The Most Versatile Nintendo Switch Accessory | Skull and Co JumpGate Switch Dock Review

The Most Versatile Nintendo Switch Accessory | Skull and Co JumpGate Switch Dock Review

If you are looking for an alternative to the
official Switch Dock, the Skull & Co JumpGate is the way to go! Hello everyone, my name is Adam and welcome
to TimeLag Gaming! The Skull & Co JumpGate dock is by far the
best 3rd party dock available for Nintendo Switch! Not only is the JumpGate dock the safest 3rd
party dock but it’s also extremely portable, easy to use and offers a lot of great features. Now the JumpGate actually came out awhile
ago and ever since then we haven’t really heard much buzz around it despite it being
readily available to purchase on the Skull & Cos website. JumpGate spent 8 months testing this dock
and making sure it is completely safe to use even when updating the consoles to a new firmware. It is by far the safest option out there for
3rd party docks but do keep in mind no 3rd party dock is technically completely safe
to use. But technically neither is the official dock
as the official dock has caused bricking as well. Regardless it’s definitely the safest option
and I personally completely trust it. From my research there hasn’t been a single
incident of bricking from this dock and I myself have tested it for several months,
even updating my switch to the 9.0 update while docked and everything went smoothly. The Skull & Co has basically every functionality
of the official dock and is even better in some ways. It has HDMI out, USB-C charging up to 100
watts, and 2 usb 3.0 ports. But that’s not all, the usb hub part can
actually be taken out of the dock and can be used as a more portable Switch dock. It offers two USB-c ports which are 3.0 compatible
whereas the official dock only has 1 3.0 port. The official one does have one additional
port but since the JumpGate probably won’t be used as your primary dock that shouldn’t
be an issue. But not only this. This usb-c adapter can be plugged into any
usb-c device such as a computer, phone or tablet. It even has Samsung DeX TV Out. When connected it offers pass through charging,
two USB ports, HDMI out to connect to a monitor or tv and it has a micro SD and full size
SD card reader. The micro SD reader is great for transferring
your saved screen captures to your computer from the Switch. The JumpGate is incredibly versatile. Most people with a USB-C computer already
carry around an adapter with them and the JumpGate can essentially replace that adapter
while also working as a portable Switch dock. But even if you will never use that feature
of the JumpGate it’s still the best 3rd party dock out there and that’s what it
was specially designed for and tested for… throughout tons of rigorous tests and research. In terms of outputting to the TV the dock
works basically exactly like the official dock. I haven’t noticed any differences playing
on the TV when using the Jumpgate versus the official dock. So in terms of actually using it to output to the
TV, it works perfectly. If you are getting this just as a second dock
or because you lost or broke your dock or maybe you bought a used Switch without a dock,
I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the JumpGate. The official dock is by far the best option
for a permanent set up. The Skull & Co just like every other 3rd party
dock is a hassle to take in and out as you have to use 2 hands, it can just be a pain
to plug and unplug it. It also takes a long time to show up on your
tv or monitor compared to the official one. It does connect faster than other 3rd party
docks but it still noticeably lags between the official one. When using 3rd party docks you start to notice
just how underrated and worth it the official dock really is. The official dock connects and switches instantaneously. The official dock lets you take it in and
out super easily without any hassle with just a single hand. However Something the Skull & Co definitely
excels at over the official dock and may be a reason to use it as your permanent Switch
Dock is that it won’t scratch your screen but also this dock natively works with certain
cases and grips. In fact it will work with almost every slim
case or grip out there. This is definitely a reason to use the JumpGate
as your permanent setup and just makes the dock that much more versatile. The way it does this is on the bottom there
there is a switch that pushes the usb c port up which allows it to connect through cases. The notch in the back is also removable for
cases that don’t have that notch. This feature in and of itself makes this dock
extremely attractive as there is no case that truly easily fits in the official dock. But when using it without a case, even just
using it as a charger… the official dock works so much better than anything else. Every single 3rd party dock or charger out
there is a pain to take in and out because you have to use two hands and unplug it from
the dock which may not sound like a big deal but it really can be in every day use. If you only use your Switch docked or you
use a case then the JumpGate is a great replacement for a permanent setup, but otherwise the official
dock is definitely what you should be using as your main setup. Compared to any other dock though, the JumpGate
is definitely the best option available right now. The JumpGate is really best as a portable
solution for people who travel or go back and forth a lot. This dock is perfect for going to your grandparents
house, going on vacation, going to school, going to work, going to your friends house,
going to your other parents house etc. It’s the perfect portable solution and the
safest 3rd party dock out there. The Skull & Co JumpGate excels as being a
portable dock that is easy to move around and it’s versatile enough that you’ll
want to carry it with you everywhere you take your Switch. Another aspect of the JumpGate is the price,
it’s only $50 which is $40 cheaper than the official one. However it doesn’t come with an HDMI cord
or power adapter unless you buy that with it. They offer their own power adapter designed
for Switch for $20. You can also get this dock with just the core
dock part for $10 less. The JumpGate comes in at a way more affordable
price that the official dock which is awesome. Most good usb c hubs for computers out there
cost around $30-50 so it’s in that same price range but offers so much more as it
it’s designed to be a Nintendo Switch dock. It also comes in a wide variety of awesome
color ways inspired by classic consoles or there is the standard black and white. If you are considering getting another dock
or a replacement for your dock this is by far the best option out there alongside the
official Nintendo Switch dock. There are other more portable options like
the Teslong but the safeness, quality, and versatility of the Skull & Co JumpGate dock
are superb and you shouldn’t look any further than the JumpGate. There are many more 3rd party dock alternatives
out there, including DIY replacement shells and more. And in early 2020 I’m going to do an in
depth comparison with several different 3rd party Switch Docks. That being said, for most people the Skull
& Co JumpGate dock is definitely going to be the way to go and it’s the dock that
I trust the most. But now I want to hear from you! How often do you use the Switch dock? What do you think of the JumpGate and 3rd
party docks in general? Let me know your take in the comments down
below, Thanks again, for watching!

59 thoughts on “The Most Versatile Nintendo Switch Accessory | Skull and Co JumpGate Switch Dock Review

  1. I have been impressed with Skull and Co products for the Switch. Their grips are terrific, and I bought them a while back at your recommendation, Adam. Thanks!

  2. Welcome back man. I'm glad that you guys came along way and wanted to say congratulations to you and your people's hard work 🎁🎈

  3. At this point, I really do appreciate these 3rd party docks and how it helps to charge your switch and move it around from TV to TV. This dock being featured today is pretty nice. However, there could be more new portable docks coming in the way so I’d keep an eye out just in case. The Skull and Co Jumpcate dock is amazing that my friend even has one. He can set up his switch on my TV under 7 minutes. It’s quite hassle-free and safer than the others.

  4. I never trust third party accessories lol I'll spend the extra money to safe on stress

    P.S. Your Zelda amiibo are sick!

  5. Hello everyone thanks for watching!
    How often do you play your Switch docked? What are your thoughts on 3rd party Switch Docks? Let me know!

  6. Been waiting for ur review ever since I asked u about it months ago. Appreciate the fact that you took your time doing your own research on the JumpGate before making your review on it. Thanks 😀 Looking forward to more great content from you.

  7. I bought a 3rd party HDMI adapter on amazon for $20.97. The seller name was yaeye. It does work. Only problem was when it heated up from use, it would not work sometimes.

  8. What about The gulikit dock. I havent heard any issues with that. I saw someone saying jumpgate bricked their switch, so should i buy jumpgate or gulikit. (Gulikit is 20$ cheaper tho)

  9. As watching this video i am at my friends house and i wss using his switch before but i used up all the battery lll im right next to it rn lol

  10. I'm so glad that you made a video on this! I've been waiting to hear about any new updates on some older 3rd party docks to see if they would be fixed or not. But I'm so glad that this is out now! I'm really considering buying it as a second, more portable dock. Now I know the person to go to for Nintendo Switch Tech Support. 😂😉

  11. I feel like the switch is lacking in many things. It kinda sucks compared to a ps4. The switch Library is great but the games have a mere price drop every once and awhile and the games that are ported are still super expensive. The switch is also very outdated on terms of hardware and it has stupid design features that make the switch seem a little ridiculous. Its like you need to buy accessories to make ur switch better. Seriously! Plus the accessories all cost an arm and a leg compared to lets say a ps4. I feel bad to say, the switch is kinda very over rated. If only the people who made it actually cared for it. It lacks so many features and literally made a solo only portable option because of it. Also the pokemon game that was supposed to be revolutionary ended up being a actual down grade to other great pokemon or rpg games of the sort or title. I feel playstation is doing great so far and i still cant believe that its own titles are so cheap. Like uncharted is only 20 in some places and games like dead by daylight can go for 25 in select retalers. When mario odysee is still 60 plus tax in eshop and dead by daylight is like 40 +. If you think about it. Nintendo really sucks. But at least there titles are cool and there games are fun. Right?

  12. If your tight on money and need to save 20$ seams like an ok option, but that GameCube indigo switch case looks amazing , and I def have the same Apple Watch band ahaha , glad to see the link amiibo collection growing, I think I noticed everything but the dock 😆

  13. Ok shit, I just busted a fat load at the idea of this, because I use Dex as well as a switch and this is like too perfect I can't.. I need this good damn dock😍😍

  14. I finally got a switch and wow!…i don't see what all the hype was about….played it about a week and then went back to my ps4. Nintendo needs a trophy or achievement system bad..and the lack of customization really bums me out. It's portable…but not really it's too big to really bust out anywhere. Maybe it will grow on me but atm it's not that great…not as great as all these YouTubers made it out to be.

  15. Personally I like the official Nintendo dock. I've not had any problems with it and yeah while it might scratch my screen I could care less (maybe) because I mostly play docked anyway. I would love if Nintendo actually made a dock where it wouldn't scratch your screen because I'm a little reluctant on purchasing third party docks. But great review!

  16. I think if Nintendo finds out about this dock it won’t be safe anymore, if you really need a portable dock get a used official dock and rehouse it.

  17. I don't get the point of third party docks if you have the original, sure it scratches the screen but you could just slap a screen protector on there, or ya know DON'T THROW YOUR SWITCH IN YOUR DOCK. And I play on my dock all the time so it doesn't really get scratched since it stays still. WHEN IS YOUR NEXT STREAM

  18. I really want a Mac for christmas, I know that doesn't really have to do with the video but my windows 9 is so slow and a laptop would be great. You ju8st put a mac in the video and it just reminded me. Also, I'm trying to get gamecube emulators going but my pc is just too old. And also I'm just saying you should make a video on emulators and stuff.

  19. Awesome!
    Also, got an idea:
    What if you use the core drive dock of the Jumpgate with the Hori multiport usb stand as an alternative setup? Could it work and make it safer along with having 2 extra usb 2.0 ports?

  20. Bruh this is BS. Any updates can Brick the switch. Just us a fricking shell replacement like Basstop’s. Honestly no need for any further explanation. 🤦‍♂️

  21. Can't lie the dock looks promising. If I got it, it would probably be my main.

    The thing is I lost £25 that I was gonna use on switch stuff. It's kinda annoying but now imma have to work hard and find new ways to make money so I can make it back because imma not wait weeks to get back the pocket money I lost. Every time I watch a switch video it reminds me of the money I lost. Just to let people know (if anyone is reading this) I didn't write this for pity I just wanted to get it off my chest. 😥

  22. Rarely play it docked but this is very versatile and if I played it docked more often I would probably get this just for travels

  23. I've been using the Jumpgate for three months now as my primary and only dock, since my original dock broke after I tried to reshell it a second time. There were rare moments when the Switch would shut down by itself when the TV was only turned on while it was already docked, but other than that, it works perfectly.

    I should mention though that I haven't checked for dock firmware updates and they might have fixed this issue already.

  24. Uhhhhhhh, wulff den made a video long ago thats called "The Problem with EVERY 3rd Party Nintendo Switch Dock". And if you go to that video and skip to 8:39 he gives a reason why not to use the skull and co dock. So until I get an answer back am gonna use the teslong Nintendo Switch dock.

  25. been watching you since august last year and i haven't really subbed yet because of your video quality but you're content is improving now. love the sound quality on this one. gonna sub bc of that! cheers man!

  26. I did my research and pulled the trigger on this one. Skull & Co made sure that it's completely safe to work with the Switch. I have personally used them in my oversea trip. Worked flawlessly. It certainly saved a lot of carrying space there.

  27. Windows surface pro x hunting for dock that has USB-c but I think the dock needs a sound blaster ae-9 inside dock. Hmmmmm Nintendo as mp3 players hmmm

  28. I’ve ordered a Genki: Covert Dock. For portability I don’t think you can beat it. They have also done a lot of research to prove that bricking too.

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