done!

  15. I am an aspiring actor I wanna learn a thing or two from the girl from the left. Please can I know who she is ??

  16. Listen, the most op card is the "anti-vaxx mom" card. It works where every person except the person who played it will all die in the game and in real life. It's banned at tournaments for obvious reasons.

  17. This is basically showing that conservative right wing's will always defeat left wing's in any aspect and the term lib tard is true


  18. "You know nothing about our struggles"

    You mean your grandparents struggles. You were pampered, told you're important and spoiled, being taught that everything you do is justified because others struggled to give you what you want.

    I know it's all acting, but it's sad to see that our society is filled with hypocrites who talk about talk about equality and love while thinking only of their own argument and antagonize others just to get out a point.

  19. 5:37 If you pause the video one card says Found innocent of sexual assault. how does he move up the ladder with that card??

  20. In the end, no matter what we do, whatever Rules we make up to make this or that seem more right than something else. It is what it is. The ending gave me that vibe

  21. I play the EU card. Move up the feminist and pangender muslim man of one stage and downgrade the others, based on their cards, from one to five stages

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